Editor's Letter


"Where are my pants?" he asks. "Well, if you left them on the floor they'll be in the laundry basket," I reply.

“Seriously?” he says, raising an eyebrow and giving me *that* look. This is what it’s like going out with someone younger than you. I’m generalising, of course, as this is what it’s (sometimes) like for me, personally. Being the ‘older man’ in a relationship means that yes, I do have a bit of life experience and no, I’m not putting up with you leaving things lying around. “If you leave it on the floor, it’s going in the bin,” my mum used to say. And don’t we all turn into our mothers? I digress. With my own circumstances in mind, the *other* thing I’m not putting up with is people banging on about age difference in relationships in a negative way. That many younger, pretty gay men have vocalised their distaste at Tom Daley’s preference in gentlemen friend amuses me greatly because a) hah! Being young and pretty didn’t help you there, did it? And b) you’re going to get older too, and you’ll realise it DOESN’T MATTER. I’ve previously been the ‘younger man’ in relationships, so it’s not that I’d say I have a type, but it does leave me qualified to say that really, it’s no one’s business. And it doesn’t mean there’s an underlying ulterior motive. Maybe it’s because age is just a number, and frankly I don’t look a day over 30 – which coincidentally is the age Gay Times celebrates this year. See, you’re flirting with an older man right now...

Darren Scott