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Life is short – don’t waste it smoking.

Stub out that fag and go electronic!

SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes are helping us and our readers lead the way. None of that nasty smell lingering on your clothes, in your hair or on your breath and without the inconvenience of having to leave the club every 30 minutes to get your fix, SMOKO is definitely the answer.

SMOKO delivers an incredible smoking sensation that feels like the real thing, and it doesn’t contain any of the 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens that normal cigarettes have. Let’s face it, smoking is so passé and inconvenient…

SMOKO has been bucking the trend in the e-cig industry by ensuring all of their e-liquids and flavours are made in the UK to ensure the highest quality and they are definitely the best flavours that we have had! None of the chemically aftertaste that the other brands have.

SMOKO is a UK-based brand co-founded by singer Daisy Hicks and her partner. SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes have retail outlets in shopping malls across the UK and is starting to branch out into bars and clubs across country. Since their inception, SMOKO has helped tens of thousands of customers switch from traditional cigarettes to the healthier option of electronic cigarettes. In doing so, they have prevented over 75,000,000 cigarettes being consumed and putting millions of pounds back into the local economy. They say that each cigarette knocks 7 minutes off of your life – so that’s an amazing step forward in reshaping the lives of the nation.

Launching their new Limited Edition Starter Pack with a fantastic designer Metal Case with Gay Times, we absolutely love the new look and design. It’s definitely the must have accessory for 2014!

As part our partnership with SMOKO, GT readers will get an extra 20% using promo code GAYTIMES when you visit their website: SMOKO

Don’t waste another minute of your life and make the switch today!!

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