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GT Advent - 11 Dec: DWV - The Christmas Song

Willam Belli, Detox Icunt and Vicky Vox get festive

The three leading ladies of every gayers national anthem, This Boy is a Bottom, (and if you don't know who the dynamic trio are, you must be either straight, or living under a rock) hit us with That Christmas Song. We're already desperately trying to learn the rap at GT Towers - which to witness is a painful mixture of hilarity and cringe worthiness.

Not shying away from what they do best, they're serving up some hilariously vulgar holiday realness, but its all in good spirits. We can already hear queens cheering 'I wanna nibble your ass' in gay bars near you.

The video, which has just graced the internet, shows the girls in a variety of XXXmas-inspired looks, from reindeer onesies to slutty Father Christmas. Delivering fierceness like Santa delivers presents, and firmly rounding out 2013 as 'The Year of the Twerk, we're just LIVING for Detox's purple weave.

If you were expecting a Mariah-esque ballad, best log off and switch on Magic FM right now. These fabulously ratchet divas and their ability to entertain, shock, and leave us in fits of laughter, make festive joy look effortless. Maybe this song won't be played at your staff Christmas party (although it should) but it's definitely one that should be blasting out of your iPod dock - although, with some of the lyrics, just not in front of your nan, yeah?

Words: Tommy Hibbitts (@thomasgeorgeee)

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