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Scottee camps up the estate

Scottee has got a train of thought and is sticking to it

Award winning performer and self-confessed low-rent Liberace, Scottee invites you on a fabulously glamorous mission to save the estate he grew up on in Camp (On The Estate).

The Government’s plans to go ahead with HS2 will roll right over the Regent’s Park Estate, demolishing 200 social houses, 3 open spaces, the police station and the Dick Collins Hall. Scottee and his band of camp, crazy chums are determined to remind us of the price of progress before it’s all too late.

Camp (On The Estate) is a special festive redo of Scottee’s sell-out fab fest that was CAMP. The performance will feature some of the most famous (or infamous) show offs known to man, from East London’s first lady of female impersonation Jonny Woo, to unlucky-in-love aspiring comedian Bryony Kimmings, to the terrible twosome Bourgeois & Maurice who will be delivering more optimism than the Bear and the Hare, to master of mimicry Dickie Beau channelling a local queen, to tip top tapper Josephine Shaker, to the campest hula hooper this side of Kansas Donald Choi. In addition to the line-up, in-house dance troupe Japan’s People will be hurling polygons while Mr Glanville will be playing knees up on the Joanna for your entertainment!

The fun and frivolity doesn’t even stop on stage though! The evening will also show off perhaps the most interesting thing you can do in a toilet, as Scottee inc. will be posting artist in residence, Tom Marshman in the local laundrette to gather the thoughts of real locals which will then be played in the loos! Once this most classy of airings is complete, the recordings will be sent to the Government to let them know exactly what local people think of their plans! Not only this, but spoken word artists Polarbear will be writing a piece to be projected onto the buildings around the estate before they are destroyed.

Scottee feels that drawing attention to the plight of the Regent’s Park Estate is vitally important, as, in his eyes, council estates are the last remaining place to find a sense of community in our busy capital city.

Scottee heads to the Roundhouse in London from 11-14 Dec. You can pick up tickets at the Roundhouse website.

Words: Jack Rear

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