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Gilbert Scott, London

Brunch at Gilbert Scott in the gorgeous St Pancras Hotel gave us a treat

Here at GT Towers we enjoy dining in a variety of establishments, from the latest vegan restaurant to the greasiest fast food joint, via international cuisine and eateries with well-known chefs attached. But one of the things we do enjoy is soaking up some old school glamour, and Gilbert Scott in the stunning, recently refurbished St Pancras hotel is just that.

Boasting historical wonder and top quality hospitality, Gilbert Scott is certainly a visual treat with its stunning architecture and ornate surroundings. We sashayed down for weekend brunch, where every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12:30pm you can enjoy some delicious cocktails and top quality food, as the resident pianist gently tinkles some classics on the grand piano.

Let’s move on to the gorgeous cocktails in a moment. Food-wise, we enjoyed the scrumptious Omelette Arnold Bennett, a mouthwatering melee of smoked haddock and gruyére and also the Dorset crab Benedict, which boasted white crab, English Muffin and hollandaise sauce. Our only qualm with this dish was that it wasn’t quite hot enough, which could be explained by the fact the kitchen is rather far away from the serving area. But, in terms of taste itself, the food hit the spot.

On the the cocktails, and there was no hint of disappointment here. The classic Bloody Mary made the taste buds tingle, as did the Ginger iced tea - the delicate flavours of Earl Grey balancing out the sass of the rum and ginger beautifully. The breakfast margarita was also one of the finest we’d had for some time.

We’ll be honest, Gilbert Scott wouldn’t usually be the top of our list for a standard dinner date with mates, but as a romantic treat, or for somewhere rather swish to take visiting relatives or in-laws, this eatery is most certainly one we’d highly recommend. If there’s a few in your party, be sure to book the downstairs seating, which is a private area that offers views of the bustling kitchen. There’s a real buzz down here in comparison to the more serene atmosphere of the main restaurant upstairs.

Gilbert Scott open from noon to 3pm, 5:30pm-11pm Monday to Friday and 10am-11pm Saturdays and 10am-10pm Sundays, serving brunch, lunch and dinner. See the Gilbert Scott website for more information.

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