Editor's Letter


Big gay telly shows used to come with a fanfare. And not a flashy trumpet proclaiming their arrival, but usually some bigot and a red top or two telling us why it was the end of civilisation. That era thankfully now seems to be (mostly) gone. But funnily enough, the end of civilisation is the theme of one of the most important gay dramas in the last decade. Blink and you might have missed In The Flesh last year. To describe the BBC Three show as a ‘gay zombie drama’ is to do it a massive disservice. But that’s the easy way out, and I have limited space. Space that would be better spent telling you how Dominic Mitchell’s programme broke my heart, made me cry and cheer at its sheer brilliance. It’s not a programme where being gay *is* the drama for once, but it’s right at the core and is utterly, utterly wonderful.

And that’s why we welcome the extremely handsome Emmett Scanlan back to our pages. Just watch the show. Spoilers!

But if gay drama is what you’re after, then look no further than RuPaul’s Drag Race. Hands down the best programme on television (that isn’t In The Flesh), we’ve been telling you how amazing it is for six years. We’re serving fish again this issue, with exclusive interviews with all 14 season six contestants.

And if it’s gay drama starring someone gay – bear with me, it’s all linking up here – then by now you’ll have been screaming at your gogglebox for Game of Thrones season four. We chat with Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn, who recently came out. Except he didn’t, he just didn’t realise people didn’t already know. Changing gay times - no big fanfare required.

Darren Scott