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Interview: Cher

We ask Cher some quickfire questions... and she shoots back a whole lotta fabulous!

We thought your Farewell Tour was your last!
I really thought it was. It didn’t seem like I had anything else to say. But I really like this album and I know if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. And even though it’s 11 years since my last record, I’ve been doing it for 50 years so it feels natural. I’m not going to do that many dates to begin with to see if I am still up for this.

Do you still love a good party?
I’ve partied a lot in my life so I guess I still like it but I don’t get a chance to do it that much. I go out to dinner with my friends but it’s too hard to go dancing any more. I was at this club the other night and had so much fun but there was no room on the dance floor so I danced where I was. You just have to give it up or just be prepared to have sweaty pictures everywhere.

Describe the best night of your life…
Oh God! The night I turned 40. The morning was pretty horrible because the director of Witches told me I was too old to play the part that I finally ended up playing and said ‘Jack Nicholson doesn’t find you sexy’. That was pretty horrible. I was on the telephone crying and my kids bought me in a cake with the bellman as we were staying at my friend’s hotel. And then that night I went to a place that I used to go dancing all the time and I was sitting on the top of a booth with my friends drinking a beer and one minute after 12am I saw Robert. The day was such a bizarre day, even if I hadn’t seen Robert it was just one of the most fabulous days, and I thought, 'God I must have missed getting old. I must have just cheated death and I’m not going to be old'.

Cigarettes or weed?
Cigarettes. I don’t like meat and so most of the things that I like are healthy for you. I really like sweets (desserts) but they’re not healthy for you. That’s kind of my only real substance thing. I mean I would have done drugs had I liked them but they didn’t really agree with me. I don’t feel good and they make me sick.

And you don’t drink?
Well, you know what, I’ll drink maybe three or four times a year maybe – it just doesn’t come up so much. Like my friends bombarded me the other night, it was like eight of them or I guess we may have ended up being ten. I don’t know, and they brought bourbon so I had some and it was fun - but it’s not something that I do much.

How much do you exercise in a week?
I exercise about five times a week because it’s something I started doing when I was – actually I was always a tomboy and always played sports and it’s something that I did really when women weren’t doing it. It’s like Jane Fonda and I were – she was much more famous for it but I just enjoyed it.

Is it harder as you get older or do you still have lots of energy?
I still have a lot of energy. I try to play the age card with my trainer but she just doesn’t go for it. I mean, I did one of the longest tours ever doing the Farewell tour – 350 shows – and I think it would be a tour that would kill a 25-year-old girl now. It was really hard. The Vegas show was a snap in comparison. Travelling is the hard part.

We read something you put on Twitter that ‘I’m an old bitch that loves what she does, does what she wants and says what she thinks – that’s the kind of old bitch I am’. We love that quote!
Yes because this guy asked me this question but it had 'Old Bitch' on it. I think he said something like, ‘What kind of old bitch are you?’ because I’d said something about something and that was my response.

Do you think being older in the industry that you’re more comfortable in your own skin? Do you like getting older?
Uh-uh. It sucks the big one, I hate it!

Which of the young pop divas do you rate?
Well I think you can’t get better than Adele. I like her for one reason and I like Gaga because I like what her songs say for the most part and I like how she presents herself. She’s very creative and very strong and I respect that. I respect people who go past what anyone else has gone through.

What did you think of Gaga’s meat dress?
I thought that was hysterical. I didn’t even realise what it was at first and then she said hold my meat purse and I thought it’s a new designer I don’t know and then I looked down and thought – woah! And then I thought well this is strange! It felt very weird, but the design of that dress was gorgeous. It was really a work of art and I really appreciated how beautifully it was made.

Have you kept any mementos from your movies? The mermaid costume from Mermaids, for example?
I have a lot of stuff. I have stuff from Moonstruck and from Witches. I actually didn’t know it was important in the beginning otherwise I would have kept everything. I have my Oscars bodysuit too; it’s in my office.

Shame about your duet with Lady Gaga not being on the album - what happened?
Yeah, but she just didn’t like it so it was never going to come out. I was sad and disappointed but artists are artists and they like something or they don’t. It was definitely her choice but I’m living fine. What I was most angry about was that Woman’s World was leaked and it really caused us no end of problems - this leaking thing is just a nightmare. You work really hard to try and make something nice and it was not even the right version. So that pisses me off.

Do you still have plans to do the musical of your life?
Well you can never tell but it’s a really good story and the thing I like the most is that they have it broken up in to three different Cher’s and they interact with one another and they sing with one another. The older one tells the younger one 'don’t worry' and 'don’t sweat the small stuff'. The songs are good and I like the story.

Will you act in that?
No, probably not. But, you know, every time I say no, when I say that I’m positive that that’s not going to happen, then that’s usually the next thing that happens. I get asked to do musicals from time to time and I started on Broadway, that’s where I got my first job, and I would really like to do it again as it’s a lot of fun. It’s hard work but it’s also a lot of fun.

You have a great relationship with Chaz at the moment don’t you?
I think we’re in the best place we’ve ever been since she was young. I have to say she but now that he’s he – it’s a kind of cut off point. In the past I have wonderful memories but Chaz was a she then and I can’t make the distinction with Chaz as he is now. But, I mean, it’s starting to be nice too because we’re creating memories now. And we’ve actually had the most fun together lately than we’ve had in forever. Chaz is happier - she belongs to this theatre group and they’re great and I go to see the plays and everybody’s in a great mood and we talk. We’re doing Chaz’s house together and we’re just having fun.

But hard to come to terms with initially?
Yup. Well, no, not the first time. Chaz came and said 'Mom, this is what I want to do' and I went 'OK, well if you want to do it you’ve got to do it'. But then when it actually started to happen, then I was kind of freaked out. It was hard for me as a mother.

Will there be another album?
Oh gosh, I guess it depends on what happens with this one! I won’t be doing this forever for sure but I do have dreams to fulfill that I haven’t even dreamed yet. There’s no end to ideas and things you want to do.

Cher’s album Closer To The Truth is released by Warner Music today, 14 October.

Words: Rachel Corcoran

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