Editor's Letter

December 10 - Shayne Ward

As World AIDS Day approaches, I’ve been wracking my brains for something new to write about HIV. While there is “news” and developments every day, there is no dramatic breakthrough to report, no new message to trumpet. Of course, that makes it more important that we discuss the virus, that we think about it and that each one of us commits ourselves to being part of the fight against it.
In the 80s we all hoped for a silver bullet, a complete cure. We now realise that fighting the virus in the human body is massively complex and tackling the prejudice, stigma, confusion and misunderstanding that fuels it in society is no more simple. What we do all know – you, me and the real experts on the virus – is that each one of us can be HIV’s worst enemy or best friend. In this issue we preview GMFA’s new campaign which asks all of us to make a few basic commitments; to test regularly, to stay informed, to refute prejudice and stereotyping and to protect ourselves. It’s an approach that could make a dramatic difference to fighting the spread of the virus.
Also in this issue we asked some positive and negative guys to flash us some flesh and talk about HIV in their lives. Working with THT we wanted to highlight that positive people could lead otherwise healthy, full lives and that you couldn’t tell someone’s status just by looking at them. It was no surprise that the issues they raise in our short interviews with them are closely reflected in the GMFA strategy. We hope that their comments get us all talking and thinking in this month leading up to WAD on 1 December.
I also hope you enjoy the rest of this December issue, from our interview with the charming and sexy Shayne Ward to our workout which will help you get biceps just like his and all the rest.