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Friday Night is Stud Night in East London

We caught up with DJ Christopher Camplin, one of the major studs behind Stud to chat about the new night and also the time he had sex in a shed...

Forgetting for one moment the ordeal that London council Tower Hamlets are dragging the Joiners Arms through, and forgetting for one moment the fact that gay bars in Dalston can't let you take your drinks outside, and forgetting for one moment the fact that East Bloc on occasion will charge more than a week's groceries for entry despite being no bigger in size than a shopping basket itself, East London's gay scene continues to build and improve.

The latest addition is STUD, a new disco and deep house night that will take place at Nomad Club on Friday.

The nice thing about STUD's location is it helps Old Street roundabout to develop into a micro-scene of sorts. By which we don't mean the literal centre of Old Street roundabout (although who hasn't ended up there once or twice by taking the wrong tube exit and coming out into that outdoor cage with a mop bucket and that unexplained pile of dead dandelions? Cheryl Cole's face staring down at you from a terrifyingly close-range L'Oreal billboard)

Where were we? Oh yeah, new sexy night STUD... So STUD promises to be about as sexy as a gay night can get without actually being a sex club. But it isn't going to be one of those topless tangerine balls that disgrace the pages of gay listings mags each week, as fun and Lucozade-drenched (so not subtle) as they are. No, the vibe of STUD seems to be more hair, jeans, tattoos and gristle, with a splash of disco and yes possibly even someone in a t-shirt for a change. But like most club previews, we aren't entirely sure what the fuck we're talking about, so we checked-in with the headlining DJ Christopher Camplin (pictured)...

Hey Christopher. So what kind of scene can we expect to see at STUD on Friday?

Well for a start, wall-to-wall studs! I would say the dresscode is 'sex' yes, but that means whatever your interpretation of sex and sexy is. For example, if you feel good in just a pair of jeans then rock up in your best pair and do that.

What if your idea of sexy is a Carol McGiffin mask and giant lobster claws?


So how did you end up becoming a prominent DJ on the London gay scene?

Well as a youngster I learnt piano and classically trained to be a pianist. Going out and coming out onto the scene I was inspired by artists like MJ Cole and Zed Bias. I did some promotional work including [the seminal club] TRADE. Later I was inspired by Horse Meat Disco and the whole disco revival. I went on to enjoy a residency at Dalston Superstore before focusing my efforts on production mainly.

What is the most unusual place you've had sex?

Probably in a shed. A complete stranger's shed. I cruised this guy while walking about in London and we had nowhere to go and have sex so broke into a shed.

Two hoes in a garden shed, love it. Can you give us two songs to go away and listen to that might be in your set on Friday?

Yes. Let's go for 'Move' by Alex Agore and 'Jungle' by Max Graef and Andy Hart, the Original Mix off HEIST002.

Thanks Christopher. See you on Friday in our best jeans, I think we've busted the flies on this pair just interviewing you!

*Two minutes later we realised we'd forgotten to ask if there'll be a dark room. Oh well, in case not we'll take a big picnic blanket with us and we can improvise.

STUD is at NOMAD CLUB, 58 Old Street, London, on Friday 1st November in association with Gaydar. 22:00-05:00. Entry is £6 before midnight, £8 after.

Words and interview: Jack Cullen (@jackcullenuk)

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