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Mother tells son to "wait til after commercial" to come out

Is this what the future looks like?

21/10/2014 11:45:22

Gay club night Trade to celebrate 24th birthday

24 and still feeling young

17/10/2014 17:25:12

National Diversity Awards celebrated

Another year of success for the NDAs

02/10/2014 15:04:40

Footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger: Coming out "would have been almost impossible had I still been playing"

Out footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger on why he's backing the Stonewall Rainbow Laces campaign...

10/09/2014 16:13:15

Ollie Locke: "I've come out to my parents as liking men"

Latest GT includes shoot and interview with Made in Chelsea star

29/08/2014 12:15:37

Peter Tatchell awarded honorary fellowship

The human rights campaigner is one of six to be awarded at University of London...

20/08/2014 15:26:51

GT exclusive: Nick Clegg confronts Commonwealth homophobia

Deputy PM confronts gay rights as games start

24/07/2014 13:04:06

Take a Ride with Pride thanks to Transport for London

Celebrate this weekend's Pride with TfL... naturally...

24/06/2014 11:05:31

New piece of art unveiled to commemorate Alan Turing

The gay hero has been remembered in Milton Keynes, where he cracked the Enigma code...

24/06/2014 10:26:47

Pride in London launches new selfie campaign celebrating freedom and equality

A new campaign is encouraging people to celebrate their #FreedomTo be proud...

17/06/2014 16:08:06

How Glastonbury's Block9 changed music festivals for the LGBT community

Heading to Glastonbury this year? Then you're gonna want to check this out...

13/06/2014 10:08:41

Thirty years since HIV was discovered and young gay men still lack important information about the virus

New research reveals that less than half of men new about treatment to prevent transmission...

23/04/2014 17:50:36

PJ Brennan: "Let's not fight, let's talk"

GT's exclusive columnist shares his two cents on the Alan Carr/PETA "fairy" debate...

22/04/2014 15:55:28

Watch: Positive East releases film to raise awareness of HIV

The London charity wants to shed light on issues facing HIV-positive people today...

15/04/2014 11:43:43

American basketball star Derrick Gordon comes out as gay

The UMass player is believed to be the first active Division 1 basketball player to do so...

09/04/2014 17:46:50

Jessie J makes the courageous decision to come out... as straight

The Who We Are singer says that dating girls was a "phase" for her...

09/04/2014 15:53:18

Peaches Geldof dies at the age of 25

Peaches spoke out confidently on the importance of gay rights

08/04/2014 13:25:18

HIV self-testing kits made legal in the UK

It will soon be simpler than ever to be sure of your status

07/04/2014 17:48:55

Review: The Wedding of Peter and David

One of the first same sex couples to get married... and we were there

01/04/2014 11:22:25

Event: Let's Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs

How much do you really know? Find out in London tonight...

31/03/2014 11:44:08

It’s the big day!

After an incredibly long fight for marriage equality, England & Wales perform the first same-sex weddings

29/03/2014 14:18:32

AVERT in Malawi

The HIV/AIDS charity are raising funds to provide free HIV treatment to 20,000 people

28/03/2014 14:57:06

Asifa Lahore – Tum Hi Ho

The UK’s premier Muslim drag queen releases Tum Hi Ho, her most significant music video to date.

28/03/2014 11:43:43

25 years of Stonewall

From Section 28 to gay marriage in a quarter of a century

26/03/2014 10:57:12

The Changing Face of LGBT Acceptance in Sport

A pivotal six months for the anti-homophobia movement in sport.

25/03/2014 15:58:22

Interview: Dr Christian Jessen

The good doctor goes undercover to investigate controversial gay 'cures' in the UK and the US

17/03/2014 12:58:06


Should the EU and US cut aid due to the country's anti-gay law?

06/03/2014 15:12:18

Whoopi Goldberg on Uganda/Nigeria Anti-gay laws

The actress calls for global solidarity with LGBT Ugandans and Nigerians

04/03/2014 13:59:17

Dispatches Undercover: Hate on the Terraces

Channel 4's Dispatches shows police turning a blind eye to homophobia and racism

03/03/2014 17:40:21

Who cares about gay footballers?

One GT reader asks: is it time to end the obsession with gay footballers?

27/02/2014 14:31:04

Raising Arizona

Martyn Fitzgerald looks at Arizona's recent anti-gay segregation bill

25/02/2014 17:00:03

Bright Night with Will Young for PACE

LGBT charity PACE celebrate 30 years with a special anniversary show

21/02/2014 17:22:33

Tortured by anti-gay mobs in Nigeria

Nigeria's homophobic new laws can make life dangerous for its LGBT community

20/02/2014 18:22:48

Kansas lawmakers propose anti-gay bill

Initial bill passed but unlikely to pass in the state Senate, say lawmakers

18/02/2014 19:07:20

President Museveni preparing to sign anti-LGBT bill

Ugandan leader is reportedly ready to sign homophobic bill into law

17/02/2014 18:02:15

The GT Sex Survey

Did you know 1 in 10 gay/bi men don't know they have HIV...

14/02/2014 15:09:13

MUST WATCH: Texan sports anchor speaks up for gay rights

Dale Henson, a newscaster from Dallas, has spoken out in support of openly gay American football player Michael Sam.

13/02/2014 12:07:57

Pride House Manchester stage a series of events to support LGBT athletes

Putting equality into the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

06/02/2014 18:41:02

The Winter Olympics Alternative Opening Ceremony

Stars of London's clubland join forces with Peter Tatchell in a show of solidarity with Russia

05/02/2014 15:29:35

Northern Cyprus finally decriminalises homosexuality

Northern Cyprus has become the last jurisdiction in Europe to decriminalise homosexuality.

27/01/2014 17:44:18

The Gender Book

Daniel Riding reviews a new book all about gender identity

23/01/2014 16:20:00

Digital Love

No, it's not a new club night... but a new way of life!

13/01/2014 16:14:00

World Sport Presents: Journey of the Gay Athlete

CNN joins the fight against homophobia in sport with this incredible one-hour documentary

10/01/2014 17:30:39

Stockholm Pride’s present for Putin

To the man with a heart of stone, here’s a heart of gold

18/12/2013 16:15:58


Join the fight against testicular cancer whilst decorating your Christmas tree

17/12/2013 12:34:54

We need to talk about Mandy

Six Answers About MDMA from an expert

11/12/2013 17:46:27

Stand Up For Russia

Fighting for equality in Russia - through laughter

10/12/2013 13:44:32

How HIV aware are you?

Take the National AIDS Trust test to see how much you know about HIV

09/12/2013 15:31:56

Queer Contact Festival 2014

Manchester's top arts organisation gets ready for LGBT History Month

05/12/2013 13:34:56

HIV: Misinformation and discrimination

THT's survey aims to help dismantle the myths surrounding HIV

28/11/2013 15:23:41

LGBT rights group rejected for charitable status

Is this a threat to the charitable status of other human rights organisations?

26/11/2013 15:34:29

A Merry Christmas Cabaret: Stand Up To Cancer

A host of musical theatre performers from across London's West End join together a in aid of Stand Up To Cancer

25/11/2013 17:51:13

National HIV Testing Week 22–29 November 2013

Get tested. Know your status.

21/11/2013 17:38:51

Global Drug Survey 2014

Whatever you’ve been snorting or smoking, the GDS 2014 wants to know.

19/11/2013 14:05:47

“That’s So Gay.”

Stonewall teams up with Will Young and Mumsnet to stamp out the slurs.

18/11/2013 16:10:12

10 years on from Section 28

GT reflects on ten years, to the day, since Section 28 was abolished

18/11/2013 14:05:43

Protest: Is the Commonwealth colluding with gay persecution?

Commonwealth leaders "ignore homophobia" at Sri Lanka summit

12/11/2013 12:58:16

GFEST hits London

Showcasing fresh LGBT Talent, check out what this year's festival has to offer.

06/11/2013 17:39:51

Interview: David France - How to Survive a Plague

We speak to the director of this stunning film about the early days of AIDS activism.

06/11/2013 14:18:20

Sharley McLean: In Remembrance

Feminist and lesbian campaigner, who survived Nazi fascism, has died.

29/10/2013 17:01:49

The Hidden Cameras: Gay Goth Scene

Indiepoppers The Hidden Cameras tackle the issue of homophobic youth bullying

29/10/2013 13:10:01

PinkNews Awards 2013

Team GT supported our news-based brothers and sisters at this year's celebration

24/10/2013 17:06:12

Diversity Role Models Carnival 2013

A star-studded event in Londontown, tackling homophobia through education

23/10/2013 16:30:30

Olympic Sponsors Coca-Cola under pressure to condemn Russia's anti-LGBT laws

All Out petition gains momentum online

22/10/2013 16:59:29

Are LGBT societies still important on university campuses?

They offer a safe environment for LGBT students to come together to socialise and campaign, but are LGBT societies...

22/10/2013 11:51:28

The Wig Party: Masked Halloween Ball

The Wig Party returns to London's Café de Paris... all for charity!

21/10/2013 12:29:04

Glasgay! 2013

Scotland's annual celebration of its LGBT community is now in its 20th year...

16/10/2013 10:42:13

The Outing: LGBT Rights in Ireland

Traditional Ireland and contemporary LGBT culture combine...

13/09/2013 11:18:50

Nick Clegg celebrates equal marriage

GT joined the Deputy PM and stars to celebrate #EqualMarriage

12/09/2013 12:56:35

Rally for Russia

GT joins protestors outside Downing Street

04/09/2013 16:12:45

GT rocks out at Manchester Pride

Round-up of the goings-on at this year's Manchester Pride

02/09/2013 12:44:23

Love Russia, Hate Homophobia - A Day of Action

For Russia, with love!

29/08/2013 16:04:48

This Weekend: Manchester Pride

Manchester gets ready to show some Pride

23/08/2013 16:20:17

GT Charity Partner: Positive East

GT partners with a number of charities that help and work with the LGBT community...

19/08/2013 14:22:08

What a Difference an Hour Makes

Team GT visit Stockholm Pride... just an hour flight from Russia and a very different world.

18/08/2013 19:44:28

Diversity Choir celebrates 21 years

You're only 21 once, apparently...

18/07/2013 12:28:11

GT Weekender: Pride in London/Summer Rites

London showed some serious Pride at the weekend...

02/07/2013 15:08:59

Be Proud, Get Involved!

Join the HIV Activist Network and get your voice heard...

27/06/2013 13:36:09

What's hot for Pride London

GT runs down the top shindigs for Pride London weekend

25/06/2013 16:58:52

Peter Tatchell fundraising gala

Did someone say gala? We’re so there.

03/05/2013 13:17:32

Student Pride: Uncut

GT got jolly trollied at Student Pride. Again.

05/03/2013 12:11:22