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GT Advent 9 Dec: Kelly Clarkson ‘Under the Tree’

Clarkson's catchy christmas cacophony delights and disgusts in bizarrely equal measures

You might remember everyone’s favourite American Idol Kelly Clarkson as the attitude-fuelled, rock-influenced Miss Independent whose life would suck with you since you’ve been gone (see what we did there?) but now she is back, and like Father Christmas with a sack of treats, or rather, like a not-so-current singer wanting a festive bonus, she is back with very merry Christmas album, Wrapped in Red.

In the lead single, Underneath the Tree, the crescendo of drums and guitars has been replaced with jingle bells and a pop melody that will drive die-hard Mariah, Cliff and Buble fans wild - and the rest of us reaching for the mulled wine. Christmas just wasn’t the same for Clarkson when she was alone but now her lover is back where he should be (under the tree, rather amusingly – not next to her, not in her arms, not even in her bed, but just lying there under her Christmas tree…unless that’s a euphemism… the mind boggles…). Anyway, the boy’s back, snow is falling and life is Christmas-card-perfect for the chart-topping singer who once had a Dark Side.

Alas, while you might lament the loss of the girl empowering, feisty Clarkson, songs like Underneath the Tree can offer you Christmas comfort and maybe, just maybe, if you’re really good and you wish really hard, Father Christmas will give you the old Kelly Clarkson sound back in the next year…

Words: Darcy Rive

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