Jamie Tabberer

Who can name Cindy Sherman's one and only film?

*Mid-afternoon pop quiz moment*

25/04/2012 15:00:34


at the National Theatre

24/04/2012 13:00:01


Covent Garden

18/04/2012 15:21:57

Gross und Klein (Big and Small)

at Barbican Theatre, London

16/04/2012 18:04:01

Frisky & Mannish

at Udderbelly Festival, London

13/04/2012 16:59:03

Cirkus Cirkör Undermän

at CircusFest 2012, Camden Roundhouse

12/04/2012 15:11:59

Lana Del Rey

at The Jazz Cafe, London

11/04/2012 17:15:58

Mika and Grace Jones announced for Lovebox Sunday

It's getting better and better

27/03/2012 11:27:27

Katy Perry releases Part of Me video

...and she chops all hair off and looks kiiiiind of like a hot boy in it.

22/03/2012 11:37:41


At O2 Academy Brixton

07/03/2012 16:52:01

Lana Del Rey to play Lovebox

"The boys, the girls, they all like Lana..."

01/03/2012 14:45:15


at the Royal Opera House

29/02/2012 17:30:18

Rock of Ages

at Shaftesbury Theatre, London

24/02/2012 13:06:35

Phantom of the Opera

At Her Majesty’s Theatre

23/02/2012 12:55:00

Pizza Express's new low-calorie Leggera range

"More topping, less bottom" (that's what she/he said)

16/02/2012 17:20:04

Matthew Bomer comes out as gay

Hollywood actor thanks boyfriend and kids during awards speech

14/02/2012 12:50:04

Theatre review - Absent Friends

@ Harold Pinter Theatre, London

10/02/2012 15:17:02

New gay/straight bromance alert!

Rufus Wainwright joined by Mark Ronson on new album

02/02/2012 16:17:43



13/01/2012 16:06:36

Theatre review

The Snowman @ the Peacock Theatre

16/12/2011 16:38:41

Gig review – Goldfrapp

We *think* Alison smiled at us

02/12/2011 14:01:52

Stage review – Cinderella @ Hackney Empire

With added Stephanie Beacham

02/12/2011 12:33:34

Gig review

Marina & the Diamonds

24/11/2011 12:46:21

Restaurant review

Hard Rock Cafe London

22/11/2011 16:29:41

Restaurant review

Boyd's Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge

17/11/2011 17:23:21

The Lion in Winter

At Theatre Royal Haymarket

16/11/2011 16:59:56

GT400 party

@ Heaven London

08/11/2011 12:41:57

Gig review

Tori Amos - Night of Hunters tour

03/11/2011 12:14:44

Bon Iver @ Hammersmith Apollo

A voice all kinds of arousing

25/10/2011 16:18:49

Ruby Wax - Losing It

Ruby. Wax. Is. Fucking. Fierce.

02/09/2011 16:22:24

Pop maths

New Olly single + new Will single ÷ same release date = a bit of a conundrum

26/08/2011 17:46:02

Joe. My. God.

GT meets Joe McElderry

16/08/2011 12:59:56

Pop maths - Ellie Goulding

British pop star x US promotional campaign + very talented airbrusher = better music videos

01/08/2011 16:57:41

Pop maths - Rufus Wainwright

Rufus singing Judy Garland covers + Martha = Mean Girls quote ("Too gay to function.")

19/07/2011 14:33:09

Glastonbury 2011: Part One

"Ladies, put your hand in his face and say..."

30/06/2011 15:11:15

Glastonbury 2011: Part Two

"...I got ur slippers, ur dinner, ur dessert and so much more..."

30/06/2011 15:03:09

George Michael announces new tour, looks kind of fanciable

Not sure which we're more excited by

11/05/2011 17:08:39

The BRIT Awards 2011

The highs, lows and middle bits

16/02/2011 12:31:09

A Brief Christmas Gift Guide: Part One

*Puts on Cheryl-style wig* This one's about L'Oréal

09/11/2010 13:19:53

BT (Beard Times)

Keep it bangtidy with Murdock London

08/11/2010 15:56:25

Pop Maths #4

Florence + the Machine + monster album + new track = standard album rerelease

01/11/2010 15:03:07

Halloween hell - and it's not what you think

The things we put ourselves through for you lot.

28/10/2010 16:35:48

Pop Maths #3

Rihanna + Cheryl Cole = ultimate frenemies/duet to potentially rival Bouncy and Gaga.

26/10/2010 13:39:10

Pop Maths #2

Epic beards + gruff folk + Scottish accents + Britney Spears - Britney Spears = Kassidy

22/10/2010 15:29:13


If you’ve ever dreamt of professing your undying love on the beach, underwater or even in outer space, then have we got...

16/09/2010 11:42:09

Song of the Week

The Slips - 4 Elements To Make Good Music

13/09/2010 17:01:21

Win tickets

to a screening of Grease-Sing-a-Long

03/09/2010 17:13:17

Five things we discovered at last night's screening of Kick-Ass

as part of the Russian Standard Vodka Film Festival.

01/09/2010 17:25:34

Ellie Goulding In The Courtyard

With added vodka

23/07/2010 17:26:57

Don't miss

FIB Heineken Benicàssim International Festival

28/06/2010 17:55:10

Song of the Week

The Dirty Tees - Where We Are

25/06/2010 17:56:07

Pop Maths #1

Kyrah - a winning formula?

17/06/2010 12:20:19

GT on tour

@ the Red Bull Air Race World Championship

17/06/2010 10:39:52

Iron Man 2 - FREE TICKETS!!!

To celebrate the release of Iron Man 2 (Robert Downey Jr, he was hot in the last one, beard, arms, need we go on, etc.)...

22/04/2010 12:10:59

A Little Light Music...

and an excuse for another Gaga-related video

21/04/2010 12:23:02

We Love You Phillip Morris

Win exclusive merchandise to celebrate the release of the film

09/03/2010 10:40:51

Gimme Gimme Gimme… all-that-glitters overload like no other. Yes, this one's about Abba.

14/01/2010 11:53:11

£20 tickets for La Clique at The Roundhouse

If it's good enough for Ruby Wax, it's good enough for us.

15/12/2009 14:44:36


Ooooooh yes...

05/11/2009 17:41:45

Fun, games and toned stomachs...

at the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships

23/10/2009 13:52:41

Gay Hall of Fame: Wizard of Oz

It's a timeless film that gets gayer after every viewing. Therefore, it seemed only natural that the Wizard of Oz was...

22/10/2009 15:30:50


Warning: epic hair-don't enclosed

15/10/2009 16:31:37

Alphabeat take over

GT office faves Alphabeat are en route to world domination – the evidence is everywhere. Their fab new look is the hot...

07/10/2009 11:36:04

Florence + The Machine @ Shepherd's Bush Empire...

...and Flo's dad steals show

30/09/2009 14:33:54

The Fastest Clock in the Universe

Jaime Winston - "Get the boys to come down, this play's as camp as Christmas."

24/09/2009 11:51:35


Gay Sunday at London Zoo is just around the corner

15/09/2009 14:51:54

LOVE La Roux

Caught an ASTONISHINGLY good gig of theirs last night

11/09/2009 15:14:19

Be there. Or be square.

Friday night: Iconography Late at the National Portrait Gallery

09/09/2009 11:51:31

Dorian Gay

Too easy...?

09/09/2009 09:45:24


Yes, that’s a Kylie reference. Get. Over. It.

04/09/2009 16:55:28

Only 17 sleeps to go!

Gay Sunday at London Zoo is just around the corner

03/09/2009 13:27:35

Straight crush of the day: Paloma Faith

If you’re the kind of gay who’s repulsed by breasts, look away now

02/09/2009 17:42:12

We were at the Arctic Monkeys gig last night

And we're sorry to be a complete gays about it, but…

27/08/2009 17:06:38

X Factor contestant swings both ways!

All hail Danyl Johnson: the bisexual Susan Boyle

24/08/2009 16:59:34

A lesson in sexfacing...

...with our favourite gum-chewing popstar

24/08/2009 15:24:40

4:48 Psychosis

Bafta-winner amazes at the Young Vic

04/08/2009 12:04:51

Hollyoaks actor gets half naked

Calvin can be our Valentine any day...

29/07/2009 13:16:33

Lovefoxx confirmed for 1234 Shoreditch Festival

Whether it’s Amy, Florence or Elly (La Roux), we love a crazy broad in hideous make up waxing lyrical.

23/07/2009 12:54:21

Madonna's Greatest Hits! Part 2! or Part 3?

We've lost count.

23/07/2009 11:16:09