Editor's Letter


Where have all the gay boys gone… Yes, we’re paraphrasing a Paula Cole song (actually, wasn’t it the only Paula Cole song?) but with reason – while the world of music now seems to be full of out gay men, we’re seeing less of our boys elsewhere in this business we call show.

So we’re delighted that in this months issue we’ve got exclusive interviews and shoots with Jake and Babydaddy from Scissor Sisters and Sam Sparro, as well as interviews with Bright Light Bright Light (yes, it’s a Gremlins reference) and Alan Carr, who don’t shy away from the topic. Alan doesn’t sing, but can you imagine if he did?
And of course we’ve got Liza Minnelli, who’s almost an honourary gay man herself, and released possibly the best (gayest) pop album ever, Results, with the Pet Shop Boys. Except she tells us why you’re not likely to hear her perform any of the songs from it. Booo.

Throw in 15 pages of men in not-very-much underwear and some dogs in wigs and you’d think we’d be done, but oh no. Joining the team from this issue we’ve got Paris Lees, editor of digital magazine Meta, talking about transgender issues in her own wonderful way and chef, author and MD of Stewed! Alan Rosenthal, bringing food to our expanded Life section.
We’ve had a few nips and tucks of late – what can we say, we’re nearly 40 years young – but we’re always interested in what you’d like to see in GT and what you think of the magazine, so come and chat with us on Twitter (@gaytimesmag) and Facebook or drop us an email on edit@gaytimes.co.uk.

Meet you back here in 30
Team GT

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