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Kickstarter Campaign: Dressed As A Girl – D.R.A.G

Some of London's finest alt.cabaret stars are putting on a show to remember.

Let’s face it: we love a drag queen. From the cult classic Paris Is Burning to the contemporary RuPaul’s Drag Race, we can’t get enough of those boys dressed as girls. With the tagline ‘high hopes, high heels, high drama’, the new cult British film Dressed As A Girl D.R.A.G is set to fuel and feed our addiction to this underworld of glamour in excess.

Over a four year period, the documentary film, directed by Colin Rothbart, follows the exploits and misadventures of London scene stars such as Jonny Woo, Holestar, John Sizzle, Amber, Ma Butcher, Pia and Scottee. They guide us through boob-a-thons, hospital wards, discos and a world of glitter and glitz. But it’s not all fun and gays, the film also goes beneath the wig and the layers of make-up to reveal the vulnerable side of these glamazons, dealing with dark issues such as body dysmorphia, inflated egos and drug abuse. Dressed As A Girl D.R.A.G is sure to be a rollercoaster of entertainment and emotion with an added dash of attitude and fabulosity.

This Friday 15 November, stars of the film Jonny Woo and Holestar, director Colin Rothbart and producer Chris Amos are holding a kickstarter launch at London favourite Manbar as they aim to raise £10,000 to complete post-production of this surefire cult classic. With free drinks for early arrivals, performances and games, this is a wrap party, a fundraiser and a club night all rolled into one – what more could you ask for on Friday night?

Donate to the Dressed As A Girl kickstarter campaign at

Words: Darcy Rive

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