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Dandy Licks: Mon 4 Nov

Team GT bringing our favourite weekend tunes into your weekday!

Vuvuvultures - Safe Skin
What would you get if the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had a lovechild with Ladytron and its godmother was Peaches, its cousins were The Kills and it hung out with Tegan and Sara in the playground? You'd get Vuvuvultures, the new rock pop band that might just become the new favourite Top Played artist on whatever i-gadget you possess. Their new album Push/Pull is released at the end of this month and offers a sexy, dark and moody antidote to all that manufactured and recycled chart pop. Lead singer/model Harmony Boucher leads her band of electro-indie darlings in a dark and twisted musical adventure that we think will be one to watch in 2014. Just to whet your whistles, check out two of our fave tracks below.

Sandra Lyng Feat. Lazee – PRTeY
Sandra Lyng is a woman after our own heart as she laps up attention from a roomful of hairy hipsters whilst indulging with a spot of breakfast innuendo in the video for her brand-spanking new tune. PRTey – despite its awkwardly fashioned title – is a perfect little pop gem of hook-laden goodness that sees the Norwegian bombshell sing of her materialistic desires, including a yellow Lamborghini and a milkshake fountain (again, someone get us this girl’s number!) Swedish-born Lazee also lends a fairly inoffensive and upbeat rap to spruce up the song’s middle 8 and bring a welcome change in rhythm to the party. All in all; we think this is pretty damn good!

Laura White - Come on Josephine
Pop historians will probably have to wait a couple of years (or decades) to decide if, all in all, The X Factor has been a good thing or an utter curse for those who appeared on it. Yes, there’s always a Little Mix and One Direction, but we’re still struggling to name every single winner here at GT Towers. However, we think it’s the one’s who slip off and do their own thing that will find the most fulfilment and come out with the most interesting, least record exec interfered-with songs. Step forward Laura White and her delight of a tune Come on Josephine. Soul is literally spilling out of the seams of this joyously inflated pop stomper. Check out her entire new EP ‘What My Mother Taught Me’ - light enough to catch the post-Amy caucasian pop/soul brigade but Motown enough to appeal to a few of the harder-to-please musos.

Bastille - Of The Night (Icarus Remix)
Since they erupted with their fourth single Pompeii (get it?), it would seem that Bastille can do no wrong and have well and truly taken over the music scene. With lead singer Dan's buttery, angst-infused vocals, the foursome has dominated the charts, making number 1 on the album list with Bad Blood, saturated the radio and ran laps around the festival circuit. Of The Night, the sixth single, which featured a sample from Corona's Rhythm of the Night, has received the remix treatment from the much-loved Icarus, giving it some bass, a touch of trance and 80s synth, taking a very good song up another level.

Citizen & Ashworth - Situation (feat Shona Carmen)
One for the club heads! Brace yourselves for the sound of underground London, as the almighty Citizen hooks up with producer Joe Ashworth for a winter banger that will surely warm your soul. A seriously juicy slab of fresh house, featuring a heavy bassline and the gorgeously husky tones of vocalist Shona Carmen; this is effortlessly ice cool yet simultaneously soulful. Just as hypnotic on the dancefloor as in your earphones on the tube home, we’re shacking out in our office chairs as we speak!

I Break Horses - Faith
With a new album scheduled to drop early next year, girl-boy duo I Break Horses are pulling out all the stops as they blissfully trot into previously untapped musical territory. New single Faith demonstrates a slight change in direction for the band as they take on a largely dance-orientated sound against their familiar indie-pop heritage. The song gradually gains momentum with an understated intro of pulsating blips and gawky sound effects before hitting hard with a transcendent chorus of electro-charged bliss. The music video, shot entirely in black and white, also adds to the drama with enough slow mo splashes to keep you delightfully wet all winter long. Oo-er!

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)
Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)
Darcy Rive (@DarcyRive)

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