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The Hidden Cameras: Gay Goth Scene

Indiepoppers The Hidden Cameras tackle the issue of homophobic youth bullying

Earlier this month, Canadian indie-pop band The Hidden Cameras released the music video for their latest single Gay Goth Scene. The four-minute video follows the story of homosexual goth teen living in a suburban town, who is bullied by his peers at school by having his money taken and red blood-like filled water balloons thrown at him, while his teachers ignore the very apparent issue. In the closing scenes, the goth protagonist is seen ominously toying with a canister of stolen pills, which the viewer can only conclude leads to his suicide. Lead singer Joel Gibb's powerful voice carries the sense of helplessness and despair felt by victims of bullying, homophobic or otherwise, with lyrics such as "That boy takes away your self-esteem. He's been living in your mind and you've been talking in your sleep."

Suicide amongst gay teens stands at a prolific and horrifying rate. The UK charity Stonewall's 2012 Experience of Young Gay People in Britain's School investigation discovered that 55% of LGBT youth have experienced homophobic bullying at school. The report also found that 57% of gay and bisexual teen males have thought about suicide, with 16% actually attempting to take their own life, while according to statistics from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF), at least 1 in 5 lesbians have tried to commit suicide. These figures reveal that suicide rates are two to three times higher amongst LGBT youth than any other youth group, and shows us how much progress we still need to make in combating homophobia and bullying.

Gay Goth Scene serves to highlight the seriousness of the matter within popular music. They join the ranks of singers like Madonna and Lady Gaga, whose lyrics and videos promote acceptance and condemn discrimination. Perhaps, if more artists did what The Hidden Cameras have most recently done, we could hope to finally stamp out this serious social issue.

See the video, here:

Words: Darcy Rive

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