Editor's Letter

Editors letter: GT436 August 2014

It’s interesting the things people get worked up about.

I see it on Twitter every day – and I imagine it’s worse on Facebook, but I don’t have an account as I can’t stand it. What was life like pre-internet? Did people just shout each other down in the street when they didn’t like an image? Where did they send their strongly worded missives, diligently scrawled in green ink?

It will come as no surprise that we’ve had our fair share of controversy over the 40 years we’ve been around (We were called HIM for our first ten, keep up.) I look at a cover that was banned in 1986 and think “well that’s not bad…” But apparently it was so bad, we had to hastily print a wraparound cover to go over the image of flowing champagne. I’ve always loved it, so I felt our anniversary year would be the perfect opportunity to pay homage to it. Only slightly tamer. And with a brilliant young, gay role model on prime time BBC One. Funny how things change.

Some things just keep rearing their heads though, and online voices once more make themselves heard. Take, for example, a rise in people talking about ‘chem sex’. You get the people arguing the case it’s ‘not a thing’, people saying that drugs and sex isn’t something that’s exclusive to the gay community, that there are no real figures or statistics… The endless online arguments go on and on and on. And you can’t argue with anyone, because they’re always right, you’re always wrong. Frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So we thought we’d ask you, faithful reader, to take part in a survey about what YOU do…

Darren Scott @darren_scott