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Hi GT,

Thompson from Kingsland Road here bringing you all latest from The X Factor 2013 house!

Where to start? Well, let’s start at the bottom shall we? The bottom two in fact! We fell victim to the dreaded Flash Vote two weeks ago and ended up in the sing off with Shelly Smith, the Devonshire Diva. It's gut-wrenching to hear your name read out like that because, although it appears to be just week two of live shows, it is in fact the 24th week for us contestants who’ve been auditioning since May. So, as you can imagine, none of want to fall at the first few hurdles. So us Kingsland Road lads have been working our butts off to try and win your votes.

The highlights for us so far, have got to be James Corden admitting he was a Kingsland Road fan. Meeting Ellie Goulding, who was so lovely to us boys backstage. And what about Lady GaGa? I know she has got a lot of stick about her performance but I thought it was awesome – me and the lads are thinking we might do the whole nude/sea-shell thing if we end up in the sing off again.

The judges have been kind to us (so far), and we can honestly say we are listening and learning from the best in the business. Gary’s everything you’d expect; caring, genuine, down-to-earth and one of the lads. Nicole is work of art and keeps us working on our vocals. Louis has put two of the world’s biggest boy bands together so he knows exactly what he’s talking about and then there’s Mrs O…. Faaaaaabulous!

No showmances to report just yet, although Jay from our band and Tamera would make a cute couple, don’t you think? Right, must go and find my boogie shoes, because it’s Disco Week this week. Really hope you enjoy our performance and win your vote!

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