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Club diva Jodie Harsh discusses her gorgeous new digital exhibition...

What was the inspiration behind Ultranocturne?
Tim Bret Day and I wanted to get together and shoot some flesh! We had created a similar production for my former club night Circus, and the colourful people that were coming to it, so we wanted to make something a bit more sexual and muscle-bound for Room Service.

What kind of theme were you going for with the finished images?
Gay, fashion, drag... my day to day life, really. We wanted the big image to transport you into a sort of underground basement den of craziness and iniquity.

It has a very club feel to it. How did you go about recreating/capturing this atmosphere?
For a start we only used people that come to the Room Service club nights as models. We shot some international faces like Sharon Needles and Amanda Lepore, but the casting was mainly done inside the parties. It was a case of 'hi, you're hot, come and have your picture taken with internationally renowned fashion photographer tomorrow if you're not too hungover!' [laughs].

How did you get all those big names involved? It must have been a mammoth shoot?
A mammoth shoot? Try ten mammoth shoots! We shot for about a year and a half! Most of the people were either at the parties or visiting town. Twitter helps!

Is there anyone missing that you really wanted to be in the final image?
I would have liked to have shot some more of the RuPaul's Drag Race girls. Maybe some more porn stars. You can never have enough porn stars in your life.

Any gossip from the shoots?
No, I didn't even get laid. Complete waste of time.

Tell us what you're up to club and music wise, gurl?
Room Service is pretty international now - by the end of the year we will be in seven countries regularly. I'm remixing and producing loads, working on an album for next year with lots of guest vocalists. The new Room Service Sextape has just dropped, too. My radio show with Scottee... That's enough to keep me slammed.

Who's getting you excited in the music and clubbing world at the moment and why?
There's some amazing pop music out there at the moment - Haim, Lorde, even Miley Cyrus' album is pretty amazing! Dance music wise, all the Hot Creations stuff, the big room producers like Martin Garrix and Avicii... I listen to everything really.

Check out the gorgeousness that is Ultranocturne and follow Jodie on Twitter.

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)
Photo: Tim Bret Day

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