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Beauty School Cop Outs

MTV's new reality show ramps up reality ridiculousness...

Fit, tattooed blokes copping off with each other, propositions of a threesome and a Liverpudlian drag queen posing as a lesbian lover. Doesn’t sound like your average Tuesday night, does it? But that’s what’s in store for the season premiere of Beauty School Cop Outs.

Following hot on the heels of big-hitters Geordie Shore and The Valleys, Beauty School Cop Outs takes eight primped and preened amateur beauty therapists, throws them all in a house together and puts them through their paces as they try and get a kick start in the industry.

They’ll learn how to pluck, wax and even how to use a tattoo gun, practicing on actual, real-life customers at one of Manchester’s top salons. And all while coping with the almost impossible task of living harmoniously with each other’s over-the-top personalities.

There’s plenty to sink your teeth into, whether it’s Beyoncé-obsessed drag queen Calvin, protein shake fanatic Daniel, or the double trouble sex-craving duo of Irish model Jeremy and Welsh doorman Richard.

Throw in self-confessed Barbie-wannabee Savannah, dancer Scarlett, who’s been fake tanning since she was just 14, wig-wearing Sacha or cheeky single mum Tara, and we know you’ll be choosing sides and rooting for your favourites before you know it. It’s nothing short of genius work from MTV’s casting department with their selection of these larger-than-life characters.

We’ve had a sneak preview of the first episode already and you’re going to be glad the cameras are rolling when the sparks fly with this lot. So tune in to MTV at 10pm tonight – and trust us, it’s not going to be pretty.

Words: Ryan Butcher

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