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Britain v USA: Burger Battle this Independence Day at Manhattan Grill


GT Community

03/07/2015 18:05:47

A clerk is being sued for refusing gay couples a marriage license

She said her "conscience won't allow" her to do it

GT Community

03/07/2015 17:27:58

Benidorm’s Danny Walters talks getting buff and Leslie Jordan’s love for his luscious lips

Summer just got a little sexy…

GT Hunks

03/07/2015 16:57:12

Meet the gay Boris Johnson

Sometimes he hits on guys as Boris to make them uncomfortable

GTea Break

03/07/2015 16:03:01

REVIEW: Idina Menzel - World Tour

"immense talent…."

GT Stage

03/07/2015 15:53:00

Do you remember that video of people crying over same-sex marriage?

There's now an amazing parody

GT Community

03/07/2015 15:38:52

Sam Smith is back

And has the biggest selling album so far for 2015

GT Music

03/07/2015 15:02:36

Broadcasters are failing to represent minorities

And some also feel negatively portrayed

GT Screen

03/07/2015 13:30:34

Big Brother contestant's 'homophobic' and 'racist' tweets

Danny and Marc's tweets come back to bite them

GT Screen

03/07/2015 12:45:38

Is the rainbow flag going to become a emoji?

🙋 💅 🙏

GT Community

03/07/2015 11:34:53