Editor's Letter


Equal rights are something that have been at the heart of Gay Times for the 30 years we’ve been in print. More, in fact, considering we actually existed as HIM magazine for ten years before that. So it’s overwhelming to be at the helm of such a historic title for such a historic change in equal rights in the UK. And that’s equal marriage (yes, we called it gay marriage on the cover – it’s a better headline) for everyone. Well, almost everyone, as we address in this very issue. Yes, that’s the one you’re holding in your very hands. We wouldn’t dream of charging you separately to read about something that’s at the heart of modern day gay life in 2014. And who thought we’d ever get to say that – that it’s legally a part of gay life in 2014. How far we’ve come in recent years has been quite staggering. And you’ll see it reflected in the pages of GT, as we will, of course, be bringing these changes to the heart of the world’s longest-running gay magazine. And what better way to start by asking Britain’s leaders – what’s next? Let me tell you, it was easier to get Miss Piggy to answer questions. A lot of people might be saying ‘look at what’s happening abroad!’, and we do, we have, we will. Always. Our columnist Ben Cohen addresses that in his usual eloquent way this month – and I happen to agree with him too. The fight doesn’t end because of an excuse to buy a hat... Speaking of hats, I doff mine to those of you that have been in touch to congratulate us on our anniversary and new look, it’s genuinely appreciated. Here’s to the next 30 years being as groundbreaking for equal rights.

Darren Scott