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New Dannii Minogue track

The summer of love is coming…

GT Music

03/03/2015 12:04:25

Review: Focus

Will Smith lifts us up…

GT Screen

03/03/2015 10:38:39

Ed Miliband vows to fight to pardon men criminalised for being gay

The Labour leader said he would make the matter a priority if elected Prime Minister…

GT Community

03/03/2015 10:07:15

Solicitor and Lay Members

Solicitor Members will be paid £585 per sitting day and expenses Lay Members will be paid £410 per sitting day and...

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02/03/2015 10:18:05

Review: Bathhouse The Musical

The boys are bath in town… (sorry)

GT Stage

02/03/2015 09:40:43

RuPaul talks Drag Race with GT

An exclusive interview from the GT vault...

GTea Break

27/02/2015 17:20:57

EXCLUSIVE: New Steam Room Stories episode

Rough and ready or moisturised and manicured?

GTea Break

27/02/2015 17:12:38

First pop-up musical set to open doors in the West End

Intimate production of Sweeney Todd to begin serving pies again…

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27/02/2015 16:45:53

Christina Aguilera impresses again

First Britney Spears, now Kim Cattrall...

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27/02/2015 16:39:38

Singer Paul Middleton donates album profits to cancer charity

YouTube favourite helps fight killer disease…

GT Music

27/02/2015 16:16:34