Editor's Letter

June 11 - Jedward

We’ve been thinking a lot about the past as we gear up for our 400th edition of GT at the end of this year. That’s over a quarter century of amazing history but, for me, no period has been more exciting than the last 10 years.
It’s roughly a decade ago that I became editor of Pink Paper. During that time we’ve seen huge legal progress for LGBT people in Britain, gay marriage has become a hot topic across the West and, as a community, we’ve finally started to wake up to the gay rights challenges ahead of us around the world. It’s not all been positive but there are more of us fighting for gay rights now than there ever have been and that fills me with hope for the future.
It’s now time for me to focus on that future because, after the best part of two years editing GT, I’m moving on.
So firstly I’ve got to say a massive thank you to all of you – readers, colleagues, contacts and friends. And I would like to extend that thanks to everyone who has supported me during 10 years as a gay journalist and editor.
Secondly I should warn you that I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard the last of me. So if you want to accept the inevitable and stay in touch, it would be great to hear from you. You can follow me on Twitter @trisrs or email trisrs@yahoo.co.uk.
Meanwhile I’m looking forward to a great summer and a bright future and I hope you enjoy both as much as I intend to.