Editor's Letter


It took years of my being GT’s editor before I could be talked into having a picture of myself at the start of the magazine. I’m not overly fond of being photographed (unless I've got my arm round some celebrity, keep it classy...) and I've never really been a fan of it in journalism. As Magda in Ab Fab said: “It’s bad enough having to read most of the crap that’s written without having to look at a photo of the bastard that wrote it.” So with those two points in mind I really do have to doff my cap. Firstly to the gentlemen who took part in the shoot – not only did they go one step further than simply being photographed, they went the whole hog and lost all of their clothes. So that kind of puts my neurotic mindset into perspective. It takes a brave man to step up to this sort of request and I salute them all.

And secondly, it’s thanks to a team of people that you’re holding this – dare I say actually quite brilliant – edition of the magazine. You see, my other point is that it’s not all about the person in the picture at the front. There’s Mark, Lee and Ryan too. I’d say they’re long-suffering, but they love it as much as I do. Then there’s Dylan, Joe and John, who we wouldn't be able to make such a great naked issue without. Not to mention Paris, Benjamin and a host of contributors and columnists in our 12 other issues throughout the year. I’m very proud to work with them all. And I’m especially proud to work with them, and to be editing this historic and iconic publication, as we start our 30th anniversary year. Thirty years! That’s quite the landmark and the whole team are looking forward to bringing you, faithful reader, some new and exciting things to celebrate in 2014. Right, that’s it. No more ‘I love you’s’. Back to normal. Everyone start looking scared again.

Darren Scott