Editor's Letter


This issue has, somewhat unexpectedly, turned into a bit of triumph for out gay men.

First and foremost – and most importantly – with the recent changes to the law in New York City, which we cover in detail inside, and then we’ve got our exclusive chats with Kieron Richardson, Andrew Hayden Smith, John Barrowman and Russell T Davies.

They’re all playing their part in some way – Russell’s been leading the way in visibility for gay characters on television around the world for a while now, John, well, you can’t get him off the telly making innuendos wherever he goes.

And then there’s Andrew, who came out early in his presenting career on Children’s BBC and is now helping The Albert Kennedy Trust to help others by appearing in and promoting their AKT Now campaign.

Then, as you’ll no doubt have seen laying down on the cover looking like some incredible golden-era movie star, there’s Kieron. One of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with, considering he never does big photo-shoots he could turn his hand to professional modelling in a second. That is, of course, were he not starring in one of the most prominent and important gay storylines in Hollyoaks every weekday evening on Channel 4.

We’ve got some rising gay talent too, in the form of Chris Clegg, who’s something of a machine when it comes to all things musical-related and the lovely David Ames who, when he’s not ‘doing his actings’ likes to abuse us via Twitter (you can too, just follow us @gaytimesmag).

So while all these men could now potentially get married in NYC, here’s hoping that they’ll be afforded the same privilege in the UK soon enough.

Oh, and did we mention we’ve got Dolly Parton and Nicola Roberts in this issue as well? They’re not gay men, granted, but they’re as good as. Team GT