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ASOS boys strip

The hotties at ASOS get their kit off

One of the highlights of an impending new year is the host of calendars that appear on the shelves. Cliff Richard continues to churn out his topless 12 photos, at 73, which no doubt gets grannies the world over going, and some granddads. Meanwhile Tom Daley’s 2014 offering is pretty hot stuff, and about as subtle as Tom Daley in the buff ever gets.

But 12 months with the same bloke is a lot of commitment, even they have found 104 different ways to put their hand down their Speedos. Fortunately ASOS are here to rescue us – as they often are – and have launched their own 2014 calendar. It’s a different hotty for each month, and it’s the guys that model their clothes. Though as much as we like ASOS outfits, we prefer the models out of them…

Oh and cos it’s Christmas, the time for giving, they’re donating the profits to the ASOS Foundation, which provides opportunities to young people to better themselves. Feel good perving. Ideal.

You can pick up an ASOS calendar for £8 from here

Words: Benjamin Butterworth / @benjaminbutter

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