Editor's Letter


Sports. Yet another staple issue theme of gay publishing (first one to shout ‘wooh!’ when you’ve collected the set wins a prize).
Only now we’ve actually got something to write about. Yes, Gay Times has been going for nearly 30 years and yes we’ve featured sports countless times – but normally we’ve been banging on about how homophobic it is and how we wish some sports players would come out.
Well now they have.
Hold your horses boys, we don’t mean Ben Cohen. Although he’s done the next best bloody thing frankly. Could you even begin to IMAGINE a sports star of his caliber five years ago retiring from the game to fight for gay rights? Ben, we salute you. And slightly salivate too, thanks to the sporting themed shoot he worked up a sweat to provide for you, dear reader.
But we do have other ‘openly gay’ (don’t you just hate that phrase? Can we stop using it now please?) sportsmen out there. Anton Hysen we featured last month, Matthew Mitcham we featured last year, so we’ve got a few more for you this time around. Sorry, the Sheaf brothers aren’t actually gay but they don’t mind you looking. In fact, they encourage it. See, times have changed.
But it’s not all sport, obviously – especially given that we got a note from our mum for a whole academic year to excuse us from any sport except aerobics – we’ve got a whole load of other ‘things’ for you. We’d be insulting your intelligence by listing them – there is, after all, a list of contents on the previous page that we slaved over for, ooh, literally minutes. Let your fingers do the walking, eh?
That said, special mention to Chris Lilley – the genius behind Summer Heights High – who gives his only gay press interview for his brilliant new show Angry Boys. Gaystyle!