Editor's Letter


Sex. Everybody’s doing it. Or trying to. Or are they? In this issue we try to address both sides of the coin – and take a look at how sometimes it’s never as straightforward as you might imagine.

Let’s be honest, sex is a part of gay culture whether you personally approve or not. But it’s not all glamorous and beautiful and perfectly defined (either in bodyshape or by description). It’s not always how you think it may be.
Some people are quite upfront about it (see our interview with the charming Kirk Norcross from The Only Way Is Essex and Celebrity Big Brother), some people get paid for it (see our feature on the sex trade) and some people do it illegally (as you’ll discover with probably some strong opinions in our piece on Genetic Sexual Attraction). And then there’s the people that don’t have sex at all – and yes they do exist and there’s nothing wrong with that. So taking a closer look at sex doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it might…

Of course, as some of our content this month clearly spells out, it’s not all about s-e-x – we’ve got exclusives with some of the stars of two huge American gay-friendly hit shows, Smash and RuPaul’s Drag Race and we catch up with all of Steps this month, not just Ian Watkins.

And it’s not all showbiz and showtunes of course (stop with the jazz hands at the back, it’s not) – the equal marriage debate rages on and you NEED to have your say. The details are on page 12. And while you’re at it, we’re sure that anything you can do to help Bradley Manning’s plight would be appreciated. His story is on page 102.
Play safe people and we’ll see you in 30!

Team GT

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