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Dandy Licks: Mon 9 Dec

What Team GT are bangin' out the office speakers this week!

Disclosure - ‘Voices (Le Youth Remix)
Continuing our mission to bring you the finest 90s-splattered, booty-shakin’ dancefloor stompers, our Single of the Week has to go to this awesome remix, currently taking London clubland by storm. Smacking you straight in the lugholes with an infectious dancepop beat, the all important handbag house piano and giving it some Show Me Love/Never Gonna Let You Go realness in the breakdown, say goodbye to the 80s, the 90s revival is officially in full swing. Le Youth take an already awesome track and put it through a blender of beauty - GT Towers hips are officially set to thrust… and if you worked here, you’d know that was a harrowing, harrowing image!

Rebecca Ferguson - ‘I Hope’
Maybe it’s the fact that rebecca Ferguson’s gorgeous voice has been coupled with a stomper of a sophomore album (Freedom - available now) or maybe we’ve just officially become miserable queens and RF’s heartfelt lyrics and pop/soul sounds fill a hole left by Tracey Chapman and Sade. But we are LOVING Liverpool’s finest at the moment. The other Fergie serves up a foot-tapping beaut of a choon, complete with a defiant, confident chant that shows the once painfully shy X Factor auditionee ain’t taking any crap anymore, honaaaaaaay. Fresh, soulful and empowering - but are we the only ones who wish it ended on a big ol’ finish rather than mellowing out? C’mon Becky, bust dem lungs!

PS: Check out her version of Katy Perry’s Roar - better than the original?

Electric Youth – ‘Innocence’
After giving us arguably the Drive Soundtrack’s most iconic track in A Real Hero with the dazzling College, Electric Youth are once again ready to melt our techno hearts with yet another sparkling new single. The musical dyad from Canada, consisting of ‘voicegirl’ Bronwyn and ‘soundboy’ Austin, emulate their knack for emotive electronica as “Innocence” takes centre stage with a mellow-paced composition that not only embraces the synth board, but transcends it. If you’re not drooling over the verse’s guitar-laden echoes, then you’ll surely be mesmerised by those beautifully chilling vocals. Proper lovely stuff!

Syron – Colour Me In
Due to drop later this year, this fresh new tune is beautifully poised to take the clubs by storm once 2014 rears its budding, young head. Petite, blonde and rocking pins any jean would proudly acquaint, London native Syron struts onto the scene with an up-tempo smash in “Colour Me In.” The dance song dishes up a light sprinkling of mainstream house before gracing the goose bumps with a delightfully addictive chorus as instantaneous as tomorrow night’s microwave dinner. The video continues the track’s effortless charm with a seductive Syron gallivanting on an enviable chair amidst an artsy light show of red and blue. Let’s just hope it ‘aint the police come to arrest those ridonkulous shoes!

IYES – ‘Til Infinity
Following the trail of melody-driven pop set recently by Lorde, Brighton-based indie duo IYES are making sure their presence is made known with the release of their first official single Til Infinity. The track harnesses respectable contributions from both a male and female vocal which, considering our exposure to questionable duets between the likes of Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus in the past, is more than a welcomed change. Better still, the chorus reels you in that bit further with an INFINITELY (yes, we went there) magnetising and equally infectious production of which radio will probably devour with glee. Available on iTunes right now, we suggest you get clicking.

Missill - ‘Lova Killa’
Cartoony, kooky and totally crazy; Missill are back. For those who don't know, her older music would mix 90s-influenced rap styles over beats you'd hear in a japanese video game. As unique in her music as she was in her supercharged DJ sets, which took the electro club scene by store (where was our invite?) it was time to reinvent. Missil comes back with her take on current music. She infuses a mix of rap, electro, pop and trap (A new genre of dance dontchaknow) to bring big beats, dirty basslines and songs that go hand-in-hand with a dingy club and a schizophrenic strobe light. 'LovaKilla' is no exception. You can see why this is going to be a favourite in the underground club scene, and it's safe to say this girl can rap. 'I'm coming back, like boomerang, and slice your f*****g head off with this s**t again' she spits over a trap inspired beat…we definitely won't be getting in the way of this girls boomerang any time soon.

London Grammar - ‘Nightcall’
London Grammar’s stripped down version of Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ is harrowing in its lonely piano and guitar backing. This Nottingham-based trio broke through earlier this year with the heartbroken song ‘Wasting My Young Years’. Lead singer, Hannah Reid’s break-up, which was the base of their last single, continues to wear her heart on her sleeve in this cover. The song becomes more and more passionate with the addition of a drum towards the end. You can almost imagine the tears running over her face as she sings this song to him. Her voice has a tone, which is a cross between Florence + The Machine and a female Bastille, echoing pain in every note. This music perfect for any broken heart, all we need now is a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, the only two men in life a gay can count on, while blaring a bit of Grammar’s debut album ‘If You Wait’ in the background.

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