Editor's Letter


How annoying. Well, it's quite a lot more than just annoying actually, but swearing here wouldn't be big or cleve now, would it? The Northern Ireland Assembly has yet again rejected a motion calling for same-sex marriage. Sigh. It's maddening that equal marriage is STILL being denied to people - be it this close to home (that's London, in case you didn't know) or indeed anywhere, and so soon after so many celebrations in England and Wales. And it's not that I even want to get married, as I'm sure I've made clear in the past. IT's not 'just' about that particular drum that many feel has been banged to the point of boredom, but I do want the same equal rights as very one else. And two of our features this month particularly hammer that point home to me - in one, the sheer ludicrousness of the hate that's being 'preached' against gay people across the world. In another, the incredible fight that Michael Cashman has engaged in for the last four decades on our behalf. One feature is terrifying, the other humbling. In another, we take a look at the moments that have defined various Pride events over the years - again, it's incredibly humbling. And that's why it's annoying, that's why it's maddening that these ridiculous dinosaurs from yesteryear can STILL be permitted to deny human beings the right to be treated equally. I do want to swear, I'm particularly good at it. Instead I'll just think happy thoughts... One of those will be that people in Northern Ireland (and everywhere else) will be able to look at our new regular marriage coverage - yes, we've put pets, parents and partners together, at last - and feel it finally applies to them as well!

Darren Scott