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An all male burlesque show? Yes, please...

Burlesque; chances are you’ve been to a show, watched the Christina Aguilera movie or at least, are aware of the phenomenon and who Dita von Teese is. You’re thinking it’s kind of been done. There are only so many ‘Miranda’ style tongue-in-cheek glances one can throw at friends when a nipple is exposed. Well, you’re wrong. Introducing ‘Boylexe’ – the all male burlesque show.

A mixture of cabaret and striptease, the twice monthly show happens at Shadow Lounge in the heart of London's Soho on the first and last Friday of each month and drives the gathered crowd wild with it’s line-up of performers.

The gorgeous Alp Haydar plays host throughout the night and is joined on stage by a bevy of acts ready to entertain and get your weekend started. These include Phil InGud, who is ready to make you do just that, Randolph Hott who was a professional wrestler before taking up burlesque, and Mr. Mistress who came runner-up in last year’s World Burlesque Games – yes, that’s a real thing. Also onstage is Cairo Mascara who has performed at the infamous and celebrity favourite BOX nightclub just across the street from the Shadow Lounge.

The Shadow Lounge is known in Soho for being at the high-end of the price spectrum, however, when you purchase a ticket to Boylexe, you automatically get access to the club all night once the show is over. So that’s a show and a club night all for £25! That mean’s you’ve got some spare change to upgrade you’re wine from ‘house’.

The show is hugely interactive, with performers venturing into the audience and flaunting their lack of inhibitions so be prepared to drop your boundaries, just remember to pick them up again before you venture onto Old Compton Street.

Tickets are available from Boylexe.

Words: Andrew Whitty

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