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11 things you should have done at Secret Garden Party


29/07/2015 14:34:39

Elaine Paige’s perfect proposal live on air

But will he say yes?

29/07/2015 12:03:24

Rebel Heart Tour roundup feat. pole dancing nuns

Everything that's been revealed so far

28/07/2015 13:18:33

Manila brings all the naked boys to the yard

Her Ice Cream truck is here

28/07/2015 11:02:02

30 minutes of never before seen Vogue

Madonna b-roll is released

27/07/2015 16:14:17

Troye gets Wild

The wait is over

27/07/2015 15:32:03

Support for people who are unemployed and living with HIV

The Work Positive scheme returns

27/07/2015 13:31:37

Foxy lady

We chat to Foxes about gay bars and Pharrell

24/07/2015 14:45:28

Eminem insults Caitlyn Jenner

In a NSFW rap

24/07/2015 12:38:09

Kylie, Jake Shears and Nile Rodgers all feature on new NERVO track

“It’s not what I dream of... we should be together.”

23/07/2015 16:37:01

Willam Belli stars in Boys Just Wanna Have Fun music video

Let's party!

23/07/2015 11:08:48

The top ten PWL songs EVER

Celebrating the career of Pete Waterman

23/07/2015 10:47:13

Why Latitude is one of the UK’s best festival

Pink sheep, great music and much more

22/07/2015 15:03:44

Joe McElderry: 'I've never wished I was straight'

He's performing at RUComingout's summer party

22/07/2015 12:06:43

Kermit better have ma money

Miss Piggy covers Rihanna

21/07/2015 15:13:27

Honey you're very good

Andy Grammer chats to GT on his first trip in London

20/07/2015 17:28:20

Dannii Minogue is back and it's about time too

We've missed you

20/07/2015 15:02:28

REVIEW: Bette Midler - Divine Intervention

“An evening worthy of unquestionable icon status…"

20/07/2015 14:26:51

Nick Jonas talks about nudity and a potential upcoming gay sex scene

GT catches up with the star

20/07/2015 10:27:58

Years & Years are number one

Congratulations guys

17/07/2015 17:22:40

Adam Lambert reworks We are the Champions

To celebrate James Corden's 50th show

17/07/2015 13:21:12

Andrea Faustini says he's happy to support RUComingOut

"I like inspirational people and RUComingOut stands for something very positive."

17/07/2015 12:57:53

R'n'B royalty Viola Billups chats The Flirtations' comeback

The London show is set to be a good one

16/07/2015 14:25:25

Exclusive: Monarchy cover Blur ft Dita Von Teese

Watch the video here

15/07/2015 14:15:07

Lana says: 'It's not fashionable to love me'

She's back and it's beautiful

14/07/2015 17:13:30

Years & Years smash the Live Lounge

The boys did good

14/07/2015 15:59:00

Drake dresses up as Bieber, Miley, Kanye and Oprah

The stuff of nightmares

14/07/2015 11:35:45

Review: Years & Years - Communion

...The best incidentally gay thing in pop right now.

13/07/2015 15:30:08

Delta Goodrem writes and performs a new song for same-sex wedding

This is fantastic

13/07/2015 12:48:02

Jennifer Hudson crashes wedding

And a the couple get a big surprise

13/07/2015 11:52:50

George Michael rubbishes rehab claims

The star says he is perfectly fine

13/07/2015 10:51:40

Years & Years launch debut album with interactive ad

It's *finally* here...

10/07/2015 17:46:45

Jennifer Lawrence serves up Cher realness on Conan

What a voice...

10/07/2015 15:13:00

Conrad Sewell talks Australian Idol, Ed Sheeran and his nan

GT chats to the hot new singer...

10/07/2015 13:57:19

Olly Alexander talks about having Neil Milan’s babies

Are they the cutest pop couple right now?

10/07/2015 12:13:50

From broke to Beyoncé the Todrick Hall story

The secret to creating a viral video

10/07/2015 11:31:58

'It is kind of sad to me that we don't have gay popstars singing about men'

Years & Years Olly Alexander hopes things will change

09/07/2015 10:32:36

1D take action on poverty

If anyone can do it it’s these guys

08/07/2015 16:21:20

Stockholm will host 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Stockholm here we come

08/07/2015 14:21:13

Azealia Banks isn't homophobic because she's bisexual

The singer came out in a series of tweets

07/07/2015 10:56:13

Polar Collective talk gigs, touring together and upcoming projects

We sit down and chat with the UK’s most exciting new boy band

06/07/2015 17:13:56

Little Mix covered Sissy That Walk

Slay girls, slay

06/07/2015 10:36:41

Sam Smith is back

And has the biggest selling album so far for 2015

03/07/2015 15:02:36

We are never borrowing money from Rihanna

She's scary

02/07/2015 16:39:31

Violet and Alaska party with Team HeartBreak

Sledgehammers, twerking and tucking

02/07/2015 15:46:41

Only Courtney knows the ugly

She's 'got secrets you won’t see on stage'

02/07/2015 12:16:16

Keane's Tom Chaplin shares his new song: Love Wins

An amazing track about same-sex marriage

02/07/2015 11:10:51

Beyoncé celebrates same-sex marriage

A queen is never late

02/07/2015 10:57:14

Years & Years are going to be at HMV in London

Want to see them perform?

01/07/2015 14:54:57

GT’s Glastonbury highlights, featuring Years & Years and Mark Ronson

Part one… Because there’s too much good stuff

01/07/2015 13:07:57

Violet is a bare fist fighter

Slay girl slay

30/06/2015 10:31:41

REVIEW: Taylor Swift - 1989 Tour

"... wonderful vocals…”

27/06/2015 00:04:06

InstaFame is here

"Haters are just fans in disguise"

24/06/2015 10:41:45

Big Dipper's new video is amazing

It's at the beach... But not very fishy

23/06/2015 17:08:02

Proud Mary Keep on Rollin’

Mary Lambert talks Same Love, self-love and Sam Smith…

23/06/2015 15:12:54

Alaska doesn't wear wigs

"Take a letter Maria, because I'm only going to say this once..."

23/06/2015 12:51:22

New Years & Years

Olly get's worshiped

23/06/2015 11:26:32

Kylie parties with thousands at British Summer Time in Hyde Park

Grace Jones, Nile Rodgers, Years and Years + more…

22/06/2015 12:24:30

Taylor Swift gets Apple to reverse its policy

Shake it off Apple, shake it off

22/06/2015 11:09:52

Jake Quickenden releases new track I Want You

Totally a sound for the summer….

22/06/2015 11:06:30

Robyn and La Bagatelle Magique premiere single

Love Is Free

19/06/2015 17:20:08

New results show British dad's love gay bands

Well, they do have good taste…

19/06/2015 15:15:31

Iggy Azalea: “Some days I just want to crawl into my cave”

She's not feeling too fancy at the moment

18/06/2015 14:44:19

Madonna releases Bitch I'm Madonna video

"…You can't touch this, cuz I'm a bad bitch…"

18/06/2015 09:29:03

Kissing boys in the street

Greg Holden is back

17/06/2015 17:03:07

Olivia Somerlyn chats all thing fans, touring and topless Nick Jonas

Plus her awesome song parachute

17/06/2015 15:58:38

Go go gadget Glastonbury

EE are keeping festival goers... Going

16/06/2015 16:44:41

Róisín Murphy drops new video for Evil Eyes

She’s back with another darkened disco hit

16/06/2015 16:08:08

Review: Arca

"...a sight as bewildering as it is magical. Much like Arca himself..."

16/06/2015 15:55:32

Janet Jackson announces world tour

The way love goes? 36 tour dates and counting

16/06/2015 12:32:02

Madonna teases clip from Bitch I'm Madonna video

"…You can't touch this, cuz I'm a bad bitch…"

15/06/2015 13:16:10

Rixton release debut album Let The Road

Our new cover stars have a present for you…

15/06/2015 12:38:58

Dark Horse hits 1 Billion Views

'I’m capable of anything'

11/06/2015 16:51:09

Thank You

Fred Falke remixes Will Young

11/06/2015 15:53:11

Nick Jonas replaces Iggy Azalea at Pittsburgh Pride

All change…

11/06/2015 13:20:57

The name's Smith, Sam Smith

And he's singing for her majesties secret service

10/06/2015 17:44:57

Swiping never seemed so shallow

Next, next, next, next

10/06/2015 15:48:32

The NEW GT is now available in stores

Rixton, Ciara and more…

10/06/2015 15:46:41

'Cos baby now we've got sad studs...'

Move over Taylor, this Bad Blood cover is amazing

10/06/2015 10:59:42

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett cancel Royal Albert Hall concert

Audience told 30 minutes before...

09/06/2015 20:20:27

The rules according to Alaska Thunderf*ck

Listen up you guys…

09/06/2015 18:17:12

Have a listen to The Original High

Adam Lambert's album drops on Amazon

09/06/2015 12:53:41

Jack Pack are here

And they will light your fire

09/06/2015 12:28:14

Review: 5 Seconds of Summer

5SoS took the cliché “break a leg” a little too seriously

09/06/2015 11:20:02

Supercub is dancing inside

Where can we buy those trousers?

08/06/2015 18:44:29

Years & Years keep shining

Here's the new video from the boys

08/06/2015 17:30:18

Ricky Rebel is a star

“The remix is sexy. It pulses, throbs and thumps.”

08/06/2015 15:40:01

Elton John calls a gig security guard 'Hitler' and makes her cry.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

08/06/2015 15:03:19

Ricky Martin sings on The Tonight Show

We get to see Mr Put It Down

08/06/2015 11:52:32

The Oxford boys are back with a little Lady Marmalade

Where’s all mah soul sistas?

08/06/2015 10:49:10

Hozier - “You’re either equal or you’re not.”

The singer speaks strongly on equality, success and his man crush in this month's GT

05/06/2015 15:14:01

Happy Birthday Pete Wentz

Save Rock and Roll

05/06/2015 11:33:47

Nile Rogers reveals why he nearly walked out on Madonna

The iconic musician lifts the lid on what it was like working with Madge…

05/06/2015 10:42:31

Mo’Nique on her love letter to the gay community

Oscar winner talks to GT about homophobia and getting dirty

05/06/2015 10:24:21

Måns Zelmerlöw says calling gays 'abnormal' was stupid

The Eurovision winner is taking back comments he made on a Swedish TV show

05/06/2015 10:09:41

Rufus Wainwright on Sam Smith: “I’ve been doing that for almost 20 years!”

Singer talks to GT about being an out and proud musician...

05/06/2015 10:02:51

Here's your new breakup song

Brand new from Neon Trees ft. Dustin Lance Black

04/06/2015 16:06:23

So Mariah prefers to Tindr

To Infinity and beyond

04/06/2015 15:18:08

Janet is back

It's her first album in seven years

04/06/2015 12:49:00

Welcome to Twitter Diana Ross

Ms. Ross is finally here

04/06/2015 11:17:37

Jennifer Hudson's new marriage equality video

And you can dance to it

04/06/2015 10:25:11

Icona Pop joining One Direction

They are supporting them on the North American tour

03/06/2015 16:21:05

Darkness Falls

And it sounds superb

03/06/2015 15:55:59

Willam releases new album Shartistry in Motion

Now let the music play!

03/06/2015 10:41:49

Will Young is on tour

It's been a while

02/06/2015 14:33:10

Ginger puts the big into big band

Storming new single from Drag Race star

02/06/2015 11:14:38

Violet needs some attention… (NSFW!)

She’s a good housewife, but needs a hand...

02/06/2015 11:02:21

Pearl’s a Love Slave

Drag Race finalist releases EDM single

02/06/2015 10:52:22

Years & Years are touring

And it's a big one...

01/06/2015 17:12:41

Adam Levine's butt anyone?

New video from Maroon 5 is NSFW

01/06/2015 10:59:06

Brand new from Courtney Act

We're all in Ecstasy

29/05/2015 18:15:24

Top 10 hottest Ibiza DJs

Get your summer and weekend started

29/05/2015 12:52:00

New video for Black Magic

Little Mix is back

29/05/2015 10:27:43

Help celebrate Garbage being 20

Night in Dalston for sexual health charity

28/05/2015 15:30:43

HURTS are back

The new single is heavenly

28/05/2015 14:37:30

Brand new video from Olly Murs

Beautiful To Me decides to tug at your hearstrings

28/05/2015 13:42:48

Happy Birthday Kylie

28/05/2015 13:02:33

Conchita's debut goes platinum

She's still rising like a Phoenix

27/05/2015 15:56:07

Ricky Martin on coming out and fatherhood

Ricky's livin' la vida bebé

27/05/2015 15:32:01

Is Mans Zelmerlow heading for UK chart success?

Swedish singer pushing for British music crown…

27/05/2015 14:54:30

There's a rush on the new Jack Pack Album

They're releasing it as soon as possible

27/05/2015 13:49:46

Why we shouldn’t boo Russia at Eurovision

Eurovision Correspondent Rob Holley gives us his thoughts

27/05/2015 13:11:31

Icona Pop's new track is a total emergency

Swedish duo are back…    

27/05/2015 12:39:02

Mika’s new video for Good Guys is here

An homage to gay icons and creatives

27/05/2015 12:13:31

Taylor Swift makes Forbes Most Powerful List

She's the youngest ever entry

27/05/2015 11:48:34

Get stupid with new Aston Merrygold track

"…It’s time to get stupid and let your hair down..."

27/05/2015 10:50:54

The official video to Born Naked is here

Spoiler Alert

27/05/2015 10:35:22

Leona's track gets a remix

They lit some fire under her feet

26/05/2015 17:34:35

Katharine McPhee is back

Lick your lips

26/05/2015 16:16:23

Will Young: Eurovision is a 'poisoned chalice'

He won't compete in 2016

26/05/2015 14:19:30

The perfect wedding video, with a difference

Love and marriage

26/05/2015 13:42:30

Adore Delano is recording a new album

"The party's over..."

26/05/2015 12:47:29

Where next for the UK at Eurovision?

UK entry Electro Velvet finishes 24th out of 27

26/05/2015 10:29:29

Eurovision 2015 Report 4: All eyes on the final

Goodbye Vienna

22/05/2015 23:20:17

Eurovision Semi-Final 2 Update

Round 2 is over: it’s the final countdown…

22/05/2015 15:17:55

Lithuania’s same-sex Eurovision liplock

It’s in his kiss…

22/05/2015 14:41:57

Boy George bids farewell to the UK

"… I need to move…"

22/05/2015 14:28:17

We talk Eurovision with Emmelie de Forest

Only Teardrops: Denmark's 2013 winning entry

22/05/2015 13:41:09

We talk Eurovision with The Olsen Brothers

Fly on the Wings of Love: Denmark's 2000 winning entry

22/05/2015 13:23:34

We talk Eurovision with Dima Bilan

Believe: Russia's 2008 winning entry

22/05/2015 13:01:07

We talk Eurovision with Johnny Logan

What's Another Year: Ireland's double winning entry

22/05/2015 12:46:01

We talk Eurovision with Nicole

A Little Peace: Germany's 1982 winning entry

22/05/2015 12:23:01

We talk Eurovision with Conchita

Rise Like a Phoenix: Austria's 2014 winning entry

22/05/2015 10:46:45

We talk Eurovision with Brotherhood of Man

Save Your Kisses for Me: UK's 1976 winning entry

22/05/2015 10:23:23

Todrick Hall in New Disney Spoof

This song will definitely replace Let It Go on your playlist

21/05/2015 17:52:49

Brand new video from RuPaul

The video for Modern Love is everything you wanted and more

21/05/2015 17:22:24

Macklemore star Mary Lambert to release new single.

She can’t change, and we don’t want her to

21/05/2015 16:50:04

We talk Eurovision with Loreen

Euphoria: Sweden's 2012 winning entry

21/05/2015 15:54:06

Could Eurovision be going to Stockholm?

Måns Zelmerlöw fills GT in on the 2016 rumours

21/05/2015 12:42:26

Review: Mew live at London's Camden Roundhouse

The Danish alt-rock band bring +/- to an adoring London crowd…

21/05/2015 12:21:01

Live at Chelsea - Rufus Wainwright and Alison Moyet

We have 50% off ticket prices for you

21/05/2015 11:50:33

Brand new Little Mix

The Little Mix drought is over

21/05/2015 11:24:55

Eurovison 2015 Report 3: Electro Velvet

Our Eurovision correspondents catch up with the UK entry

20/05/2015 17:32:25

Sam Smith wants to be a “voice for gay youth”

The singer has set up his own charity foundation

20/05/2015 16:02:46

Eurovision gets a LEGO makeover.

It’s Eurovision like you’ve never seen it before

20/05/2015 13:21:52

Eurovision Semi-Final Update

Round 1 is over

20/05/2015 11:22:02

Brand new video from Nick Jonas

FYI he gets covered in paint

20/05/2015 10:36:10

Happy Birthday Cher

Does the singer want to turn back time?

20/05/2015 10:14:25

Happy Birthday Sam Smith

The Stay With Me singer turns 23 today

19/05/2015 18:10:31

Northern Irish singer SOAK talks Equal Marriage Referendum.

“The fact that it is a vote is just ridiculous.”

19/05/2015 17:55:55

We chat to Måns Zelmerlöw Sweden's Eurovision entry

He's the bookies favourite to win

19/05/2015 17:31:17

Deezer uses Kylie Minogue to predict Australian success in Eurovision

Have they cracked the code?

19/05/2015 16:59:48

Shayne Ward releases new summer track The Way You Were

"...a straight-to-the-heart dance pop record…"

19/05/2015 16:04:47

Conchita Wurst performs Rise Like a Pheonix at pre-Eurovision event

Last years winner rocks London's Vienna Sphere

19/05/2015 11:54:45

Alesha Dixon is back with a brand new tune

The fight for the 2015 summer anthem is on

19/05/2015 11:38:09

Adore Delano’s brand new video

The west coast queen of wigs, cigs and neon is here

19/05/2015 09:09:31

Sweden bookies favourites to win Eurovision

Place your bets, Sweden are stepping up

18/05/2015 17:50:52

The Vamps get topless in their online diary

While the Vamps catch some sun, we catch an eyeful

18/05/2015 17:11:43

Taylor and Sam Smith clean up at Billboard Music Awards.

But what else has Tay-Tay stolen from the night?

18/05/2015 16:31:35

Madonna sparks religious debate with pro-gay Instgram pic.

Madge kisses her way into a new controversy

18/05/2015 15:38:15

Holly Johnson confirms new single

Now he wants to go do it

18/05/2015 12:31:07

Callum Wright releasing new summer anthem.

Fans at the ready guys, because things are about to get whole lot hotter

18/05/2015 11:15:24

Eurovision 2015 Special Report 2

Dispelling those Eurovision myths

18/05/2015 11:04:01

Top Ten Hottest Guys of Eurovision 2015

Who will you be looking out for this year?

18/05/2015 10:45:42

Taylor is back and kicking ass

The brand new video for Bad Blood is here

18/05/2015 10:10:42

Miley and Ariana duet

The two girls cover Don’t Dream It’s Over

15/05/2015 17:59:32

Collabro are looking suave in their new music video

Our cover boys scrub up well

15/05/2015 12:40:58

Madonna hits 45 No1 hits

The singer thanks her Lucky Star for her success

15/05/2015 12:19:14

Hilary Duff releases new music video for Sparks

This is what dreeeeeams are made of

15/05/2015 11:28:26

Exclusive Moto Blanco remix of Rixton’s newest single

We all want the same thing – which is to play it over and over

15/05/2015 10:57:02

Paris Hilton is back with a brand new single

Do you wanna get high off her love?

15/05/2015 09:49:03

Every single Mariah Carey no1 in one video

A special timeline video to celebrate the release of Infinity

14/05/2015 18:08:08

Britney and Iggy release their new music video for Pretty Girls

Two of the biggest blondes in music are feeling, like, totally far out

13/05/2015 16:55:06

Joss Stone releases her seventh studio album

The soul sensation is back again

13/05/2015 16:24:27

Same-Sex Referendum in Ireland inspires new music

Hawk shows support through their single...

13/05/2015 15:22:55

Rixton release their new music video

The band give us a flashback to the 70s

13/05/2015 12:04:35

Eurovision 2015 special report

GT does the legwork and watches all the entries

13/05/2015 11:35:01

Giorgio Moroder releases two new tracks

They’re right here, right now

13/05/2015 11:09:21

Leona Lewis is back after a year and half with her new single

Since her break with Simon Cowell last year, Leona takes a new direction

12/05/2015 16:41:10

The Three Degrees are back and touring, Valerie Holiday tells us all...

Will I See You Again?

12/05/2015 15:47:15

Years and Years are back with a brand new single

But will the electro-pop trio reign supreme again?

12/05/2015 12:15:50

Villagers frontman stands up in favour of same-sex marriage

He's urging Ireland to vote 'yes' in the referendum...

12/05/2015 11:06:02

Atomic Kitten announced to perform at Manchester Pride

The cats out of the bag and while the cats away, the kittens will play

11/05/2015 17:24:56

Is this year’s Eurovision set to be the strangest yet?

Favourites going down-under while the UK is just going down…

11/05/2015 16:20:46

Interview: S Club 7's Jon Lee

The pop star talks the group's reunion and UK tour...

07/05/2015 18:18:17

Bright Light Bright Light teams up with Ana Matronic

The gay electropop aficionado is off out on tour, too...

07/05/2015 12:32:36

Alesha Dixon: Doing what she does best

She’s back to show that her reign isn’t over yet…

07/05/2015 11:53:30

Cazwell releases his new single, with a video starring Amanda Lepore

He's gonna take you downtown...

07/05/2015 11:36:00

Stereo Kicks’ video for their debut single is out

The X Factor boy band are set for success...

06/05/2015 16:09:38

Mika releases his new video

And it’s the only thing we want to talk about...

05/05/2015 13:25:15

Listen to Britney and Iggy’s new single Pretty Girls

And they’re feeling mighty fancy...

05/05/2015 13:06:20

Florence + the Machine takes to the stage again

The singer's spellbinding set on Jools Holland

01/05/2015 12:50:29

Taylor Jones’ new video is out

And he looks mighty fine in it...

01/05/2015 11:58:19

Who will be the new X Factor judges?

Bookies predict that there could be a new Louis…

01/05/2015 11:44:19

Le Grind are back with a bang

The second track from the pop trio is set to hit the decks very soon

29/04/2015 11:56:20

New track from Miss Fame

Rubber Doll will be from the Drag Race star's debut album...

29/04/2015 10:10:55

Jessie J’s new video has dropped

And it’s got unseen Pitch Perfect 2 footage in…

24/04/2015 17:34:33

New Ariana Grande is nearly upon us

One Last Time is set for release in June

24/04/2015 13:27:14

We’ve got more British Summer Time Hyde Park news

Just when you thought this event couldn’t get any better…

23/04/2015 11:14:22

Ricky Martin isn’t Livin La Vida Loca anymore

And he’s recruited Pitbull for his recent track

23/04/2015 10:38:45

Josh Groban opens up on his new 'honorary gay' status

Do calm down, dears. It’s not what you think…

22/04/2015 15:04:53

Mary Lambert’s coming out

Not literally – she already did that…

22/04/2015 14:54:08

Morrissey backs Madonna as ageism row continues

Getting older just got cool…

22/04/2015 12:12:05

Hozier joins the equality fight

The singer is the latest addition to the Straight Up For Equality campaign

22/04/2015 11:31:41

Brian May and Kerry Ellis release new track One Voice

"…this is the sound of one voice…."

21/04/2015 13:14:54

Will Young’s gone a bit Greek

And no, he hasn’t got a new Mediterranean boyfriend…

21/04/2015 12:47:14

Career change in the works for Zayn?

We thought you broke our hearts to become a ‘normal 22-year-old…’

21/04/2015 11:10:43

Harry and Liam get behind Trekstock’s new platform

Now you can be charitable and look at pretty boys

20/04/2015 16:07:30

Stereo Kicks are back in ‘biz

Love Me So is the debut single for Britain’s hottest new boyband

20/04/2015 10:59:38

New Sofia track to be big dance floor hit…

Free Soundcloud download

17/04/2015 15:39:03

DJ Sagi Kariv remixes All of It But Me

Exclusive free download of The Young Professionals track...

16/04/2015 16:13:01

Years & Years and Mika added to British Summer Time

They're joining Kylie at London's biggest party of the summer...

14/04/2015 12:29:46

Carly Rae Jepson goes full out on Saturday Night Live

She’s totally All That

14/04/2015 11:31:37

Drake and Madonna get steamy

Like a Virgin? Maybe not…

13/04/2015 14:03:22

B-52’s Kate Pierson to debut solo album

A poetic love letter to the power of transformation

10/04/2015 16:48:39

Mika releases video for Last Party track

No Place Like Heaven...

10/04/2015 16:26:45

Drag favourite La Voix releases new big band tracks

Don't rain on her parade...

10/04/2015 14:50:40

New Madonna video released

Ghosttown is here…

08/04/2015 18:44:09

DJ Sagi Kariv remixes All of It But Me

Exclusive first listen…

08/04/2015 15:57:39

Could Sheppard be the UK's next big Aussie import? 

Watch this space...

08/04/2015 12:41:38

Mika announces new No Place In Heaven album to be released in June 

Singer's latest work will be first since 2012….

07/04/2015 13:07:39

Manila Luzon serves granny realness

New video leads positive body message…

02/04/2015 16:50:16

Into The Pop Void

Oh, I love that song...

02/04/2015 15:07:08

Zwerg releases dance-pop/rock track with LGBT themes

Unifying the different sides of yourself…

02/04/2015 14:43:56

Pro-gay reggae singer launches video against hatred

Mista Majah P talks tough on homophobia

02/04/2015 14:32:16

To Russia with love

Eurovision act welcome but expect difficult reception says new host

02/04/2015 13:37:08

Keep on Movin’: the Five boys are back

New tour, gay fans and hideous 90’s clothes…

02/04/2015 13:30:50

Caught in the act: close and personal with Courtney Act

Spice Girls, new album and Drag Race s7...

01/04/2015 17:06:08

Boy In a Band release new video supporting difficult reactions youth have to coming out

Understanding your sexuality

31/03/2015 15:50:37

Gay rapper creates Grindr themed track to fight back against Indiana Governor

"Mike’s probably on Grindr…."

31/03/2015 12:46:32

Will Young shines bright in new music video

Singer starts a Love Revolution

31/03/2015 10:58:17

Listen to Zayn Malik's first solo single

"Let the music do the talking..."

31/03/2015 10:30:04

X Factor's Johnny Robinson is back

…and he's got an interesting new look

30/03/2015 18:25:29

Taylor Swift played guitar with Madonna

And, yes, it was one of the best things we’ve seen.

30/03/2015 12:26:47

Britney Spears Named the Best in Vegas


30/03/2015 11:49:22

Daphne And Celeste are Back! FOR REAL!

They’ve all grown up…

30/03/2015 11:07:16

REVIEW: Hugh Maynard album launch

Something Inside So Strong…

30/03/2015 10:26:17

Alexandra Burke is back!

And better than ever!

27/03/2015 17:44:23

Jake Quickenden will be ‘Laid Bare’ 

Rising Star Jake is the 2015 Hottie to Watch.

27/03/2015 16:41:44

Seeing Sam Smith Live Blew our Socks Off

What. A. Babe.

27/03/2015 14:45:24

We can't get enough of Will Young's new single

He's now got Instagram too!

27/03/2015 12:58:46

Shayne Ward's new video is glorious

Apparently he's not a fan of clothes...

27/03/2015 11:24:05

Rihanna's new single has landed

She's back with a bite

26/03/2015 17:37:26

The new FKA Twigs video will blow your mind

It's raunchy. Very raunchy.

24/03/2015 17:43:33

Brandon Flowers is back with a new single, album and tour!

The hottest guy in indie-rock returns...

24/03/2015 16:26:30

Tributes pour in for Lil' Chris

The star has passed away at just 24-years-old...

24/03/2015 15:12:03

Justin Bieber, Union J and McBusted to play at Fusion Festival

Boys, pack your tents...

24/03/2015 10:42:51

MNEK, Charli XCX and Smith Siblings confirmed for Wireless Festival


23/03/2015 16:01:06

Rapper Andre Xcellence releases Game of Thrones themed track

A royally good song featuring Courtney Act…

20/03/2015 17:41:08

Rihanna releases tracks from new animated film Home

Pop star will have you Dancing in The Dark.

20/03/2015 16:24:33

Review: Convergence Festival week one

"Innovative electronic festival celebrates the unison of art, music and technology."

18/03/2015 15:22:47

London Gay Symphonic Winds to stage concert for your inner geek

Geek-alicious evening of music planned to help you let it go…

18/03/2015 12:54:00

Bryan Hawn takes on Kelly Clarkson's Invincible

Flesh, flesh and a little more flesh....

18/03/2015 11:55:57

Listen to Ricky Martin's new single Mr Put It Down

...and yes, of course it features Pitbull...

16/03/2015 15:48:10

Madonna's Rebel Heart ISN'T the UK's number one album

The Queen of Pop has been denied...

16/03/2015 15:19:31

Check out Jack Savoretti's new video

Sadness rarely sounds as good…

13/03/2015 16:50:54

Go behind the scenes with Tom Hanks on new Carly Rae Jepsen video

Jepsen, Hanks and even Bieber...

13/03/2015 11:30:19

Madonna performs Living For Love remix

Iconic star appears on French TV special

11/03/2015 10:06:47

Bette Midler sings Kim Kardashian's Tweets

Yet another reason to love The Divine…

11/03/2015 09:56:42

Check out this exclusive session from LGBT singer Brandi Carlile

2015 is shaping up to be Brandi's year...

10/03/2015 15:01:27

Watch Adore Delano 'Jump The Gun'

An exclusive first look of the Drag Race star's new video

10/03/2015 10:47:07

Is Catriona Murray opera's next big superstar?

Check out our interview with the singing sensation...

06/03/2015 15:09:39

The Janoskians get naked!

Australian YouTubers show us what they've got down under...

04/03/2015 16:23:29

New Dannii Minogue track

The summer of love is coming…

03/03/2015 12:04:25

Singer Paul Middleton donates album profits to cancer charity

YouTube favourite helps fight killer disease…

27/02/2015 16:16:34

Uncle Frank release track from debut album

We've got that Flashdance sorta feeling…

27/02/2015 14:02:51

Madonna V Cape. She's not the first to fall..

We look through last nights fall and other music tumbles…

26/02/2015 16:09:55

Performance highlights from the Brit Awards 2015

All our favourites from last night's show..

26/02/2015 13:28:17

All of the winners from the Brit Awards 2015

All the gossip from the biggest night in British music…

26/02/2015 12:59:28

Cyndi Lauper to be inducted in Songwriters’ Hall of Fame

A Night to Remember for music royalty

25/02/2015 15:17:19

Stine Bramsen debut solo track revealed

Former Alphabeat singer releases new dance song…

25/02/2015 12:25:15

Sam Smith tour support act revealed

“Few artists I'd be happier to be sharing the stage with…”

25/02/2015 11:17:23

Christina channels her inner Britney on The Tonight Show

Oh baby, baby...

24/02/2015 17:41:40

Marina and the Diamonds release acoustic video for I’m A Ruin

Marina sparkles in new video

24/02/2015 16:15:35

The Brits are coming!

So to celebrate, we look back at some of our favourite Brits moments...

24/02/2015 16:12:57

New single and video from The Young Professionals

Hot AND talented. What's not to love?

24/02/2015 16:07:48

New Take That video!

It's alright to call them DILFs, right?

23/02/2015 17:45:29

Nick Jonas to address Oxford Union

The year of Jonas continues...

23/02/2015 16:08:14

X Factor finalist lands a record deal

Our favourite Italian pug enthusiast is ready to take on the world!

23/02/2015 15:47:14

Italian YouTuber's cover of Love Me Like You Do

Fifty shades of cuteness

23/02/2015 12:34:20

Review: Rebel Heart by Madonna

The most in-depth full review of the new album

22/02/2015 23:59:03

Revisiting… MDNA by Madonna

Could William Orbit strike twice?

22/02/2015 08:43:03

Revisiting… Hard Candy by Madonna

A bitter pill to swallow?

21/02/2015 18:52:42

Revisiting… Confessions on a Dancefloor by Madonna

The Queen commands you to dance once more

21/02/2015 09:38:45

Review: FKA Twigs at London's Camden Roundhouse

…the most relevant artist of our generation...

20/02/2015 18:20:06

Reasons why Sam Smith's gonna clean up at the Brits

He's up for another five awards, don'tcha know?

20/02/2015 18:03:11

Revisiting… American Life by Madonna

Her most personal album yet?

20/02/2015 14:20:33

Madonna blocks a Scottish wrestler from using one of her hit tracks

It’s TNA vs the Queen of Pop

20/02/2015 12:35:40

Dannii Minogue is getting set for a comeback


20/02/2015 12:07:39

Revisiting… Music by Madonna

Madonna makes the people come together

20/02/2015 11:01:38

Check out Markus Feehily's debut solo single

A surprising turn from the ex-Westlife singer...

19/02/2015 16:59:15

Revisiting… Ray of Light by Madonna

Madonna reclaims her crown once more

19/02/2015 14:40:39

Steamy new video from Josef Salvat

To accompany his next single Hustler...

19/02/2015 13:20:04

Shayne Ward's hot new... track

Check out this remix of his new single

19/02/2015 11:20:36

Revisiting… Bedtime Stories by Madonna

But will the story put you to sleep?

19/02/2015 10:29:16

Revisiting… Erotica by Madonna

She’ll teach you how to...

18/02/2015 12:10:47

Revisiting… I’m Breathless by Madonna

Madonna and Sondheim...

18/02/2015 08:46:46

Revisiting… Like a Prayer by Madonna

The greatest Madonna album ever…?

17/02/2015 13:15:46

Iggy Pop talks being a rockstar

Well, did you evah!

17/02/2015 10:34:13

Revisiting… True Blue by Madonna

Madonna-mania grips the world…

17/02/2015 09:41:27

Revisiting… Like a Virgin by Madonna

The big time beckons…

16/02/2015 15:36:52

Revisiting… Madonna by Madonna

Otherwise known as The First Album…

16/02/2015 12:06:14

Debbie Harry talks being a rockstar

Well, did you evah!

16/02/2015 11:29:17

Alice & The Lovers release debut single

Valentine is the perfect soundtrack to your romantic weekend…

13/02/2015 18:13:09

New Taylor Swift music video released

She's at it again! Video released for her new single Style…

13/02/2015 16:07:46

Pop icon Steve Strange dies aged 55

Visage lead singer suffers heart attack

13/02/2015 11:30:02

What's next for Fleur East?

X Factor star reveals all to GT in an exclusive interview...

13/02/2015 11:11:04

EXCLUSIVE: Bonnie Tyler had an out of body experience

The icon reveals all in the new GT.

13/02/2015 10:46:19

Texas confirmed to play Manchester Pride

...grab tickets while you can!

12/02/2015 17:47:29

We can’t stop watching Sergei Polunin

Ballet rebel dances to Hozier hit

11/02/2015 16:13:47

Gwen Stefani debuts new song

...and it’s co-written by Sia

11/02/2015 15:22:59

Is Calvin Harris a fan of AHS:Coven?

...well who isn’t?

11/02/2015 14:58:12

New Spice Girls songs!

Well, new-ish…

11/02/2015 14:28:02

Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest

And here's who we want to see represent...

11/02/2015 14:20:27

Sam Smith: "My next boyfriend can polish my Grammys."

The star jokes with Ellen DeGeneres...

11/02/2015 11:12:31

Review: Collabro at the London Palladium

"Quite simply, out of this world..."

10/02/2015 16:02:50

Madonna will be talking to fans on Grindr

Yes, you read that right...

10/02/2015 15:44:49

Sam Smith cleans up at the Grammys

...and thanks his ex-boyfriend for breaking his heart.

09/02/2015 12:53:23

Kelly Clarkson's new video features gay marriage

Her new video Heartbeat shows the love.

06/02/2015 16:56:23

Sam Smith releases new video

Breath-taking video for Lay Me Down.

05/02/2015 11:51:27

Every shade of Blue

Boyband release video from new album.

05/02/2015 11:34:36

Cheryl – She's Only Human

Watch the pop queen’s video from her fourth album

04/02/2015 15:23:31

Fifth Harmony's debut album hits number one on US iTunes

Simon Cowell's American protégés are doing him proud…

03/02/2015 17:28:47

RuPaul releases new album

Get ready to gag on these queens

03/02/2015 14:02:48

Bonnie Tyler gig in London? Here's why you need to go


03/02/2015 11:03:04

The Queen of Pop IS gonna be visiting her beloved Brits

Madonna has self-confirmed she'll be performing at this year's Brit Awards...

03/02/2015 10:12:57

The best Super Bowl half-time performances OF ALL TIME.

And yes, we ARE including the Katy Perry one...

02/02/2015 18:18:51

Giorgio Moroder unveils new video for his single with Kylie

A kaleidoscopic Kylie lends her vocals to the Disco King…

02/02/2015 14:37:39

Haters gonna hate, Katy Perry absolutely owned the Super Bowl

She was living the Teenage Dream, obviously...

02/02/2015 14:05:35

REVIEW: Jessie J at Eventim Apollo

We took our bang bang along to see the sweet talker live…

30/01/2015 16:29:25

Clear your summer plans

New Look Wireless 2015 dates and line-up has arrived…

30/01/2015 15:26:33

Sam Smith has opened up about being a victim of homophobia

Even chart-topping megastars face prejudice...

30/01/2015 11:21:34

More details have been announced about Adam Lambert’s upcoming album

New stuff coming from the man with the voice – and the face – of an angel…

29/01/2015 16:56:31

Well the Grammys just got a whole lot more interesting

If that was at all possible

29/01/2015 15:31:17

Calvin Harris' new single named Pray to God

And here in the office, we're doing exactly that. But for a whole other reason…

29/01/2015 15:04:35

It's Katy Perry dance time

Cos, y'know, when isn't the time for that…

29/01/2015 13:09:20

Tay-Tay's on the trademark hype

We want to party like it's 1989 though…

29/01/2015 12:32:51

Have a listen of the first track from Rebecca Ferguson’s new Billie Holiday album

The first track has landed [cheers]

29/01/2015 10:46:15

Sam Smith: “I still struggle to be comfortable with myself”

The Stay With Me singer on romance and role models

28/01/2015 17:10:09

X Factor star Stevi Ritchie says he was “overwhelmed with emotion” when meeting Simon Cowell

Working with the music mogul was a dream come true for the singer…

28/01/2015 12:12:47

T-Swift has the official stamp of approval

Reigning pop queen Madonna is a huge fan

28/01/2015 11:59:24

Step into the arena. It's battle time

Aussie Princess vs. Jamaican Queen. Ready, set, sing!

27/01/2015 11:03:51

Michelle Visage releases new single!

...with someone called RuPaul?

27/01/2015 11:01:32

Nick Jonas on crotch grabbing, playing gay and celebrity friends

This Jonas brother isn't at Camp Rock anymore…

27/01/2015 10:53:03

Message from the mothership

Kylie: “Your disco needs YOU!”

26/01/2015 16:11:09

You're not so hot yourself Howie

The America’s Got Talent judge has allegedly hit out against Sam Smith

26/01/2015 12:54:31

The first of The Wanted is going solo

Nathan Sykes talks to Hunger TV about his solo career and what we can expect…

26/01/2015 12:03:12

Shut up and listen. Rihanna's dropped new music

It's only taken her two flamin' years…

26/01/2015 11:27:58

Cue the screams! Kylie's a headliner

Hopefully she'll bring the weather with her…

26/01/2015 10:47:04

Is Jared Leto both King and Queen?

We’re secretly hoping for this to be true…

23/01/2015 13:44:06

Manila Luzon’s got something hot in her kitchen

...and we don’t mean in the oven

23/01/2015 11:40:02

All rise – Blue are back!

Soz for the pun but we’re pretty excited…

21/01/2015 15:57:27

OK, that new Kylie track we teased yesterday has been released..

Check it out Right Here, Right Now!

21/01/2015 15:24:12

Charli XCX & Rita Ora release a trendily trashy new music video

feat stripper policeman, leopard print speedos, and huge plastic earrings

21/01/2015 10:21:49

New track from trans bombshell Dina Delicious!

Tick Tick Trick is our new mantra...

20/01/2015 11:21:23

Kylie to feature on new Girogio Moroder track!

Right Here, Right Now will be... right here on 30 January...

20/01/2015 10:45:41

Meghan Trainor is all about that UK tour... (sorry)

Get your lips movin’…

19/01/2015 12:21:49

Lady GaGa back in the studio with Poker Face producer

Queue 'RedOneeeee' at the start of her next single

16/01/2015 15:30:42

Adam Lambert announces new album with Warner Bros.

With Max Martin and Shellback on board, we're pretty damn excited.

16/01/2015 13:57:36

Is Madonna set to perform at this year’s BRIT Awards?

Send everyone else home. Mother has returned.

16/01/2015 13:06:38

Who’s looking to win big at this year’s BRIT Awards?

Clue: It’s Sam Smith…

16/01/2015 12:18:40

Mariah Carey announces Las Vegas residency!

The legendary diva will be filling in for Celine Dion.

15/01/2015 12:34:52

Guess which Britney song has turned 11-years-old?

This is DEFINITELY gonna make you feel old

14/01/2015 17:00:06

Fall Out Boy announce UK arena tour

The band hit the road with new album American Beauty/American Psycho

14/01/2015 15:08:20

George Ezra, Paloma Faith join Sam Smith at BRIT Awards

Now we're just waiting for Beyoncé...

14/01/2015 11:13:27

Rebecca Ferguson to reinterpret Billie Holiday’s Lady Sings the Blues

Get ready to drown in a sea of honey tones as Rebecca puts her spin on Billie’s iconic album…

13/01/2015 15:15:32

Take That debut dapper new video for Kingsman: Secret Service

We'll be of service to you any day boys

13/01/2015 13:58:55

Bright Light Bright Light unveils new music video

Is there a better way to usher in 2015?

13/01/2015 12:10:21

Kelly Clarkson is back with corking new track Heartbeat Song

The American Idol is ready to reclaim her rightful place at the top of the charts

12/01/2015 17:55:52

X Factor runner up Fleur East has been signed to SyCo

Can we have Uptown Funk as a single please, Mr Cowell?

12/01/2015 13:12:55

Lauren Harries set to perform debut single in London

The inspirational transgender star is ready to launch her pop career...

12/01/2015 12:38:40

Sam Smith takes on Beyonce's Drunk In Love in the shower

Pitch perfect, but has Sam met his match or is he giving Beyonce a run for her money?

12/01/2015 11:35:41

Sia hits back at criticism towards the Elastic Heart video

The video has been described as 'disturbing' and 'paedophilia'

09/01/2015 12:48:33

Charli XCX premieres new single with Rita Ora

The two have created pop perfection

09/01/2015 12:29:36

Beth Ditto officially ties the knot with her partner

The couple married after same-sex marriage was legalised in Oregon

08/01/2015 16:14:19

Sia drops new video for Elastic Heart

It features none other than Shia LeBeouf

08/01/2015 12:35:30

A gay couple were refused entry to a pub by door staff

One of the men claim it was due to their sexuality

07/01/2015 14:01:48

Natasha Bedingfield is back with a new song

We didn't even notice she left...

07/01/2015 12:37:31

Gwen Stefani releases remixes for Baby Don't Lie

Don't lie, they're pretty amazing

07/01/2015 11:24:23

Adam Lambert opens up on working with Queen

"There's never going to be another, and I'm not replacing him."

06/01/2015 16:02:31

Queen and Adam Lambert rock New Years Eve

Adam Lambert proves he has just as much glitter and glam as Freddie Mercury

05/01/2015 13:54:48

Conchita Wurst is returning to Eurovision!

The reigning queen is going back to where it all began...

19/12/2014 16:43:43


The boys are going to show you what they’re made of…

19/12/2014 16:17:15

Fifth Harmony WERK in a stripped back BO$$

The girls are looking and sounding C-O-N-F-D-E-N-T…

19/12/2014 16:11:25

Denise Pearson hits the dancefloor

Five Star legend remixes solo material

18/12/2014 15:29:53

Dolly Parton sparkles on top

Our Dolly’s still got it…

18/12/2014 13:26:56

Congratulations are in order for Sam Smith – again

The singer has come out on top with record breaking album sales...

18/12/2014 12:07:52

McBusted lose their shirts and get wild in Get Over It

Can these boys ever stay clothed?

17/12/2014 13:56:07

Taylor Swift tops BRITs line-up

The line up is shaping up very nicely….

16/12/2014 16:32:19

Gay Italian YouTube star debuts first single

Expect a lot of sweet gay loving…

16/12/2014 14:26:11

Competition: Win VIP tickets to Bonnie Tyler in London

Bonnie also tells us what we can expect from her upcoming London gig...

15/12/2014 17:04:19

Sam Smith has a BOYFRIEND?

He sings about his broken heart, but has he broken the hearts of millions of fans?

15/12/2014 15:30:46

Alexa Goddard captivates in Sam Smith cover

With that voice we should really rename her Alexa Goddess…

15/12/2014 14:42:30

EVERYBODY GET UP: Five announce 2015 Tour 

The Five boys want to get Loud and Intimate with you...

15/12/2014 13:21:02

Taylor Swift fails to Shake It Off

Tay-Tay is the latest celeb to fail the After Eight Challenge...

12/12/2014 15:00:55

Sam Smith unveils new video for Like I Can

There’s no stopping the man with the angel voice...

12/12/2014 14:51:26

26 years later, Kylie and Jason’s Especially For You reaches a milestone

It’s a Christmas miracle

12/12/2014 12:10:00

Gaga and Tony Bennett re-create Winter Wonderland

”Tony, it’s snowing!”, sings Lady Gaga

12/12/2014 11:29:56

Perfume Genius Releases Music Video for ‘Fool’!

"I plume and I plume like a buffoon"

10/12/2014 16:56:10

Gay icon Jimmy Somerville returns with new album

The crusader for the gay community is back with a disco album, inspired by his teenage years

09/12/2014 17:09:09

Oxford boys cover All I Want For Christmas – and it's brilliant

Out of the blue are back

09/12/2014 10:34:24

Alaska's back with another message for us all

Nailed it.

09/12/2014 09:47:41

Check out The Saturdays’ new Christmas song

English-Irish female group The Saturdays have unveiled a new thumping, festive Christmas track

08/12/2014 17:26:26

Fifth Harmony make their UK TV debut!

The girl group blew us all away with their epic X Factor performance...

08/12/2014 12:04:36

Sam Smith breaks all-time Grammy nominee record

British artist outdoes all his predecessors

08/12/2014 11:49:32

VIDEO: Ella Henderson – Yours

Does this mean we don't have to hear Ghost again?

05/12/2014 10:44:04

Vengaboys release strangest ever Christmas song

Merry Christmas, guys…

04/12/2014 17:41:53

Lauren Harries releases first video

Big Brother and Wogan star tens to music

04/12/2014 16:29:54

Charli XCX releases new video for Breaking Up

The Boom Clap star is back, and obviously she's still brilliant...

02/12/2014 17:28:12

Review: Bonobo at London's Alexandra Palace

The cult-like producer plays his biggest show yet at the iconic city venue...

02/12/2014 16:59:23

You can now listen to the greatest Christmas song ever

This is your 1 December reminder

01/12/2014 10:17:44

Holly Johnson’s got a new astronomy inspired video

Frankie Goes to Hollywood front-man’s brand new single

28/11/2014 17:58:57

Adam Ant sends message of support to Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus

Chorus will perform a special arrangement of Ant’s hit song Prince Charming

28/11/2014 17:54:02

Marc Almond hits the tour trail with a new album

’Tainted Love’ superstar will be touring the country with brand new material

28/11/2014 17:52:14

Shayne Ward releases artwork for new album

The X-Factor winner/GT cover star, gears up for new album, Closer

28/11/2014 16:51:29

Fifth Harmony premiere Sledgehammer video

Lots of hair, silhouettes and dramatic gestures take centre stage in brand new video

27/11/2014 10:33:04

X Factor auditionee releases debut solo single!

Member of The Plastics goes out on his own

25/11/2014 09:49:51

X Factor’s Alejandro Fernandez Holt debut single..

A pop Christmas treat from last year’s X Factor fan favourite

24/11/2014 16:51:42

New Bright Light Bright Light single raising money for World AIDS Day

We chat to the gay electro-pop star about the battle for AIDS awareness...

24/11/2014 15:12:46

Take part in the largest sing-along ever in support of children's rights

Katy Perry, Idris Elba & Adam Lambert among others cover Lennon classic Imagine...

21/11/2014 17:02:37

Nick Jonas talks about growing up and his huge gay following

Our favourite Jonas has a special place in his heart for his gay fans...

21/11/2014 13:29:04

Ariana Grande proclaims GT the best magazine in the world!

Pint-sized superstar talks all things gay and her passion for equality in our new issue...

21/11/2014 13:13:59

Conchita Wurst is back with a real stomper

The Eurovision winner makes a solid pop hit that's ready for radio

21/11/2014 12:24:20

Iconic Alanis Morissette song geniusly reworked and reimagined for our generation

Alanis Morissette has nothing on our Harry Clayton-Wright...

18/11/2014 17:20:45

Have this girl group beaten Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas?

Fifth Harmony take on Mariah’s iconic Christmas anthem

18/11/2014 16:41:21

Welcome the new pop star in town: introducing Taylor Jones

Stop staring at the abs and give his new track a listen...

18/11/2014 15:54:44

Ariana Grande reveals tour details!

Pop phenomenon Ariana Grande set to take the UK by storm

17/11/2014 16:37:00

WATCH: Band Aid Thirty Video

Stars come out and join forces for Ebola charity single

17/11/2014 13:09:51

S CLub 7 announce reunion tour!

The S Club party is back!

17/11/2014 10:55:56

EXCLUSIVE: Bette Midler to tour UK

First UK tour in 35 years

17/11/2014 00:34:18

Review: Lykke Li at London's Eventim Apollo

Sadness has never sounded so good with the Swedish pop siren...

14/11/2014 17:55:01

Gay rapper debuts Hot Homo

And he's not short on opinions, either...

14/11/2014 17:45:10

Boy George CANCELS reunion tour

The show is off

14/11/2014 10:50:37

WATCH: Fergie returns with new video

She’s back, and she’s got a video with a drag queen in it.

13/11/2014 17:12:59

Conchita releases first single since Eurovision

But is it any good?

10/11/2014 14:49:10

PJ Brennan releases debut song

Frankmusik produced pop song lands

10/11/2014 13:30:34

X Factor: Week five round-up

Don’t stop them now

10/11/2014 12:04:12

Review: Sam Smith at London’s Eventin Apollo

The soul singer brings his In The Lonely Hour tour to the capital...

07/11/2014 12:41:03

Cary NoKey release video for American Dream

Cary NoKey are living the American dream...

06/11/2014 17:47:31

Adore Delano is back with new video My Address is Hollywood

Delano is taking Hollywood by storm...

06/11/2014 14:11:13

X Factor Week Four: Fright night

Double elimination week

04/11/2014 15:57:21

Sam Smith to sing next James Bond anthem?

Reports suggest Bond job in the bag

04/11/2014 15:52:01

X Factor Jack throws shade at mentor Mel B

X Factor Jack the lad has got strong words

03/11/2014 16:21:44

Gay and Straight Rappers Unite in a Music Video about Love

Heres a first for rap fans!

03/11/2014 13:18:25

Here’s the new Take That video

And then there were three…

31/10/2014 10:51:45

Celebrate Halloween with a Brand New Video from Erasure

See the video for Dead of Night right here...

30/10/2014 17:49:17

Sir Ian McKellen stars in George Ezra’s new video

The iconic gay actor joins George for Listen to the Man

30/10/2014 12:17:35

"London is full of weird, amazing people" – Norway's Ray Noir talks to GT

With Halloween on the horizon, we interview London’s most hellishly handsome scenester

29/10/2014 16:33:15

Watch: Tulisa serenaded by topless men in new video

Tulisa is back

29/10/2014 16:05:03

X Factor boys: Week three

Goodbye Jake

28/10/2014 12:05:23

First listen: Alison Moyet's got a new live album coming...

She's better than ever

27/10/2014 18:24:16

Listen: Bette Midler covers TLC's Waterfalls

Hear the extract from her forthcoming album

24/10/2014 12:21:21

S Club 7 and the 90s are back!

Seatwave reports 300% surge in popularity of 90s and noughties pop

23/10/2014 16:23:28

Culture Club comeback: have they still got it?

“We are Culture Club,” explained Boy George as he sashayed on to the Heaven stage to rapturous applause

23/10/2014 11:29:41

BREAKING: Gwen Stefani still looks amazing

...and sounds amazing too.

21/10/2014 17:43:30

X Factor live Shows: Week 2

The boys go back to the 80s

21/10/2014 11:05:46

S Club 7 reunion "is definitely on"

Band join Twitter ahead of rumoured reunion

20/10/2014 14:46:44

Sir Ian McKellen to star in George Ezra's video

Actor to join young singer in new video

20/10/2014 12:09:51

Listen to Kylie's new single

Aussie star teams up with duo

17/10/2014 15:12:27

What would Alexa Goddard do if she became a kangaroo?

Roc Nation's latest signing speaks to GT

14/10/2014 17:48:11

Ella Henderson on cocktails, Cher and fancying Channing Tatum

"If I’m having a cocktail evening with my friends, we’ll probably try the whole menu…"

14/10/2014 11:10:32

Jessie J busking in Camden?

Jessie J returns to her roots

07/10/2014 14:08:50

Nicole Scherzinger releases dramatic new single

What a voice

03/10/2014 12:15:18

Lady Gaga duets on Bang Bang

Gaga and Tony Bennett duet

02/10/2014 16:27:50

Lulu to return!

Singer to embark on national tour in 2015

02/10/2014 14:30:53

Review: Kylie at the O2

GT goes along to her Kiss Me Once tour

30/09/2014 10:57:04

We chatted with Tokyo Diiva, and she's so Wimbledon

Rich White Ladies singer on her new anthem

29/09/2014 15:37:02

Adore Delano & Alaska Thunderfuck Unite

It's Team Adoredelaska

26/09/2014 14:10:30

Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” Outtakes! Warning! May Include Some Serious Twerking!

Taylor Swift shows us The Twerkers and teaches us how to Finger Tut in this Outtakes video for her new single Shake it...

25/09/2014 17:00:56

Four New Kylie Tracks Available For Free Download!

Kylie was sensational as she ruled the stage in Liverpool for her Kiss Me Once tour.

25/09/2014 12:07:23

Exclusive; The Penelopes remix of The Ting Tings new single ‘Do It Again’

Ting Tings back with brill new content

25/09/2014 10:43:04

Bette Midler is BACK!

Legendary singer, songwriter and actress returns after eight year gap

23/09/2014 16:30:13

Ricky Martin back with new single

Latino singer releases Adios

23/09/2014 11:06:35

Queen brings Freddie back

The late singer features in the brand new Queen Forever album

19/09/2014 12:35:37

Kelly Osbourne stars in Double Duchess’ latest video

The threesome get their freak on in Good Girl Freak Out

18/09/2014 17:58:41

Annie Lennox launches live video

The legendary singer releases her video performance for I Put A Spell on You

18/09/2014 12:42:18

Xelle break a sweat with end-of-summer power anthem Sweat

Their ultra camp video should definitely be on your 'to watch' list

18/09/2014 10:59:33

Exclusive: Hot newcomer Bianca speaks to GT

The new girl on the block talks about her smoking debut single Step It Up, ex-girl band Parade and working with some of...

17/09/2014 16:00:41

Listen: Nick Jonas releases new music video

The singer drops his new track Jealous on his 22nd birthday

17/09/2014 15:47:57

Brolin releases new single Swim Deep

The track features a gay and lesbian couple and will definitely bring a smile to your face…

17/09/2014 12:09:57

B*Witched are back with Champagne or Guinness

The Irish four-piece announce their first ever EP

16/09/2014 16:46:22

Nick Grimshaw releases The Nixtape

The Radio 1 presenter launches his first compilation album

15/09/2014 17:06:50

Listen: Pride the album

The soundtrack from the motion picture is out today

15/09/2014 15:10:27

EXCLUSIVE: Hear the new Erasure album

Stream The Violet Flame in full now

15/09/2014 13:58:38

Listen: West End stars The 4Tunes at London's Hippodrome

Stunning male vocalists performing at the Hippodrome tonight...

11/09/2014 14:24:24

Review: SOHN and Sam Smith at London's iTunes Festival

One of the greatest sounds of 2014

10/09/2014 11:54:57

Directioners, go mad: 1D announce new album!

Five things we know so far, five gorgeous pics of the boys

09/09/2014 12:12:56

Candi Staton plays The Jazz Café

The voice of soul performs in London tonight

08/09/2014 17:08:10

Review: Kiesza and Calvin Harris at London’s iTunes Festival

The future of pop joins the master of dance at Camden’s Roundhouse…

08/09/2014 15:17:53

Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour tour announces new UK dates

Eight new UK gigs announced for March 2015

08/09/2014 14:37:25

Listen: The Vamps premiere video for Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)

The fresh-faced British foursome are bracing themselves for another success…

08/09/2014 13:21:47

Listen: Bright Light Bright Light's new remix of An Open Heart

BLBL has taken time out from supporting Elton John to give us this exclusive remix...

05/09/2014 14:08:06

Review: The 2 Bears at London's Electrowerkz

Taking over Electrowerkz with Sink The Pink...

04/09/2014 17:22:50

Review: The Pierces

Launch their new album Creation with an indie acoustic pop set

02/09/2014 14:17:02

Review: deadmau5 at iTunes Festival

The Canadian EDM giant opens this year's festival in a MASSIVE way...

02/09/2014 11:53:29

The best of Kate Bush (part 1)

We round-up the queen of comeback's top songs

01/09/2014 14:18:05

Ameriie talks vibrations, languages and the music business

New single What I Want now available to download

01/09/2014 13:41:49

Ameriie talks vibrations, languages and the music business

New single What I Want now available to download

01/09/2014 13:41:49

GT's Top Picks of the iTunes Festival

Applying for tickets at the iTunes Festival this September? Here’s what you could win…

01/09/2014 13:31:00

Rufus Wainwright to perform at BBC Proms

Wainwright to appear at Royal Albert Hall

28/08/2014 12:17:59

Cheek To Cheek with a legend

Lady Gaga has teamed up with the iconic Tony Bennett to create an odd, yet surprisingly fab album…

27/08/2014 10:57:41



27/08/2014 08:20:19

Charli XCX, Break The Rules

"Living out my weird fantasy of what prom would be like in my head…"

26/08/2014 14:14:13

If you hadn't heard, Kate Bush is touring...

Savage Garden's Darren Hayes tells us why he'd fly to the moon and back to see Kate in concert...

26/08/2014 13:50:17

Double-whammy comeback for Prince

The sex-soaked royal who gave us Purple Rain releases two albums at once…

26/08/2014 13:48:58

Review: Wilderness Festival 2014

London Grammar and Metronomy... “It just doesn’t get much better than this."

26/08/2014 11:13:05

The Rise of London Soul

We caught up with Kimberly Anne, the next best thing on the London scene.

22/08/2014 18:04:13

Jessie J’s back with a Bang Bang

Iconic pop princess Jessie J releases her latest album, Sweet Talker, in October…

22/08/2014 14:30:47

A Grande welcome for Ariana

Devastatingly pretty Ariana Grande is set for an explosive journey

22/08/2014 11:15:34

Review: Duke Dumont at London's Oslo

A*M*E, MNEK, Jax Jones and the whole gang tear up Hackney Central...

21/08/2014 17:33:18

Review: Aussie talent rock The Barfly

Sheppard herd in their Camden flock.

21/08/2014 11:12:19

Meet the Aus pop group who knocked Pharrell off the top spot

They’ve flown in from Australia just for you…

20/08/2014 15:46:02

Review: Laura Mvula at BBC Proms

The striking soul singer performs at the Royal Albert Hall

20/08/2014 15:21:52

Tony goes Gaga... for Gaga!

Their new jazz album is *almost* ready!

20/08/2014 10:31:45

B*Witched are Back Baby!

Yep grab your copy of C'est La Vie, it's time to dance!

20/08/2014 10:07:50

It's the Small stuff that matters...

We catch up with Heather Small following her V Fest performance...

20/08/2014 09:55:49

Get your tapping cups ready, Taylor Swift is back.

Pop superstar Taylor Swift returns with her “favourite album yet,” 1989.

19/08/2014 10:50:40

Pop queen Mariah Carey is back

...after eight quiet years without a world tour

18/08/2014 16:46:00

EXCLUSIVE: Unreleased Kylie Minogue remix

And it’s only her gayest song ever too

15/08/2014 15:30:21

Iggy proves she’s a real bad bitch!

Music video for Black Widow gets all kinds of nasty...

14/08/2014 11:36:30

All aboard the Ariana Grande spaceship!

Fellow geeks assemble! Ariana’s new single is going intergalactic…

13/08/2014 17:29:59

Our old friend Macklemore is back! Have a watch...

The American rapper returns, featuring on Fences new single Arrows…

13/08/2014 15:33:16

Hilary Duff releases *another* new single

Everyone’s favourite teen star is here to stay...

13/08/2014 11:18:40

Sam Morris records solo singles

The X Factor hopeful is back on the scene…

12/08/2014 17:49:10

We love Alexa Goddard!

She's recently been signed by Jay Z - prepare for big things...

12/08/2014 12:20:01

Hop on board the No 19 Spice Bus!

London party crew Push The Button are celebrating the Spice Girls' 18th anniversary...

08/08/2014 10:47:52

Review: Opal Onyx, Delta Sands

It’s nearly the end of the week, we’ll help you relax...

07/08/2014 13:01:40

Five things we learned about FKA Twigs at her London gig

The songstress extraordinaire played a capacity crowd at Heaven nightclub...

06/08/2014 17:39:07

Gay rapper announces third album

NYC’s devilishly good looking Cazwell is set for another great record...

06/08/2014 14:52:33

Clean Bandit's Summer Playlist

We asked Neil what songs he’s listening on the tour bus…

06/08/2014 13:51:21

Sam Smith and Disclosure rock the US!

In case you missed it: out singer Sam Smith performs with Disclosure on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

05/08/2014 17:52:06

Get your summer groove on with Ocean Beach Ibiza's album

House legend Kenny Dope looks ready, are you?

05/08/2014 13:04:19

Kingsland Road: "We've all kissed each other!"

Ever wanted to WIN a signed copy of the Kingsland mag? Check out their interview!

05/08/2014 11:36:14

O-Town have announced their comeback album will be delayed... somewhat differently

Boyband O-Town have, urm, done a "Nicki"...

04/08/2014 12:03:08

Sam Smith's new video!

Is this Sam’s most star studded video to date?

01/08/2014 12:01:03

WATCH: Nick Jonas gets tied up in sexy new video

This Jonas Brother is all grown up...

31/07/2014 10:12:17

Exclusive: New Asbjørn track gets steamy!

Prepare for the latest music out of our EU cousins in the Denmark...

31/07/2014 10:09:40

LISTEN: Lady Gaga to release jazz album

Teamed with the jazz legend Tony Bennett, you'll go Gaga for this...

30/07/2014 11:07:05

Hilary Duff is back!

Life’s a beach for the original Disney diva…

29/07/2014 17:20:26

LISTEN: Star trio drop new track “Bang Bang”

What do you get when you mix Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj?

29/07/2014 15:59:59

Interview: Pixie Lott

We ask everything you’ve been dying to know about her boyfriend, Lay Me Down, and the new album…

29/07/2014 10:59:55

WATCH: Losing You by Jane Badler

Need some alternative music in your life? We’ve got it covered…

24/07/2014 17:03:08

Rixton announce UK Tour

Straight to number 1 in the charts and now a tour? Oh Rixton you spoil us!

24/07/2014 10:55:07

Hilary Duff signed to RCA Records

This is not a drill. Everyone’s favourite childhood-star-come-gay-activist is BACK...

23/07/2014 16:05:36

WATCH: Indie-rock’s Brett Gleason releases music video

Probably one of our favourite Brooklyn-based gay indie artists… yes, we have a few…

23/07/2014 14:12:01

INTERVIEW: Mozart’s Sister

”I like kissing people of both genders. But you know, I also really like dick.”

22/07/2014 16:17:41

Exclusive: Cahill remixes the new single from Union J

We've got a special version of Tonight (We Live Forever) especially for you lot...

21/07/2014 14:20:20

Kylie and Sam Smith to headline iTunes

Stars coming to Camden

21/07/2014 13:42:10

REVIEW: Franz Ferdinand at Somerset House

Ten years on and Franz Ferdinand still rule the roost when it comes to no-nonsense guitar pop...

18/07/2014 15:39:19

Delay no longer: Delay Saints are here

Here at GT Towers we’re loving these two new boys on the block

18/07/2014 10:49:35

All bets off on S Club reunion!

Ain't no reunion party like an S Club reunion party

17/07/2014 14:42:54

The Lovebox Finale!

What's going to happen when Lovebox finishes on Saturday? Why, we all keep dancing, of course...

16/07/2014 14:29:26

WATCH: El Born rock the alternative vibe

Alternative group El Born give us a spring in our step!

16/07/2014 10:51:27

Interview: Pop starlet Vita Chambers spills the beans!

GT chats to Canadian pop star Vita Chambers on all things Barbados, Bieber and what's bad about the music industry...

16/07/2014 10:42:01

Our Top Five Artists at Lovebox Festival

Move over Phil Collins…M.I.A is Hounslow’s finest musical export now

15/07/2014 18:08:49

Collabro's Jamie Lambert reveals he is gay

"I think it's really important that all gay people in the public eye just talk about it," said the Britian's Got Talent...

15/07/2014 10:12:52

WATCH: Laganja Estranja’s grabbing meat!

This tongue-in-cheek BBQ is our kind of party

11/07/2014 13:16:01

Review: Robbie Williams at The o2

Robbie swings both ways with GT

10/07/2014 11:03:29

Review: Mari Wilson at London's Crazy Coqs

She was just what we always wanted...

09/07/2014 14:34:17

Kelly Rowland wants YOU in her latest video

Move over Beyonce... it's our time to shine...

08/07/2014 16:01:15

Uplifting equality anthem from the brothers off of Good Charlotte, anyone?

It's raining outside GT Towers, so how about some soulful tunes to wipe away the blues?

08/07/2014 15:18:31

Jakwob and George the Poet team up to encourage YOU to stand up for your rights

The Which? campaign wants to help make your voice heard...

08/07/2014 12:14:32

The Wet Secrets enjoy the Nightlife

Did someone raid the Rocky Horror costume department?

07/07/2014 14:47:05

Review: Arcade Fire at London's Hyde Park

The band headlined the first night of the British Summer Time concert series...

04/07/2014 17:48:34

George Michael is Feeling Good

A new single and vinyl album? You spoil us George!

02/07/2014 16:09:49

Party hard with Adore Delano

Adore looks positively fierce in her new music video…

01/07/2014 15:14:29

Marcus Collins announces solo UK tour

GT has all the info you need X Factor hottie Marcus’ new tour.

30/06/2014 17:12:52

Demi Lovato really doesn't care

Demi Lovato got it on at LA Pride

30/06/2014 14:29:12

Listen: GT’s top five Lily Allen songs

GT rounds up our favourite of Lily's hits…

27/06/2014 14:25:19

Mid-Week Shuffle

We put the GT iPod on shuffle to see what it has in store for us this week.

25/06/2014 13:25:20

John Barrowman announces 2015 tour dates

Four years since he last travelled the nation, John Barrowman is touring again…

24/06/2014 16:47:47

Watch: The Wanted's Nathan Sykes calls all hearts

Check out the heartthrob's surprise collab with Jessie J...

23/06/2014 17:27:04

New Music Monday, feat Charli XCX, Alex Clare and Duck Sauce

Another Monday means another five songs we can't get enough of...

23/06/2014 12:37:59

Watch: Queen and Adam Lambert take on Somebody to Love

Check out last night's rousing performance of the iconic hit...

20/06/2014 13:11:28

Interview: 70s soul legend Gwen Dickey, former lead singer of Rose Royce

We caught up with Gwen Dickey, the voice behind the smash hit Car Wash, ahead of her Camden Jazz Café gig…

19/06/2014 10:25:47

Why Adore Delano is here to save gay pop music

We look at why an album from a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race should be an essential on your 2014 party playlist...

18/06/2014 19:59:59

Why Adore Delano is here to save gay pop music

We look at why an album from a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race should be an essential on your 2014 party playlist...

18/06/2014 19:59:59

GT's X Factor Gold – warning, this is distracting

With this year’s X Factor auditions already underway, we take a look at some past wannabe’s efforts…

18/06/2014 13:20:32

Interview: X Factor's Janet Devlin

GT chatted to singer-songwriter Janet Devlin on the release of her first album…

17/06/2014 16:49:52

Queen announce release of rare live album after 40 year wait

An unreleased Queen recording is seeing the light of day after 40 years consigned to the archives

17/06/2014 11:29:26

New Music Monday, feat Klaxons, Sub Focus and Ella Henderson

Here are our top five songs of the week to kickstart your Monday...

16/06/2014 10:19:54

Remember O-Town? They're back!

The Orlando heartthrobs are back in town

13/06/2014 14:59:52

Pepsi’s football inspired album is out now!

Football, Pepsi Max, and a bunch of musical superstars…

11/06/2014 17:09:01

Ella Henderson looks set to top the charts

The X Factor runner-up proves that she has what it takes to come out on top…

11/06/2014 16:16:19

Five reasons why Neon Jungle’s debut album will be amazing

If you aren’t already convinced that Neon Jungle are truly fantastic, you will be…

11/06/2014 15:08:56

Mel B is the new X Factor judge!

To celebrate the addition of Scary Spice to the judges panel, here’s five of her best moments…

11/06/2014 12:01:01

Alaska has a message for us all

(but we love her anyway)

10/06/2014 12:59:47

Listen: Cary NoKey's B Who U R

The new single from the man who helped discover Lady Gaga...

09/06/2014 16:51:06

Review: Arcade Fire at London's Earls Court

The Canadian indie-rockers preview what's in store for their Glastonbury headline set...

09/06/2014 11:33:25

New Music Monday feat Charli XCX, Clean Bandit and Neon Jungle

We’ll be singing our hearts out to this week’s top five belters…

09/06/2014 10:20:33

Interview: The Midnight Beast

We speak to the web wonders The Midnight Beast...

06/06/2014 17:33:58

We adore Adore

Drag Race finalist releases second single from new album

03/06/2014 10:28:55

Cheryl Cole releases new single

Get ready for some new Cole

02/06/2014 11:59:16

New Music Monday: feat Kylie, Example and O-Town

Another week, another handful of bangers for your listening pleasure...

02/06/2014 10:20:10

Review: Paloma Faith at Camden's Roundhouse, London

A whirlwind of 50s influence, tongue-in-cheek remarks, and a killer voice to boot…

30/05/2014 12:46:22

Our Kylie favourites

Our favourite tracks as Kylie turns 46

29/05/2014 11:59:33

Review: Sam Smith – In the Lonely Hour

One of our favourite artists of 2014 has released his debut album…

28/05/2014 14:13:47

Watch: Christianoshi – Trust

Like taking a time machine back to the 80s…

28/05/2014 11:15:09

Five reasons to love Sam Smith

The sound of 2014 is ready to hit the big time

27/05/2014 18:01:06

Erasure’s Violet Flame tour rises this November

Erasure set to release their sixteenth studio album with a 15-date UK tour

27/05/2014 14:54:15

New Music Monday feat Basement Jaxx, Dirty Vegas and Alvvays

Ok, we know it's Tuesday, but there's been a bank holiday, so....

27/05/2014 10:28:08

Review: Mariah Carey – Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse

In case you hadn’t heard, Mariah’s back, and she’s got a brand new album...

27/05/2014 10:20:36

Mariah is back! So we've counted down our top ten moments of the mecha-diva...

Her new album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse is out Monday...

23/05/2014 10:04:54

Adore Delano has a new single

Adore Delano’s got a new single out, and it’s right up our alley

22/05/2014 11:28:01

Nicki Minaj – Pills N Potions

The Queen of the Barbz is back, and she’s pulling at our heartstrings.

21/05/2014 17:14:17

Watch: Kazaky's new video Magic Pie

The Ukrainian pop-trio's latest video is DEFINITELY a must-see...

21/05/2014 12:03:41

Interview: Dominique Young Unique

Forget your Azealias and your Azaleas, there’s a new gurl in town and she’s throwing it DOWN. D-d-d-d-d-oww(n)...

21/05/2014 10:26:31

MAJOR breaking news: Culture Club are back and on tour at the end of the year...

This is not a drill... the biggest band of the 80s is BACK...

20/05/2014 11:48:21

Kingsland Road to go dirty dancing

New single, new tour, same beautiful bodies...

20/05/2014 10:47:57

Interview: Gary Williams

We talk to the singer ahead of his new run of shows celebrating the life and songs of Nat King Cole...

20/05/2014 10:43:56

Adore Delano is DTF. Probs NSFW.

SPOILER FREE, carry on...

20/05/2014 10:06:56

New Music Monday feat Demi Lovato, Christina Perri and Lana Del Rey

The five songs Team GT are obsessing over this week...

19/05/2014 12:34:17

Watch: Andrew Garfield in drag for new Arcade Fire video

Remember that teaser from the other week? The full video is out, and it's brilliant...

16/05/2014 14:43:00

Watch: New video for Boy George's Nice and Slow

The former Culture Club man's comeback keeps getting better...

16/05/2014 11:16:54

Courtney Act premieres Mean Gays video

And we love it, of course

15/05/2014 15:22:41

Pepsi scores big with new compilation album

Football, Pepsi Max, and a bunch of musical superstars…

14/05/2014 16:46:54

Listen: Alan Bonner - Rainbow Man

A charitable, acoustic offering from the London-based singer/songwriter…

14/05/2014 15:42:16

Kylie Minogue and what can only be described as the most awkward thing EVER

Oh, and it's been captured in handy GIF form for us all to enjoy…

14/05/2014 14:05:42

RuPaul premieres new video

Now Sissy That Walk!

14/05/2014 10:55:13

Courtney Act teases new single…

And we’re liking the sound of it already

14/05/2014 10:46:14

Erasure's Andy Bell announces ANOTHER new solo album

That's the second one in two days, for those keeping score at home...

13/05/2014 18:10:52

Erasure's Andy Bell announces new single and album...

One of the most important popstars of the last few decades is back...

12/05/2014 17:26:25

What Conchita's Eurovision win says about the future of drag

2014 – Year of the Drag Queen...

12/05/2014 16:22:33

Music Monday: Clean Bandit, MØ and Paloma Faith

Five tracks that we're listening to this week...

12/05/2014 13:14:24

Cody Simpson is going on tour...

Cute Aussie singer, anyone?

09/05/2014 17:39:42

Our thoughts on who will take the Eurovision 2014 crown...

As far as we're concerned, it's a NINE horse race...

09/05/2014 16:00:43

Eurovision: Who's going to qualify from the second semi final?

Drag queens, bears and cute Coldplay twinks, oh my!

08/05/2014 12:20:03

Watch: Shakira - Dare (La La La)

Say hello to your new Friday night anthem.

07/05/2014 17:03:42

Listen: Thief takes on Cry Me A River

Take a trip back to the early 00s this afternoon with this cover of one of Justin Timberlake’s greatest hits...

07/05/2014 15:45:11

Watch: Courtney Love - You Know My Name

Courtney Love has released her latest music video, and we’re pretty impressed.

07/05/2014 13:29:47

Watch: DFDS Seaways take on Making Your Mind Up

Did someone say 'viral sensation'? This is unmissable...

07/05/2014 12:16:13

What did last night's Eurovision mean for the UK's chances?

We don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but...

07/05/2014 11:23:52

Ever fancied seeing Andrew Garfield in drag?

The Amazing Spider-Man actor dresses up for new Arcade Fire video...

06/05/2014 11:39:27

Will Russia get booed at Eurovision tonight?

Our man on the ground reckons we should do what we do best and rise above...

06/05/2014 10:33:17

Jay Times

Bucks Fizz legend in slightly camp shocker

01/05/2014 10:08:26

Calling all Prince fans... he's baaaaaack

The pint-sized lord of funk will play four UK arena dates in May...

30/04/2014 15:00:33

Listen: Wrathschild's debut single Fall Into Love

Who doesn’t love a bit of glittery pop to brighten up a cloudy spring day?

30/04/2014 11:35:49

Courtney Love set to return with a brand new AA single

You Know My Name and Wedding Day will be released on 4 May...

25/04/2014 15:59:15

Interview: Ninsun Poli

She's releasing her new EP Breaking Rules next week...

25/04/2014 12:14:30

Willam Belli has made a new video

...and it’s very definitely NSFW

22/04/2014 12:03:11

Interview: Atomic Kitten

Their arena tour has been cancelled... so here's our interview that would've been...

17/04/2014 17:32:08

Swedish siren Ninsun Poli to release new EP

Read what we think, and take a listen to the track Hey Lover while you're at it...

16/04/2014 12:05:09

Listen: Mike Munich's Sexercise 2.0

The former GT model takes on one of Kylie's latest singles...

16/04/2014 10:30:32

Röyksopp and Robyn announce mini-album

Do It Again will be released on 26 May...

14/04/2014 16:31:22

Review: The Vamps' debut album

Read our extensive track-by-track review of Meet The Vamps...

14/04/2014 11:28:06

WEIGHT by Latrice Royale ft Epiphany Mattel (Lomlplex Drive Thru Remix)

The WEIGHT Lomlplex Drive Thru Remix is one for your more outlandish alter-ego

11/04/2014 15:16:45

Exclusive: Listen to a remix of Rixton's new single – just for GT

Four hot guys who make brilliant music... don't say we don't spoil you...

11/04/2014 12:21:15

Listen: Lana Del Rey takes us to the West Coast

West Coast will be the leading single from Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence

11/04/2014 11:03:49

EXCLUSIVE: The Plastics cover XO by Beyoncé

This naughty NSFW video pushes the boundaries of pop-based man-love

10/04/2014 16:21:44

O-Town announce their first comeback date in London

We know you're excited for this one... the reformed boyband are hitting the capital...

09/04/2014 16:50:43

Review: The Vamps at Shepherd's Bush Empire

We trotted down to the London venue to catch the boyband's Teenage Cancer Trust gig...

09/04/2014 16:21:21

Listen: Top ten best-selling Abba singles

What better way to celebrate four decades of one of the biggest bands in pop?

08/04/2014 16:42:20

Review: Bright Light Bright Light's I Wish We Were Leaving

We give the electro-pop wonder-kid's latest EP a spin...

08/04/2014 11:32:17

Video: Foxes - Holding onto Heaven

Foxes impress with this downtempo but anthemic number

07/04/2014 16:29:56

Glastonbury announces 86 new acts for 2014 line-up

Makes sense now why tickets sold out in less than an hour and a half, eh?

04/04/2014 15:22:41

O-Town reunites as a four-piece after ten years

Yes, yet another boy band has reformed...

03/04/2014 16:41:30

The Saturdays announce greatest hits album and tour

The album will feature 13 of their top ten hits as well as two brand new songs...

03/04/2014 16:18:42

Brooke Candy signs to Columbia Records

Her EP The Opulence will be released on 5 May...

03/04/2014 11:09:54

Extra additions to Lovebox 2014

Nas joins M.I.A on the festival's Saturday night line-up

01/04/2014 12:12:27

Review: Sam Smith's Stay With Me

Sam Smith proves again just why he's GT's one to watch this year...

27/03/2014 17:09:33

Review: The Pretty Reckless Electric Ballroom, Camden, London

Have we got some gossip for you, girl

26/03/2014 11:12:01

Review: Franz Ferdinand at Camden Roundhouse

Ten years later and we're still excited about the four-piece indie rockers...

24/03/2014 14:20:50

Kate Bush announces first live dates in 35 years

Yes, really... this is not a drill...

21/03/2014 10:52:21

Kylie: Sexercize

The princess of pop enjoys a morning workout...

19/03/2014 08:12:14

Kian Egan: In a world of his own

The Westlife star goes solo

18/03/2014 13:02:33

Interview: GT talks to Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding

But this time, the girl is going it alone...

17/03/2014 16:40:29

Exclusive: Watch the brand new video from Bright Light Bright Light

GT brings you an exclusive view of the video for his new single, featuring Sir Elton John...

13/03/2014 10:03:21

Watch: Video for Pet Shop Boys' Oppressive (The Best Gay Possible)

There's now a video for their incredible track remixing gay rights activist Panti Bliss...

12/03/2014 18:13:39

M.I.A and Chase & Status to headline Lovebox 2014

In case you missed it, the Lovebox line-up has been announced... and it's brilliant...

11/03/2014 16:07:06

Watch: Fall Out Boy and Courtney Love's new video

One of our favourite collaborations of last year finally gets a proper video...

07/03/2014 13:01:25

Adam Lambert is joining Queen on tour... again

Yeah, we know, he'll never replace Freddie... but he's still a damn good choice, we reckon...

07/03/2014 11:54:00

Watch: Sam Bailey and Michael Bolton

Check out a behind the scenes video of the X Factor winner and legendary singer...

06/03/2014 15:36:53

Kylie previews her new album on Facebook

Save the date: Tuesday 11 March

06/03/2014 15:27:49

Cher the Love

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras serves up a killer Cher tribute

06/03/2014 12:45:38

Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano

The Rocket Man hits the silver screen...

04/03/2014 17:47:52

Clueless returns!

Well, sort of....

04/03/2014 16:38:01

Review: Little Dragon at London's Village Underground

Little Dragon give us a night full of surprises, with the promise of even greater things to come...

03/03/2014 11:02:34

Review: Brody Dalle at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Snarly punk at its indifferent best...

27/02/2014 16:30:43

Dolly Parton confirmed for Glastonbury

...oh, and Blondie too.

27/02/2014 12:30:28

Goldfrapp presents… ‘Tales of Us’

An exclusive movie from the fabulous Goldfrapp

24/02/2014 15:41:45

LISTEN: Brand new track from Bright Light Bright Light and Elton John

The best of Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Scissor Sisters, and of course Elton John, all in one track...

21/02/2014 16:22:21

Review: Warpaint at London's KOKO

Transcendent, majestic, sublime, and other adjectives. Basically, we loved Warpaint...

21/02/2014 10:36:58

The Overtones - Superstar

WARNING: This music video might make you giddy

20/02/2014 11:39:03

REVIEW: Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once

She’s back! Feel the fever (again)

17/02/2014 00:00:01

Kylie's Secret Gig

We minced down to East London to the most intimate Kylie Minogue gig EVER!

14/02/2014 16:22:19

This is Electric

A brand new gay radio station...

14/02/2014 13:12:58

Mariah Carey to debut her brand new video... TONIGHT

Everybody’s favourite R&B diva Mariah Carey is back with a vengeance, and a super sexy new single...

12/02/2014 13:57:18

Review: Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL at Shepherd's Bush Empire

We were lucky enough to grab a ticket for the hottest shown in town. Spoiler: it was BRILLIANT.

10/02/2014 12:15:44

Annie debuts Russia protest video and track

Quick, turn off Sochi and get listening to this...

07/02/2014 16:53:26

Exclusive Big Reunion interview: A1

We chat with the Big Reunion boys ahead of the brand new series. And yes, they're still hot...

06/02/2014 17:24:28

Kavana’s Big Reunion Diary

Kavana’s back, back, BACK! The 90’s nipple-flasher (oh how we loved those Smash Hits shoots…) returns to TV screens in...

05/02/2014 13:35:59

VIDEO: Jonte' Moaning

Jonte' gives you Dejavux fierceness

28/01/2014 12:24:43

EXCLUSIVE: Bright Light Bright Light remixes Erasure

HNNNNRRKKK! Amazing musician remixes amazing musicians

15/01/2014 16:25:42

Documentary: Young and Gay in Putin's Russia

Watch the crisis continue in this brand new documentary from Stonewall and VICE

13/01/2014 17:58:49

Album Review: Quicksilver by Marcus Reeves

An eclectic mix, injecting heart and humanity into a plastic pop world

13/01/2014 17:46:44

LISTEN: Brilliant new track from Alphabeat's Stine Bramsen

Prototypical ain't no Alphabeat

10/01/2014 10:50:21

Placebo at Brixton Academy

Goth rockers prove their gender-bending brand of glam is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago...

17/12/2013 18:16:59

Free download of Underground Ally track exclusively for GT readers

The band who bared all in our Naked Issue are back with a free slice of blissful acoustic-pop. Aren't they good to you?

05/12/2013 11:50:05

Dandy Licks: Wed 27 Nov

The freshest pop tracks spinning out of GT Towers this week...

27/11/2013 19:29:55

Dandy Licks: Tue 19 Nov

Established and fresh talent in Team GT's top tunes of the week

19/11/2013 18:56:03

Never Ever… were we expecting this!

All Saints reunite to support Backstreet Boys on tour

18/11/2013 13:14:53

Arcade Fire at Camden's Roundhouse

Canadian megastars debut their disco-rock behemoth Reflektor in the UK...

13/11/2013 17:40:17

Interview: Sharleen Spiteri

With the Texas European Tour in full swing, we chat to their lovely leading lady

13/11/2013 15:02:19

Dandy Licks: Tue 12 Nov

The freshest alternative pop sounds direct to your eager earholes

12/11/2013 15:33:55

Ten Minutes with Tanika

We speak to pop starlet Tanika about her hopes and dreams, the role of women in today’s music industry and, like, her...

11/11/2013 17:18:16

Exclusive: Boy George new track and commentary

Boy George talks exclusively about his new track This Is What I Do

08/11/2013 18:02:28

Review: Vince Kidd

A former contestant on The Voice, Mr Kidd wows us with his acoustic set.

07/11/2013 18:31:49

Dandy Licks: Mon 4 Nov

Team GT bringing our favourite weekend tunes into your weekday!

04/11/2013 18:09:11

Thompson’s X Factor Blog

Thompson from Kingsland Road writes exclusively for GT about his X Factor experience...

01/11/2013 17:09:28

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Hammersmith Apollo

St Jude proves to be no match for the mighty Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds...

31/10/2013 16:46:09

Jessie J at the O2 Arena

The stunning siren of pop goes all out for Londontown...

30/10/2013 14:46:11

Dandy Licks: Thu 24 Oct

Some of the freshest slabs of pop perfection the interweb has to offer

24/10/2013 19:08:20

Katy Perry: Prism - Album Review

It may not be earth-shatteringly original, but it's a fantastic pop album!

22/10/2013 14:35:12

CHVRCHES and THUMPERS at Shepherd's Bush Empire

We joined the congregation for two of the UK's most exciting live acts...

21/10/2013 16:20:11

Alison Moyet at Le Divan du Monde, Paris

Now there's even Moyet a reason to catch Alison live...

16/10/2013 16:54:29

Interview: Cher

We ask Cher some quickfire questions... and she shoots back a whole lotta fabulous!

14/10/2013 12:43:37

Dandy Licks: Friday 11 Oct

The tunes we're blasting out at GT Towers this week...

11/10/2013 20:07:21

Justin Timberlake at iTunes Festival

Long live the king

02/10/2013 16:36:18

Pixies at iTunes Festival

As cool as Kim Deal

27/09/2013 15:57:04

Svetlana Loboda's Back!

Our favourite Ukrainian tabloid slut Svetlana Loboda has a new single out...

19/09/2013 17:04:13

Dandy Licks: Thu 19 Sep

The tunes we're playing out at GT Towers this week!

19/09/2013 16:24:04

Cher: Closer To The Truth

Oh lord, someone’s given our editor the new Cher album...

16/09/2013 17:53:53

Dandy Licks: Thursday 12th Sep

Get your new music lovin' earoles round this lot!

12/09/2013 18:07:17

Review: Kings of Leon at iTunes Festival

Our sex was certainly on fire!

12/09/2013 14:33:05

Introducing: The Boxettes

Check out this awesome beatboxing girl group...

09/09/2013 14:00:10

Dandy Licks: Thursday 5th Sep

Our favourite slabs of pop music finery this week...

05/09/2013 18:32:53

Sigur Rós at iTunes Festival

Beauty, thy name is Sigur...

05/09/2013 13:18:05

Interview: Matt Goss

He owes us nothing... but he gives a lot! ;-)

04/09/2013 13:04:50

GT meets Kodaline

We meet music's smoothest indie boys

03/09/2013 11:10:19

Dandy Licks: Friday 23 August

GT Towers has never seen so much dutty winin'...

23/08/2013 18:01:13

Cher and tear

It's all going to our heads

22/08/2013 13:59:45

Chris Salvatore Makes Us Roar

The 'Eating Out' hunk gives us some Katy Perry action...

19/08/2013 16:53:27

Interview: Charlotte Church

Ms Church is back... and better than ever!

12/08/2013 19:15:16

Dandy Licks: Monday 12 August

Sam Baker and Lee Dalloway tell you why you should like the music they like...

12/08/2013 18:11:58

Sharon Needles: Call Me on the Ouija Board

Sharon Needles creeps us out in all the right ways...

08/08/2013 15:46:36

GT EXCLUSIVE: I Am A Camera - The Legendary Children (Jodie Harsh Remix)

A double dose of musical cool collide beautifully...

06/08/2013 17:14:10

Review: Morrissey 25 Live

Morrissey celebrates 25 years as a solo artist... and things get more than a little bizarre!

06/08/2013 15:32:38

Circuit21 - Love in the Shadows (Cahill Remix)

Circuit 21 serves up a fresh take on a classic dance number...

31/07/2013 12:40:57

Dandy Licks: Tue 30 July

Sorry for the delay... we were well drunk...

30/07/2013 17:20:40

Interview: Dan Slater

Fresh, fit and talented, we chatted to lovely Aussie DJ Dan Slater

19/07/2013 14:20:44

Introducing: Neon Jungle

We're running low on girl groups... so here's a new one!

16/07/2013 17:15:04

Dandy Licks: Friday 12 July

Britney Spears yesterday unleashed a new video where she looked flamin' fantastic! Finally, no more of that...

12/07/2013 18:11:55

Live gig: Iggy Azalea storms Fabric

Iggy Azalea humps Fabric's floor with her beats

12/07/2013 13:23:11

Robbie rocks Wembley

Let Robbie entertain you

11/07/2013 17:28:24

All-American Boy: Steve Grand

A gay country singer... and HOT to boot!

08/07/2013 17:19:14

Interview: Sarah Dawn Finer

GT chills with one of out favourite Eurovision babes...

05/07/2013 17:56:48

Dandy Licks: Friday 5 July

What we're rockin' at GT Towers this week!

05/07/2013 14:51:00

Finally! The new MKS single

Mutya Keisha Siobhan are rockin' GT Towers!

04/07/2013 17:45:03

It must be Lovebox...

It's a divalicious line-up of ice cool musical wonderment...

03/07/2013 12:50:29

2 become 1: Matt Cardle and Melanie C

Matt and Sporty Spice unite in song! We’ll need a BaCARDLE and coke after this one…

02/07/2013 18:29:18

P!nk & Lily dish the dirt

The course of True Love runs smoothly on the ear...

01/07/2013 18:22:39

M.I.A. Brings the Noize...

...With a ‘z’, cuz she’s edgy.

28/06/2013 11:06:59

Reach for the Sky

Sky Ferreira conquers the Scala

27/06/2013 17:27:53

Dandy Licks: Fri 21 June

What we've been spinning at GT Towers this week

21/06/2013 13:55:17

Video: Dharma Protocol featuring Boy George

Soulful house + pop legend = eargasm

20/06/2013 18:18:32

It’s frickin’ CHER

Follow this, bitches

19/06/2013 15:49:50

Something for the weekend... Alison Moyet/Severino

Two legends combine for total tuneage

14/06/2013 18:32:26

Dandy Licks: Thu 13 June

What we're listening to at GT Towers this week...

13/06/2013 15:43:21

Dandy Licks

This week's freshest tuneage...

04/06/2013 15:16:23

MiKE MUNiCH - Love at War

Hello Mr Munich...

31/05/2013 12:25:39

Gentleman – It's a new Saturdays single!

Doesn't Psy have a song called that too?

23/05/2013 15:21:48

Memory Lane: The Best of McFly Tour at Wembley

That weirdo with 5 colours in her hair...

20/05/2013 18:09:41


Hello Europe! So we now know who has qualified for this Saturday’s ARENA SPECTACULAR!

17/05/2013 21:18:35

Eurovision Interview: Margaret Berger (Norway)

Feeding us her love...

16/05/2013 16:17:40

It’s Ruth Lorenzo!

Into The Night...

15/05/2013 14:51:18

No, not the kind you put in soup...

Doctor Who: The Krotons – Brian Hodgson and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

14/05/2013 14:31:27

Eurovision Interview: Krista Siegfrids (Finland)

Finland's delightfully camp Eurovision entry chats to the equally festive London pop night Push The Button...

13/05/2013 17:24:31

Exclusive: Texas 'The Conversation' Bimbo Jones Remix

Ready for the weekend...

10/05/2013 10:40:32

Caro Emerald: What A Shocker!

You may or may not have heard of Caro Emerald...

07/05/2013 17:22:55

Garage is back

Disclosure turn the heat up

25/04/2013 15:55:14

Electro pioneer Miss Kittin

She’s back!

18/04/2013 17:13:55

Basement. Jaxx. Are. Back.

Hey up, look who it is!

16/04/2013 17:52:09

Our opera fave: Charlie Castronovo

Feel the warm glove of his opera

10/04/2013 15:07:24


Missy joins Little Mix for new single How Ya Doin'?

04/04/2013 14:14:53

Slip into this

Love. Stooshe.

27/03/2013 14:03:04

Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani Original Television Soundtrack

WARNING: Fanboy review incoming

13/03/2013 14:30:20

INTERVIEW: Olivia Newton John

The icon of music and film talks Grease, Glee and gays

01/03/2013 14:25:22

Show us the Evidence

We look at John Foxx and the Maths' latest album, Evidence.

25/02/2013 12:29:39

Alison Moyet: Changeling

*Alison Moyet alert*

21/02/2013 15:09:05

Jimmy Hendrix picked up an accordion

Liam O’Connor is good for a squeeze

20/02/2013 12:23:36


Our former coverboy Matt Cardle may have written the perfect break-up song...

19/02/2013 17:53:08

Our kind of Essex boy

Ed Drewett goes solo and we're loving it.

19/02/2013 16:01:08

Art Attack

Massive news: Massive Attack are back.

01/02/2013 17:50:20

The only way is revenge…

Carrie Underwood is about to teach us a thing or two.

25/01/2013 16:42:08

Pop trash!

Stop what you’re doing. The new Nicole Scherzinger video is out.

25/01/2013 12:21:27

Something to rave about.

GT's got the hots for Disclosure's new track with AlunaGeorge.

23/01/2013 12:56:44

Ghost in the machine

John Grant is back – and he’s gone all electro on us.

22/01/2013 15:48:07

REVIEW: Mari Wilson

She's back – just what we've always wanted.

18/01/2013 12:26:12

MUSIC: Monarchy - Disintegration ft. Dita Von Teese

Our Dita’s got a right pair of lungs on her.

17/01/2013 16:26:39


GT catches up with the big-haired and hugely fierce Nabiha...

15/01/2013 17:53:01

Pop alert: Gabe Lopez

GT’s gone and found a wee baby popstar – young Gabe Lopez.

11/01/2013 11:58:31

Baby It’s Christmas!

How about pulling a cracker?

13/12/2012 12:27:00

Conor Maynard

... is back with new single Animal.

11/12/2012 15:19:50

Battle of the X-Factors.

UK winner James Arthur beats USA Judge Britney Spears to iTunes top spot.

10/12/2012 17:35:08

Florence + the Machine certainly did have the love

with their Ceremonials Tour lighting up the O2 Arena in London last night.

06/12/2012 15:19:14

Breaking down math equations

Brett Gleason shows off his Calculated side in new video.

05/12/2012 11:20:30


Otherwise known as's new single.

29/11/2012 13:59:16

Dive Right In

Kash is a latent pop sensation and possibly London’s freshest musical talent.

26/11/2012 17:26:19

Album review: Christina Aguilera – Lotus

GT listens to Christina Aguilera's latest album...

14/11/2012 18:05:05

The Irrepressibles launch Nude

Their album is called Nude, to be clear.

09/11/2012 12:59:18

Camp, Kitsch and Crazy

It’s Ke$ha!

08/11/2012 15:38:14

Stepping back into the limelight

Pop icons and addictive documentary stars Steps have compiled a Christmas album, kick-started a UK mini-tour and had...

07/11/2012 16:05:22

Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon release The Chop


07/11/2012 12:07:49

The week in pop

Minaj, Jepsen and Ora have all dropped new vids

30/10/2012 10:23:12

The Irrepressibles

This isn’t just a band. This is an ‘organic orchestral landscape’.

25/10/2012 13:27:30

Alicia Keys is on fire

She’s also just a girl

22/10/2012 12:45:23

Nicki Minaj and Cassie – The Boys

Solid evidence that the Starships singer cannot be trusted with flamethrowers.

22/10/2012 11:12:46

Undercover, After Dark

The nu-discohouse purveyors join forces with Colby Keller for their latest video.

17/10/2012 16:40:58

Here's looking at new Kidd

The Voice contestant Vince is launching his solo career.

10/10/2012 14:35:29

Ke$ha vs. Kylie vs. Gwen – Who wins?

New pop videos from Kylie, Ke$ha and No Doubt within the space of five minutes? YouTube are clearly trying to make the...

27/09/2012 10:20:57

I've Only Just Begun

Surreal queer video challenges Russian ban on LGBT promotion

20/09/2012 12:24:28


Five star festival review

14/09/2012 10:33:09

The Origin of Love

Mika collaborates with Chilean director Christián Jiménez

12/09/2012 10:18:23

Gaga's Born This Way Ball

Twickenham Pride!

10/09/2012 17:59:55

One Direction get wet and wild

Looks like the lads form 1D are having a splashing good time in their latest video.

04/09/2012 13:07:04

Kashing Our Attention

Cute new pop singer "alert".

15/08/2012 16:26:45

How Does Rita Ora do it?

Oh yeah, that’s How

15/08/2012 11:12:43

Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)

Free download from Kelly Clarkson

14/08/2012 17:45:30

Electro love

Matmos announces new EP release and 20 year anniversary

10/08/2012 15:55:21

Our favourite Russian popstar

Watch Kamaliya's brand new music video Butterflies

06/08/2012 16:46:49

Meltdown has begun!

Planningtorock and Light Asylum "rocked" and "lit up" Queen Elizabeth's Hall last night

02/08/2012 15:53:34

Mika’s album makeover

He's set to release his third album

02/08/2012 12:35:11

Light me up. Like a cigarette?

New song release from rising girl group Parade.

02/08/2012 12:27:54

And it feels like jealousy

Will Young in a particularly skimpy volleyball outfit

30/07/2012 16:51:14

Another Video Games cover...

...this time from Boy George!

30/07/2012 12:28:36

X Factor winners Little Mix release video for Wings

It's lovely

26/07/2012 17:04:49

Hercules and Love Affair are set for their UK return

at this year’s Meltdown festival.

24/07/2012 14:43:32

Scissor Sisters

stream for free on The Space

20/07/2012 17:46:49

Ai Se Eu Te Pego

The Brazilian Portugese hit by Michael Teló is coming to the UK

20/07/2012 17:27:01

Nelly Furtado’s Spirit Indestructible

Bonfires and boozing.

20/07/2012 11:08:29

Jens Lekman

Intimate acoustic set in anticipation of his next album

19/07/2012 15:03:39

Gay Irish jazz singer

Is Nina Simone back from the dead and performing through the body of a gay Irishman?

18/07/2012 10:07:27

Artist alert: Anil

You may of already of Anil, who has in the past toured with singer Imogen Heap as a guitarist and played Glastonbury...

13/07/2012 12:47:54

Something for the weekend?

Calvin Harris with Example, Lawson and Kyla La Grange release new videos

06/07/2012 16:38:03

HRNNNNK! Euphoria.

Loreen (winner of Eurovision 2012) releases the actual official video

06/07/2012 15:44:49

Charli XCX debuts video for You’re The One

The hit SoundCloud track gets a video

04/07/2012 17:04:49

Kazaky’s anthem to Barcelona

Their latest release is dedicated to all things Spanish

04/07/2012 11:51:36

Dappy: Tarzan 2 (I’m Coming)

Dappy swinging from a tree with only leaves covering the essentials.

04/07/2012 10:47:58

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 give us One More Night

Their new video sees Adam Levine boxing. In boxing shorts. Sold.

04/07/2012 10:10:13


The flamboyant violinist shaking up classical music

03/07/2012 17:58:13

Weekend playlist

Three top tunes to top off your Friday

29/06/2012 16:36:43

Exciting picture of a zebra (and George Michael)

Back and filming a new – presumably black and white - video

27/06/2012 18:03:08

Stop everything – we've found our new anthem

Pour yourself a gin and we'll begin...

25/06/2012 18:07:59

New 2 Shoes video klaxon

Can we just say...

22/06/2012 13:54:38

Will Sabin

New gay Aussie pop star

22/06/2012 12:25:59

Sinitta wants some toy boys

Think you’re so macho?

21/06/2012 12:04:11

Larry Tee

and some dogs in wigs

20/06/2012 16:43:24

Remember Infernal? They're back.

As Paw & Lina, with a new track

20/06/2012 12:20:15

Fjögur píanó

Shia LaBeouf stars in the new Sigur Rós video

19/06/2012 12:41:46

Kelly Rowland

She’s Summer Dreaming

19/06/2012 12:12:38

Katy Perry

The Teenage Dream era is coming to a close...

19/06/2012 10:43:39

Azealia Banks

Tell me if you like boy. Oh we do, we do...

15/06/2012 12:14:11

Misha B whacks it out the park with her brand new video.

Ex-X Factor sensation Misha B has unveiled the video for her debut single, Home Run.

15/06/2012 11:01:34

Bright Light Bright Light

At CAMP basement last night. Nothing camp about it.

14/06/2012 11:54:31


The girls spread the love around Camden last night

14/06/2012 11:29:56

Cheryl says Screw You

Like ‘Simon says’ but a game specifically for Ashley Cole and Simon Cowell.

13/06/2012 13:05:27

New heights for Kumra

With his second single Helicopters & Planes

13/06/2012 10:46:58

Running is fun, running is cool.

We Have Band’s hot new video.

12/06/2012 17:07:48


Going Gaga for Garibay

12/06/2012 16:56:34

Meet Eric, he’s new round here.

and funky.

12/06/2012 12:16:04

Mika makes us happy

Wave him hello

11/06/2012 14:47:09

The Brunswick Biscuit Festival

Celebrating our HobNob Heritage

08/06/2012 14:08:27

Field Day

All yer favourite indie bands play all the hits.

03/06/2012 08:56:33

Crazy In Love named NME’s track of the 00s

NME’s 60 Years of New Music feature has come to a close...

01/06/2012 12:12:42

Get your Headphones on

It’s time to have a listen to the new Little Boots teaser.

31/05/2012 14:16:44

We’ll Never Close Our Eyes

We’re too busy watching the new Adam Lambert video.

30/05/2012 14:50:53

Baby Come Home

Boozy new Scissor Sisters Video

30/05/2012 11:29:53

Royal Swedish Army Of Eurovison

The Royal Swedish Army Band performs Euphoria.

30/05/2012 10:21:19

Madonna was Born This Way?

The pop icon expresses herself.

29/05/2012 15:42:44

Joan Osborne

Settle down for a comfortable album.

29/05/2012 10:08:53

Paloma Faith is out4marriage.

In time for her Fall to Grace.

28/05/2012 17:53:18

Arrow by The Irrepressibles

We heard you enjoyed watching toned naked guys wrestle...

28/05/2012 15:59:58

Kylie’s Timebomb

Kylie’s new video Timebomb is here and it’s a blast.

25/05/2012 17:27:42

Perfume Genius

He’s talented, he’s hot, he’s Perfume Genius and he’s back on tour

23/05/2012 17:32:01

Moving in the right direction with Beth Ditto

New Gossip video ahoy

23/05/2012 15:41:05

Eurovision 2012 Top 5 Hottest Acts

Who are you rooting for?

22/05/2012 10:15:22

Heaven Is A Studio With Belinda

Fancy a cosy night in with the legendary Belinda Carlisle?

21/05/2012 09:34:27

Is this Love? We sure think so.

Aiden Grimshaw headlining Proud Club's Breakout season

18/05/2012 17:40:56

We Own The Night

Tiësto & Wolfgang Gartner feat. Luciana

17/05/2012 15:02:59

Perfect Grammar

Andy gives us a sneak peak at his material…

16/05/2012 16:24:44

Melanie C X Jodie Harsh

Set You Free

15/05/2012 11:09:33

Garbage played live at the Troxy last night.

The gayest gig we've been to in a long time

10/05/2012 12:42:51

Bigger & Better

Nelly Furtado is back with a track set to make your ears ring

09/05/2012 12:59:15

After releasing teaser after teaser the new Justin Bieber video has finally arrived

and wow, the Baby singer has grown up.

04/05/2012 17:29:58

Dust off those gold hot pants

Because July marks 25 years since Kylie released her debut single, The Loco-motion.

04/05/2012 17:08:31

Adele's 21 has outsold Thriller

Let's take a look at what we said about it over a year ago...

03/05/2012 11:13:12

Cheryl tweets her new video

*screams, claps, jumps around*

02/05/2012 17:21:54

Rihanna's Where Have You Been

Down the shops, etc, etc.

30/04/2012 17:26:58

Nicki Minaj reveals vid for Starships

Pound the alarm! The video for our summer soundtrack has finally arrived.

27/04/2012 17:06:15

We Keep The Beat Found The Sound See The Need Start The Heat

Jonathan Boulet

27/04/2012 11:54:21

Steps - The Ultimate Tour

The O2, London

20/04/2012 17:40:14

Katy Perry 'doing' Call Me Maybe

There may, or may not, have been gays involved.

18/04/2012 12:06:46

Jay Brannan

Live at The Garage

16/04/2012 15:59:39

Primadonna Monday. Primonday for short.

Marina & The Diamonds' new single is finally out

16/04/2012 10:50:38

Seventeen Evergreen

Steady On Scientist!

12/04/2012 10:15:59

Cher Lloyd

At indigO2 London

11/04/2012 11:07:14

Airborne This Way

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball hits UK this September

10/04/2012 12:33:18

Garbage make video comeback with Blood for Poppies

Because comebacks are SO hot right now

04/04/2012 15:22:37

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

The Queen of Quirky returns with her new offering which is more mental than the loopy woman who frequents the 192 night...

04/04/2012 12:00:31

Katy Perry does a Justin Bieber

Not literally, you understand. She's releasing a 3D film.

03/04/2012 17:53:48

Meet Amore

Il Divo meets Steps? Kind of...

03/04/2012 17:19:52

Kylie’s Anti-Tour hits London

*wipes tear, squeezes into hot pants*

03/04/2012 12:46:50

Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

26 today.

28/03/2012 10:55:56

Bow Wow Wow

Dog in a pop video, what's not to love?

26/03/2012 16:59:51

Tulisa releases video for new single, Young

(six weeks before its physical release...go figure)

26/03/2012 12:46:01

Another come back - this time Alexander Bard

A god among pop musicians, up to his usual tricks

23/03/2012 15:40:08

Bright Light Bright Light

Hottest Welsh gay in pop. Probably.

23/03/2012 12:48:09

Carly Rae Jepsen

Amazing song, not so amazing gay "twist".

22/03/2012 11:39:54

Wanna see Bradley swing? Wanna see Rachel do her thing?

Of course you do, so S Club 7 are back!

21/03/2012 12:54:54

You'll never look at pandas the same

once you've seen our favourite video of today

21/03/2012 12:11:52


It’s happenin’ all over again

20/03/2012 15:10:26

Humperdinck plumps for a ballad

Down tools, our Eurovision song has been revealed!

19/03/2012 15:50:46

5 reasons why we're going to see Xiu Xiu tonight

It doesn't involve stuffed toys or cigarettes

16/03/2012 11:10:51

Keane at De La Warr Pavilion

Homecoming gig kicks off world tour and new album

12/03/2012 16:48:43

Alphabeat are back

and channeling 80s Madonna

12/03/2012 11:29:44


Words cannot express how much we love the new single.

09/03/2012 16:38:29

Erasure video exclusive!

Their new single Fill Us With Fire, well rehearsed.

09/03/2012 13:50:00

Meet Kimbra, the NEXT BIG THING

Can you remember the days when Gaga was described as that?

01/03/2012 16:32:29

Rufus Wainwright reveals first single from new album

He's raising the roof with this one *ducks*

01/03/2012 15:41:18

St Vincent

at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

29/02/2012 17:42:09

The Ting Tings

The uncut chat with leadsinger Katie White about their second album

27/02/2012 17:08:03

Hunx (without his Punx) gets a room

And gets a gig at a ROLLERDISCO.

23/02/2012 15:23:08

Jack Me, a Love Interruption?!

Yes please!

03/02/2012 13:13:46

David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj Turns Us On

Two collaboration shy artists break the habit of a lifetime.

31/01/2012 12:52:05


Lana Del Rey goes electro pop.

30/01/2012 10:24:45

If you're alone tonight, say


23/01/2012 17:20:22

Hot pop from Corfu

Not suitable for those suffering from auto-tune allergies.

20/01/2012 12:02:18

Ani DiFranco at Union Chapel

A GT gig review

12/01/2012 17:10:29

New Peaches song! Sort of...

It's that cover version we told you about on page 15 of the current issue.

11/01/2012 11:12:09

We LOVE Scandinavian pop

and this is premium grade stuff.

09/01/2012 10:23:00

Pop Maths - Cher Lloyd ft. Astro

Former UK X Factor contestant + former US X Factor contestant = a duet that's as surprising as it is inevitable

06/01/2012 17:32:23

Blood Stained Heart

Darren Hayes is still releasing singles

06/01/2012 16:15:04

Scissor Sisters' Shady Love

What a lovely way to start the new year

03/01/2012 11:48:56


We haven't been this excited about a Russian popstar since we gave fashion tips to Valeria over the phone...

21/12/2011 12:07:04


We've not counted any of your votes, all expert panels have been ignored and the results are in - here is GT's arbitrary

20/12/2011 16:01:33


The word diva is too easily bandied about these days.

08/12/2011 14:35:05

Doing It All for Sir Elton

Brighton and Hove Gay Men's Chorus' Chris Jessop blogs for GT

05/12/2011 14:49:50

Ezra Axelrod

Move over Jay Brannan, there's a new gay troubadour in town

05/12/2011 10:45:41

Hazel O’Connor

Fancy a night with a hell of a lot of Hazel O’Connor? You do? Fabulous!

18/11/2011 09:37:43

You Can't Be Friends With Everyone.

A visual lesson in how to lose friends and alienate people.

15/11/2011 10:34:38


With two anthems under their belt and an album out next week, Parade are just a little bit excited. GT catches up with...

11/11/2011 10:36:54

Lykke Li @ The Roundhouse

We're thinking of moving in.

02/11/2011 10:43:21

Erasure + Frankmusik @ The Roundhouse

Camden's iconic venue turns into a nostalgic gayclub for the evening.

26/10/2011 12:23:22

Jens Lekman

Live gig review from Heaven last night. Heaven, the place on earth.

18/10/2011 12:48:46

5 Reasons Why I Love Rachel Karen Green

By guest blogger Patrick Doyle of Veronica Falls

18/10/2011 11:40:17

Queening out to Kelly Clarkson

"It doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone"

07/10/2011 15:06:27

Putting the quiet life on hold

Life on the road with Brighton and Hove Gay Men’s Chorus By Chris Jessop

22/09/2011 10:50:30

Accidentally gayest video of the week

Prancing, dancing, wiggling and tiny speedos...

20/09/2011 12:34:24

Summer Camp

The sound of the 80s, today

13/09/2011 16:19:22

Fancy Captain Jack on your face in the morning?

If you like John Barrowman, now can you can rub Him all over you

12/09/2011 14:50:58

The Young Professionals are back

for 20 Seconds. (It's a little bit longer than that)

07/09/2011 14:12:08

Fancy meeting Captain Jack?

If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that we can rely on John Barrowman to entertain us.

07/09/2011 10:59:28

Mozart song about arse licking

It gets weirder.

02/09/2011 15:06:48

Slow Club

GT reviews their new album and offers some make up tips on their new video.

31/08/2011 10:40:09

Marina and the Diamonds: Radioactive

It's finally here

22/08/2011 11:38:00

GT Reviews... Hearts

by I Break Horses

19/08/2011 17:16:36

Lady Gaga's new video for...

Youmlaut And I.

17/08/2011 10:15:31

What Makes One Direction Beautiful

A topless picture of Zayn

16/08/2011 13:01:05

Our Lucky Day

The Nicola Roberts video is out there.

12/08/2011 11:23:35


Too excited to spell properly

10/08/2011 11:07:55

Talay Riley: Make You Mine Launch

We are all yours, Talay...

09/08/2011 13:36:06

The Deer Tracks

Live in London at The Lexington

04/08/2011 11:59:49

Darren Hayes

Remix Remix Remix

03/08/2011 16:15:37

Call Your Girlfriend

It's time you had the talk

01/08/2011 14:43:12

FREE: Katy Perry remix

We know they're ten a penny, but this one's quite good.

27/07/2011 10:46:07

Amy Winehouse

"I guess I just really want to be a musical icon… "

25/07/2011 11:38:18

The Good Natured

Live at Gold Dust, Hoxton

21/07/2011 14:34:26

Scissor Sisters at Sandown

You can always bet on Jake and Ana Matronic…

21/07/2011 13:59:43

GT Reviews...

Dave Depper - The Ram Project

20/07/2011 15:04:53

GT Reviews.... Azari & III

and their imaginatively titled album, Azari & III.

14/07/2011 14:11:06

Ricky Martin at the Hammersmith Appollo.

The Latin Lothario goes hell for leather.

13/07/2011 11:22:03

New Song featuring The Girl From Alphabeat

(She has a name: Stine Bramsen*)

11/07/2011 15:38:15

The Hidden Cameras. Again.

New video (for a not so new song), a Pet Shop Boys remix and a bit of art and crafts.

08/07/2011 10:55:10

Austra: Gig and a remix MNDR which you can download for free.

07/07/2011 12:09:34

Cyndi Lauper

Yes, she’s still so unusual.

01/07/2011 16:58:01

The Feeling: Together We Were Made

It's an album review. We could've been nicer...

23/06/2011 10:40:01

The Canadians are coming...

All over the Barbican

22/06/2011 13:05:51


It’s only Patrick Bloody Wolf!

15/06/2011 17:43:58

Nerina Pallot

2011 is The Year of the Wolf.

13/06/2011 16:37:33

The best thing out of Scandinavia since Fredrik Ljungberg?

And it’s a her. Get that.

19/05/2011 14:45:14