GT Scene

Could La Voix be Britain’s next Eurovision entry?

All is revealed in an interview with GT...

13/02/2015 15:05:09

Anti-homophobia football match to take place between Dulwich Hamlet and Stonewall FC

It's certainly scoring points with us...

03/02/2015 17:33:40

Gay men's discussion forum Change of Scene is back

"Too much porn?" is the first of the London forum's new series of free discussions...

03/02/2015 17:22:18

Sign the online petition to pardon more than 49,000 men who were criminalised for being gay

Stars Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch have come out in favour of this worthy cause…

29/01/2015 11:21:28

Oscar winner and Broadway star Joel Grey comes out at 82

Cabaret and Wicked star Joel Grey openly discusses his sexuality for the first time…

28/01/2015 16:13:31

You tell him Michael…

Michael Urie hits back at Billy Crystal’s sex claims

27/01/2015 12:45:23

More than £60,000 has been raised for the Albert Kennedy Trust to help homeless LGBT youths

Celebs and lawyers came together last night for the InterLaw Diversity Forum's winter carnival

26/01/2015 15:32:20

Chris Maloney is engaged!

We’ll get shopping for hats then, shall we?

26/01/2015 14:09:20

Twitter users fined for homophobic abuse

Shockingly, it’s nowhere near the amount it should be…

22/01/2015 13:22:41

A baker is facing legal troubles for REFUSING to make a homophobic cake

A customer had requested a Bible-shaped cake with anti-gay messages...

22/01/2015 12:33:18

A human rights group is warning about the risks of the LGBT communities living under Islamic State control

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission says making assumptions could put more people in danger

22/01/2015 12:05:11

The world’s first trans board has been launched by a Thai modelling agency

Supermodels of the world, watch out!

21/01/2015 15:37:33

Footballer hits back at decision on World Cup hosts

Robbie Rogers calls it a ‘kick in the balls’ for the LGBT community

21/01/2015 14:47:52

Turn up the lights out here London

Extra bright, we want y'all to see this

21/01/2015 10:44:54

The coolest club in town: Wut!

Wut you talking' about?!

04/12/2014 18:27:13

Meet the Warwick Rowers!

Launch event for charity calendar

23/10/2014 17:25:57

PRIDE interview: Andrew Scott

GT speaks to Sherlock's Andrew Scott about his role in top gay film Pride, released in cinemas today...

12/09/2014 12:17:43

Manchester shows its pride

Another year of success for Britain's biggest pride

26/08/2014 14:53:26

RUComingOut Summer Party

Get your tickets for the party of the month…

22/08/2014 12:34:06

Jodie Harsh is taking over London's Shadow Lounge

The queen of the night is descending into the Shadows...

29/07/2014 18:12:44

London's docks go gay this weekend

Summer Rites comes to London this weekend

25/07/2014 17:14:36

Brighton turns Blue for Pride 2014

Boy band Blue confirmed for this year’s Brighton pride

01/07/2014 11:21:03

"We must do more", Ed Miliband gives tell-all interview to GT

What can the Labour leader do for us now?

28/03/2014 17:27:28

Pride in London launches Crowdfunder campaign

For this year's Pride in London to be a success, they're gonna need your help...

13/03/2014 16:50:04

DWV: The Meth Lab, Camden

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for making poor choices with us tonight.”

29/01/2014 14:32:25

This is Not a Dream

A raft of alternative cabaret stars discuss how video technology has helped shaped their careers...

16/01/2014 13:29:01

Stuart Hatton: Mr Gay UK 2013

We catch up with this year's lovely Mr Gay UK winner

18/12/2013 18:54:32

Scottee camps up the estate

Scottee has got a train of thought and is sticking to it

04/12/2013 17:39:18

Kitsuné take over London's Fire

Vauxhall club Fire is ready to French kiss

04/12/2013 16:51:20

Mr Gay UK 2013 Final

Bracing ourselves to discover the finest homo-specimen the UK has to offer

29/11/2013 12:59:33

Queer As Folk Tales at the JW3

Queers! Stories! Booze! Revelations!

26/11/2013 15:03:20

Kickstarter Campaign: Dressed As A Girl – D.R.A.G

Some of London's finest alt.cabaret stars are putting on a show to remember.

14/11/2013 15:27:40

Gay Bingo - 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher and John Sizzle celebrate of decade of number crunching madness

25/10/2013 14:38:54


Club diva Jodie Harsh discusses her gorgeous new digital exhibition...

16/10/2013 13:20:27

Bestival 2013

Sink The Pink, Jodie Harsh and Gutterslut tell us their Bestival 2013 best moments...

13/09/2013 14:08:39

GT Weekender: Cardiff Mardi Gras

Shwmae Cardiff!

30/08/2013 16:16:04

On Ma Butcher's Slab

GT caught up with international pig-nosed scenester Ma Butcher in the run-up to Gay Bingo’s 10th anniversary show.

28/08/2013 13:09:02

The Guyliner is now ticking a different box on the survey

Time to buy a hat - The Guyliner is giving up dating...

07/08/2013 18:26:13

Brighton's LGBT Arts and Film Festival

Raising funds for charity, celebrating LGBT art and culture...

07/08/2013 16:52:57

GT socializer Launch Party

Were you there?

29/07/2013 15:54:07

GT Weekender: Sink The Pink

It's time to think Pink...

17/07/2013 18:34:09

GT socializer

Join us at the GT socializer launch party!

16/07/2013 17:24:58

GT socializer

Doing anything exciting this weekend?

04/07/2013 11:56:36

Get down on it...

Night fever! Night fever!

14/06/2013 15:15:52

David Hoyle at the Royal Court

David Hoyle gets his leg over...

13/06/2013 18:42:01

GT Weekender: Birmingham Pride/As One in the Park

Because being a GT staffer doesn't end on Friday afternoon...

03/06/2013 12:43:01

Interview: Holestar

The 'Tranny with a Fanny'...

15/05/2013 17:24:11


Alternative art for Liver Birds...

08/05/2013 17:06:48

Step Forward With Gandalf.

Last week saw two major things happen for veteran movie star Sir Ian McKellen.

20/12/2012 16:13:01

Take the midnight train to Georgia.

Via Notting Hill.

17/12/2012 11:47:53

Gay marriage support gets festive in Britain

If you're going to send just one Christmas card this year, make it this one...

04/12/2012 12:50:07

Rock, Doris and Elizabeth

Frances Barber and Tracy-Ann Oberman alert!

30/11/2012 17:05:26

The unveiling of the world's biggest Red Ribbon

for World AIDS Day this Saturday

27/11/2012 15:49:03

Meet Chi Chi LaRue!

Legendary porn director is in town tomorrow

23/11/2012 16:30:02

Out Of Order

Tonight we’re heading down to Brixton for our bi-monthly dose of queer art and classic and current indie hits.

23/11/2012 15:47:31

The IDolls Live at the Hippodrome

"One night only, one night only, that's all we have to spare..."

23/11/2012 14:26:11

Banca Aperitivo Fantastico

From London to Milan

09/11/2012 12:34:03

Bangers and MASH

A GT foodie tastes the A-list delights of the newest joint in town

02/11/2012 12:36:25

Farewell to Shinky Shonky

Soho nightclub KU Bar axes its iconic Wednesday night Shinky Shonky as part of the "Soho Shift"

20/09/2012 11:31:16

Gay Times Cover Star Ben Cohen Wants To Give You His Pants

The former rugby star and Gay Rights activist launches new range of undies

06/09/2012 14:17:34

Summer Rites

Five songs to get you ready for this Sunday

31/08/2012 14:37:42


Brighton & Hove Pride: let’s look at the line-up

29/08/2012 09:49:51

Help support arts projects

for LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees.

14/08/2012 14:38:11

Have a Kiki, take part in the Tranny Olympics

Something for the weekend...

03/08/2012 15:36:41


Two things: Lancelot and BONNIE LANGFORD.

03/08/2012 11:03:53

Ben Cohen just can't keep his clothes on

Our favourite rugby star joins the cast of West End Bares 2012

13/07/2012 12:10:04

Glamour, Style and FIZZ

W Hotel is glowing with Pride

02/07/2012 17:35:15

Ste McCabe and Sacred Paw

The Unskinny Bop library gig this Sunday

22/06/2012 13:37:06

World Pride 2012

Today London: Tomorrow The World.

21/06/2012 11:17:03

Franzè & Evans

Oscar winners, bad haircuts, courgette cupcakes and not a soggy tiramisu in sight.

20/06/2012 09:43:36

Soho Stories

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Thanks to the National Trust.

14/06/2012 17:01:24

Christianoshi at Bar Wotever

The electro pop act is deeper than most.

13/06/2012 13:19:55

Madonna wants you to Open Your Heart.

And wants everyone to Get Together.

12/06/2012 11:15:59

Eurovision Parties Round Up

For those of you who aren't already booked in for the 'Gay World Cup'

24/05/2012 15:17:24

I am Konki

“That’s nice, but I wish you were Andrew from EastEnders.”

14/05/2012 13:11:40

Want Sex On The Beach?

The Terrence Higgins Trust can make it (the cocktail) happen.

11/05/2012 14:37:39

Download the latest Horse Meat Disco mix

In anticipation of their forth coming mega party.

09/05/2012 11:56:02

Disappearing Dining Club

Norse By Norsewest

26/04/2012 12:39:40

Backgammon for Beginners

Jacksons Lane, London

19/04/2012 16:16:03

Assaggetti, London

Restaurant review

29/03/2012 15:15:31

ENDHIV fundraiser at Shadow Lounge.

Charity begins at home but it’s much more fun to find it in Soho.

21/03/2012 15:40:58

Voyage Voyage

It's about time for our arrival.

25/01/2012 13:20:29


There's no place like the V&A ("Auntie Em!!?")

20/01/2012 15:10:01

Room Service

Part 2: Hold Your Wig

03/01/2012 15:00:11

What’s camper than Christmas?

Why it’s X Factor’s Johnny Robinson of course!

14/12/2011 18:03:22

There's still 19 days to go, but...

Another post about the c-word.

06/12/2011 17:43:04

Meet Ben Cohen

GT’s former cover star gets gay knickers in a twist

17/11/2011 15:57:41

Restaurant review


04/11/2011 12:57:56

Essential Saturday Night Plan

Trade's 21st Birthday

25/10/2011 12:25:30

Bears in Battersea

New photography exhibition Intimation will feature a variety of weird and wonderful portraits including some big, hairy...

05/09/2011 17:18:16

Tonight! Duckie turns Sweet 16

Legendary London cabaret-club offers the best of British.

26/08/2011 10:34:14

Thundacub @ Bear Trap

Geek-pop thrills, not just for bears.

16/08/2011 10:56:37

Restaurant review

The Laughing Gravy

03/08/2011 10:54:28


An excuse to show a picture of Sonia dressed as a fairy with some ponies*.

27/07/2011 15:23:20

Restaurant review

ONE08 Marylbone Lane

21/07/2011 15:02:41

Sitges Gay Pride

With Pride happening all over the country at the moment...

19/07/2011 16:15:31

Pride Bristol

We went, we drank, we felt very proud indeed.

19/07/2011 14:49:29

Lovebox Sunday 2011: A round up

Can we call it Gayday? Is that catching on?

18/07/2011 11:59:54

Spice up your life

Adventurous Asian flavours bursting into the West End.

13/07/2011 10:47:45

Hair pulling, men snogging, old women watching.

Another day at GT towers.

27/06/2011 10:12:27

1000th performance of Thriller Live!

No, we didn’t see it lasting that long either.

19/05/2011 12:24:24

Terry Poison @ Ruby Tuesdays, Ku Bar

RiotGrrl electro pop from TLV/BLN/etc

18/05/2011 10:51:00


London’s newest super-party is back!

28/04/2011 15:32:16

We have been praying (and campaigning) to get Kathy Griffin to come back to the UK...


14/04/2011 15:58:45

Pink Collar Boxing

It's only two nights now until the launch of London's first ever gay boxing show.

13/04/2011 16:57:20

GT Scene: We finally made it to SALLA

Our new favourite alternative gay pop night

11/04/2011 11:49:46

Pop Factory

This Friday (TAMARA!) at the Scala.

24/03/2011 10:49:21

Circus time again with ringleader Jodie Harsh

And we can reveal the special performance will be...

17/12/2010 16:10:01

Twelve seconds of gay joy on The Simpsons

"It's a gay bar" - It made us laugh.

10/12/2010 12:00:47

The (Real) Tranny Olympics

Last weekend. We were there, Carmen Miranda impression and all

27/08/2010 12:06:51