Editor's Letter


Happy New Year!

Well, at least that’s what most people will be proclaiming. And look! Look to the left! Even we’re at it, in our new format for our 30th anniversary. But it’s not really a happy New Year, is it? Well, not for the people of India and Australia perhaps. As we went to press we heard that equal rights laws in both countries had been revoked. Horrible, horrible news. The black cloud that is the Winter Olympics in Russia rumbles ever closer, with a ray of sunshine trying to break through from the UK – yes, the long-awaited same-sex marriages come into effect (well, for England and Wales at least) from 29 March 2014. So while it’s not all doom and gloom, there’s still more that needs to be done, more that people need to know. With that in mind, and with 2014 being our anniversary year, we’ve upped our news agenda some what. Not just a homage to the publication we were before the internet changed everything (and indeed the magazine we originally began as, HIM, in 1974 – technically making us 40 and the longest-running gay magazine in print), but because the time is obviously right. I hope you enjoy the slight changes we’ve made. New year, new GT. Thin ankles, sweetie. But don’t worry about the eye candy that you love so much – it’s not going anywhere, as our special print subscriber covers show. Oh and next issue! Nextissue...