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Queens, brace yourselves. We have an announcement

And it’s not only the date, but guest judges as well…

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28/01/2015 17:28:59

Sam Smith: “I still struggle to be comfortable with myself”

The Stay With Me singer on romance and role models

GT Music

28/01/2015 17:10:09

Oscar winner and Broadway star Joel Grey comes out at 82

Cabaret and Wicked star Joel Grey openly discusses his sexuality for the first time…

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28/01/2015 16:13:31

Review: Raja headlines The Meth Lab at London’s Black Cap

The Drag Race star is the perfect mix of sex, fashion and intelligence…

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28/01/2015 15:23:28

Beale bare-chested

SPOILER ALERT. Ben Hardy’s getting his kit off

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28/01/2015 13:13:04

X Factor star Stevi Ritchie says he was “overwhelmed with emotion” when meeting Simon Cowell

Working with the music mogul was a dream come true for the singer…

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28/01/2015 12:12:47

T-Swift has the official stamp of approval

Reigning pop queen Madonna is a huge fan

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28/01/2015 11:59:24

Homophobic pastor admits being 'tempted' by gay lifestyle

Y'know, the same pastor who thinks Starbucks use semen in their coffee...

GTea Break

28/01/2015 10:42:10

Day 20 overall. Day 2 in the secret room

It seems like Perez has finally lost the plot…

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27/01/2015 17:33:01

Charlie Carver says his threesome with James Franco and Zachary Quinto was “hot as hell"

Well, the one he had for upcoming film I Am Michael, anyway…

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27/01/2015 17:08:52