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Dandy Licks: Tue 17 Dec

It's a delicious pick 'n' mix of musical-based treats blasting out of GT Towers this week!

Kele Okereke & Bobbie Gordon - Down Boy
Bloc Party's Kele Okereke is back with this delicious parcel of ultimate tuneage. With its influences coming from late 90s breakbeat and garage, this is an atmospheric late night track, perfect for cruising around the city streets and heading to the club. Kele whips up the beats while Bobbie Gordon layers atop her gorgeous vocal, coming together for one rather stunning commingling. It seems the 'sound of now' is already rapidly advancing from the early house/techno-inspired beats of the early 90s to this much darker slice of 2-step, where those juicy throbs just perfectly pulsate out of the speakers. Awesome!

Style of Eye – Kids Feat. Soso
With a growing empire of successful credits under his belt, including that of Icona Pop’s worldwide smash I Love It, DJ and producer Style of Eye is certainly one we can put our trust in when it comes to mixing good, old-fashioned pop beats. As expected, single Kids welcomes itself onto the scene with a fresh mainstream sound that promises to have you dancing by the time the first chorus’ rave-worthy tempo kicks in. The first verse shines with a stunning contribution from fellow Swedish native Soso who demonstrates her rich, Sia-esque vocals over a lyrical lion pit of angst-ridden rants against the hipster generation. Amongst our current favourites is the already iconic line ‘everyone's special in the exact same way/you live your life on a Facebook page’ – and there’s plenty more where that came from! Oh, we do love a good bitch fest!

Broods – Bridges
After recently bagging a joint label deal with Polydor and Capitol Records, it looks as though New Zealand’s best looking brother-sister combo Broods are poised for inevitable greatness. The duo, consisting of Georgia and Caleb Nott, are already smouldering musical bridges with this new jam which sounds like a rather amazing cross between Imogen Heap and Ellie Goulding’s recent servings. Celestial vocals and a smooth, dynamic production mostly fill up the pipeline, perfectly imitating the song’s empowering and optimistic tonality. As the ball looks to be well and truly rolling, fans can expect an EP to drop later this February with an album coming out later on in the summer. Hoorah!

The War on Drugs - Red Eyes
Indie fans, stand back and prepare for something a little legendary. We've been massive fans of these Philly-based rockers since we heard the frenetic sounds of Baby Missiles back in 2011. After a couple of year's hiding, they're back with another ambient-leaning triumph in the form of Red Eyes. There's more than a touch of the Springsteen (look it up, kids) in this gorgeous misty melee of guitars, synths and drums that rumbles on like an unstoppable yet somewhat gentle locomotive, gliding effortlessly across our ear'oles and producing nothing but delight out of its musical chimney. We've never been a fan of the government's war on drugs, but we'll support the stoner rock of The War on Drugs any day... pass the spliff...

Daft Punk – Instant Crush Feat. Julian Casablancas
The famed French duo have just discharged the new video for single Instant Crush, the fourth to be taken from acclaimed album Random Access Memories, and it features a rather touching tale of romance between two museum waxwork dummies. Julian Casablancas features as a Napoleonic recruit in love with a blue-eyed mannequin across the way but, as with most plastic compounds, their fiery passion only leads to a bittersweet end. The song itself unifies a bed of melancholy synths with DP’s signature auto-tune in an effortless statement that says electronic music can and does uphold a touch of soul. Beauts.

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin) and Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)

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