Editor's Letter


To quote a great journalist: “Everything has its time, and everything ends.”

Well, Sarah Jane Smith was a fictional journalist, but the line, written by the legend that is Mr Russell T Davies, resonates. We’ve seen the ending of so many things that have oppressed us, or in the very least made us not equal. And that equality shouldn’t come with provisos and clauses and subsections, it should just be equality, full stop. It’s almost hard to keep up – it seems that every time we go to press some Draconian law somewhere is being overturned. And then there’s the sadness of hearing that another, equally as awful, has popped up in another country.

Here in the UK it feels as though everyone’s on some crazy dash to the altar – I’m not sure my budget allows for so many hats, so I’ll stick to staring out from under a veil, Miss Havisham style. And while that (being denied marriage, not being a spinster) should very soon become a law that’s had its time, it’s worth keeping in mind that there are still plenty of things out there that we can’t do. And some we defi nitely shouldn’t. But also some we possibly do, and don’t know we
could even be breaking the law... Keep up!

What I’m saying is that for this issue (yes, once you’ve got past the Olympian wearing next to nothing and making a splash) we took a look at how far things have come for gay people in Britain, and tried to dispel some urban myths about your rights and the law. It’s increasingly positive news, but as ever still not as equal as the word really, truly means...

“The universe has to move forward”, indeed.

Darren Scott @darren_scott