Editor's Letter


How can it possibly be that time of year again? No, we're not talking about the clocks going back or it only being a few weeks to Christmas (that's got you thinking hasn't it?) No, we're talking about the other event that comes but once a year – when we take a more in depth look at pornography.
Like it or loathe it, all gay magazines in the history of gay magazines (and we should know, having been around longer than most) sometimes dedicate pages to the art form of exhibitionism that is adult entertainment. And whether you're a casual observer of whatever takes your fancy, or know a little too much about the sometimes-strained faces you see on screen, there should be something for everyone this month. What is there to say about porn? Well, we've taken to asking some familiar faces about the other aspects of their lives for a change – with some answers that might surprise you. We find out what happens when the cameras stop rolling and why so many women are muscling in on our action (there's room for everyone ladies).
It’s not all pecs and protuberances, though on a slightly related note we take a look at when an online sex life becomes an addiction. Raise your hands now (no, the hand that isn’t currently scrolling through an app...)
We also speak exclusively with Kath and Kim about their first big screen outing, go on set for a new movie about the life of Kenny Everett, catch up with Tracy-Ann Oberman about her latest gay play and chew the fat about mums with Margaret Cho. Plus we get pissed and mess around with wigs with Caitlin Moran. Well someone’s got to.
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Play safe and we’ll see you in less than 30 days. Definitely no rest for the wicked this month...
Team GT

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