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Dandy Licks: Friday 11 Oct

The tunes we're blasting out at GT Towers this week...

Sky Ferreira – You’re Not the One
Taken as the lead single from Sky’s debut LP ‘My Time, Night Time’, this may well be the one to propel the model-singer out of the blog star bubble and onto the mainstream map after years of unwavering hype. Soaring vocals and angsty guitar riffs dominate the track as the lyrics tell the all too common reality of a lover being less interested than you are in them. The video, which was directed by Grant Singer, also shines with a 80s-induced laser light show complete with studded leather jackets and hair greased to an inch of its life. We love the club scene’s murderous undertones too, if only to coincide with Sky’s absolute slayage when it comes to oozing star quality. Get it girl!

Chase & Status - Count On Me ft. Moko
And just like that, it’s 1991 again! Er… not that we remember it first time round [ahem]. “Let’s go back to the beginning” is one of the early lines of the song, and the delicious double-meaning is not lost once coupled with those killer early 90s techno beats. A straight-up booty shaking, spine-shuddering, storming throwback of a tune that manages to stir nostalgia while sounding completely fresh, too. It’s also a welcome change of pace from Chase & Status’ recent drum ‘n’ bass sound. Glowsticks at the ready… now where the hell did we leave our smiley face rave T-shirts? Someone’s bedroom floor, probably...

Charli XCX – SuperLove
Fledgling warble-maker Charli XCX is back with a brand new tune in SuperLove, and its far more chipper than her debut True Romance. SuperLove downplays the songstress’ signature murky gloom-pop for a far more straight forward sound that we can easily hear being blared on the radio whilst cruising down the M25. The raven-haired beauty is obviously starting to find her feet in the pop world as she transitions with some sassy quick-fire vocal tricks over a spunky up-tempo beat with considerable ease. Filmed in Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant, the music video also keeps things playful with a spectacle saturated in enough neon that would make even Gwen’s Harajuku cronies recoil in a fit of rainbow-scorned jealousy. Better still, Charli’s wardrobe looks like a head on collision between Willy Wonka and The Craft, for which we feel obliged to label “candy stripe grunge.” Amazing.

Lauryn Hill - Consumerism
Fresh out of jail and spitting lyrics like she’s never been away, Lauryn Hill has something important to say and she does so superbly with her brilliant new single Consumerism. A scathing attack on society today (layered atop panpipes, no less) Ms Hill returns with a raw, fresh track that unapologetically cuts through the bullshit of modern life. Every ‘ism’ in the dictionary gets a namecheck as Lauren’s silky raps portrays a lady who’s once again ready to take on the world. It may not have the commercial appeal of the tracks on her landmark album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, but it still has the genuine, forthright tone that she’s put out there from day one. maybe even more so. Bravo!

Roosevelt - Elliot
Be transported to a different planet with this brand new corker from Cologne-based electronic producer Marius Lauber, otherwise known as Roosevelt. Ensuring a swift and steady landing on the ears, Elliot delivers an inoffensively light and breezy beat as the bushy haired artiste’s dreamy echoes lead you over an astral chorus. Spatial synths and extra-terrestrial blips wrap up the song’s unworldly credentials to such perfection we’re almost tempted to take up stargazing on the hood of our Audi. Now if we could just find our own hunky Elliot to mooch in the back seat with…

St. Lucia - Elevate
The video for St. Lucia’s new single just dropped and it’ll surely be one to vacuum those dirty grey clouds away in time for the weekend’s inevitable rendezvous. Not short of its fair share of hipster hotties, we were taken back by how bloody gorgeous the band looks and, more importantly, the lead vocalists impressive taste in patterned shirts. The track itself oozes similar levels of joyous intoxication that indie pop’s reigning chart kings The 1975 have managed to harness so well. If the climax of horns in the final quarter aren’t enough to get you grinning from ear to ear then nothing probably ever will. Likewise, if you want to hear one of the most confident choruses this side of 2013 then we suggest you stay right here.

Words: Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)
Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)

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