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Exhibition: Isabella Blow – Fashion Galore!

Make sure you catch this retrospective of one of fashion's most wonderfully-flamboyant icons. No, not you Gaga

Some of fashion's biggest and most notorious icons are the ones who paved the way with flamboyance, ego and a mass amount of eccentricities that have left you questioning their sanity.

Isabella Blow was one such person. But what she had above all the rest was her undying, natural talent for spotting and nurturing successful talent. With an eye for all things fashion, style and art, the way Isabella orchestrated a fashion shoot – and even the way she spoke – was with a deeply poetic and intelligent understanding of the format.

When she committed suicide in 2007, the fashion world wept, for they had lost a legend. And it was clear that the void Isabella left behind could never be filled.

It comes as a surprise that it took this long for anyone to base an exhibition around Isabella. But at the same time, we understand the level of respect and just how much of a mourning period is needed before once again opening the wardrobe of one of fashion's most flamboyant icons.

Longtime friend and colleague of Isabella's, Daphne Guinness, is the one who helped bring this exhibition to life, as she owns many of the couture pieces that once belonged to Isabella.

The Isabella Blows exhibition is a wonderful showcase of more than 100 pieces from her beautifully-rich collection of clothing, footwear and personal items, as well as garments fro the many designer talents she discovered and launched – like Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy, Hussein Chalayan, Julien Macdonald... the list goes on and on.

Up close, the collection is breathtaking, beautifully curated and, at times, melancholically poignant. Taking a look at each individual piece gives you a deeper understanding of how Isabella's creative mind worked. Each piece was carefully selected for reasons unknown, but if you're familiar with her work, then you'll realise that each garment is quintessentially Isabella.

It may be a difficult thing to decipher, but the fine line between exhibition and memorial is well and truly blurred. But that doesn’t mean to say that's a negative thing. This exhibition is merely a celebration of the richness and joy in which she gave the fashion world and, as you walk around each room like we did, you will feel a sense of respect for a woman you may have never even met. Many thought her to be strange, but she carried herself with an unapologetic flamboyance that inspired many.

The exhibition in on until the 2 March at Somerset House and is a one of the must see fashion exhibitions of 2014.
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Words: Daniel Riding @danielriding
Image: Peter MacDiarmid/Getty for Somerset House

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