Editor's Letter


We never forget a face. Well, maybe after a couple of celebratory sherries, but we’re always happy to see the return of an old friend.
Paul Thorn was a regular columnist in Gay Times, writing about all things HIV related, from 2004 to 2009 and we’re delighted to welcome him back to the fold after all too long a break. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1990, when things were quite different as he explains in the first instalment of his new regular column. There’s still a lot we can learn and more worryingly a lot that people seem to have forgotten, something that we hope to readdress more regularly…
Another face we’ve not forgotten since the first time we clapped eyes on him – even when he was hidden under a hat – is the honest-to-goodness-you-couldn’t-meet-a-nicer-guy X Factor winner, Matt Cardle.
Yes, hasn’t he buffed up? Who knew that was under there etc, etc. But by now you’ve probably already jumped straight to those pages (unless you’re reading this online, in which case go and buy a copy please and thank you).
We also spent this month trying not to get wet around Tom Daley, listening to Madonna’s new album, talking all things Queen with Adam Lambert and doing that pose when revisiting what gay life was like on Titanic.
Speaking of Madonna, we went to the house of her biggest fan and spent hours staring at his incredible collection. Think you can do better? It doesn’t have to be Madonna – everyone’s a fan of something and we want to hear from you… Email us at edit@gaytimes.co.uk, like us on Facebook and tweet us @gaytimesmag. We never forget a face and we love a blether… xoxo Team GT

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