Editor's Letter


Well it's always summer somewhere. And although we're heading into our colder months, that doesn't stop us from going where the sun is still shining in order to shoot a cover for you. In this case, a private yacht off Sydney Harbour in Australia and Olympian Ji Wallace certainly took advantage of the warm weather. We love Ji – he's one of a rare breed, a sportsman in the public eye who's happy to talk about being gay. Not only that, but he’s using his recently disclosed status of being HIV positive to work towards helping other people with HIV and AIDS.
We also caught up with the only out Olympian to win a gold medal – Carl Hester, who long-term readers may remember we did a Hello-esque ‘At Home With’ feature last year. We’ve yet to go for a jaunt on one of his ‘dancing horses’, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for next time. We’re prepared to bribe with sugar lumps.
We’re also welcoming some new faces to GT this month. The very dashing former GT cover star and X Factor winner Joe McElderry writes for us in our music section. Equally as hot and serving up realness from the US is Michelle Visage, head judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Tweet them both and probe them for gossip!
It’s Drag Race that we turn to for a chat with reigning drag superstar supreme, her royal spookiness Sharon Needles. No surprises that we love her. We also love a handsome gent who wines and dines us, so when you’ve got five offering to do that and those five happen to be the extremely handsome Overtones, well who are we to say no?
See you in 30 for all things Christmas – cards can be sent to the address on page seven. You know we’re fond of things that glitter...

Team GT

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