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It's Movember!

Get involved and help a good cause

We love a good 'stache here at GT. They've been a permanent mainstay on some of the most iconic men in popular culture.

And whether it was the thick, black fuzz rocked by the late, great Freddie Mercury, the platinum blonde handlebars of Hulk Hogan, brother, or the Tom Selleck's lip-warmer which just screamed sex appeal, there are so many ways to style and fashion your own.

Movember has started! And what's not to love? It's an excuse to try something a bit different with your look while rattling your tins to raise cash and help fight prostate and testicular cancer.

Movember is now a worldwide phenomenon. It launched in Australia back in 2003, but last year men from 21 countries managed to raise £92 million just by staying away from the razor for a few weeks. The rules are simple. Start November clean-shaved, then grow and groom your moustache all month long.

But if you're dead-set against a stylish 'stache , then there're other ways you can help out this month.

In a Movember first this year, a limited edition range of men's and women's apparel will also be on sale through The Movember Collection, designed by co-founder Travis Garone, will feature men's and women's t-shirts, and even a shave bag with all the essential grooming products you need.

There's also an ongoing collaboration with TOMS Shoes, now in its fourth year, with a limited edition collection of footwear on sale now to help support the charity. And for the third year running, Links of London has extended its partnership with Movember to create a range of limited edition accessories for Mo brothers and sisters to wear as a talisman of support.

Then there's Parisian brand ELEVENPARIS, who've joined forces with Movember to create their own range of tees, on sale online or in stores, with proceeds from each tee sold being donated to the charity.

If you want to keep your 'stache in check, Penhaligon's has created an exclusive moustache wax online or in stores, for £5, and Ken Brushes has launched a limited edition moustache comb, for £4.50, to help keep yourself tamed and neatly groomed.

The sales of all these products will be raising money for Movember alongside you lot growing your facial hair out. Throw in £100,000 to be raised by Gillette this month and we're on course for the most successful Movember yet.

A man dies from prostate cancer every hour and, in the UK alone, one in eight men will suffer from it at some stage in their lives. And this is on top of the thousands of men who are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year. So by supporting Movember, you're also supporting its partners Prostate Cancer UK and The Institute of Cancer Research in the ongoing battle against the deadly disease.

But not only that. Money raised through Movember also goes towards helping those suffering from mental health problems - of which one in four men will experience in the course of a year, with suicide being the single most common cause of death in men under 35.

The statistics are, quite simply, frightening. Which is why we're urging you all to take part in Movember this year and get your friends and family to support you. You'll look good, you'll feel good, and by doing so, you just might help save a life.

See the (Movember website) for more information.

words: Ryan Butcher (@ryanjohnbutcher)

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