Editor's Letter

October 10 - The Isherwood Issue

I was lucky enough to be at the first full gay marriages ever, in Amsterdam on April Fool’s Day 2001. But these three ceremonies were no joke, since then countries around the world have equalised their marriage laws and in Britain, of course, we have civil partnership. For some, that’s enough but I have always believed that separate but equal is never entirely equal.
Back in 2001 I told everyone who would listen that we’d have full marriage in this country within 10 years. Few believed me. But, as our feature this issue shows, we now seem to be getting backing from all three major political parties and most of the British public. There’s also a clear demand from the vast majority of gay people. I don’t think we’ll get there by April next year, but it won’t be far behind.
It’s one of the last big battles for our legal rights and symbolically an important one – we’ll be monitoring developments closely in GT and on PinkPaper.com.
This edition, though, is all about style, as we prepare for Fashion Week. Our look at gay influence on fashion concludes that the trend of the future is to reflect your personality through your clothes. And a very welcome trend it is too. If we’re proved right, the guys we photograph for our spread of new gay talent are right at the cutting edge. Whether you’re a dedicated follower of design or think that’s all shallow rubbish, I hope you’ll take a look and be inspired... You can take or leave fashion fads but being comfortable and confident in what we wear, whatever style it is, really does make us better people. GT is keeping up with the latest in technology too. We’re now, by popular request, available on iPhones as well as the iPad. Visit gaytimes.co.uk to find out more or just search for Gay Times in the apps store.