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Keeping You Handsome!

That’s our aim and it’s only through shaving properly and by keeping your skin in great condition that you will keep those great looks.

Wet Shaving – it’s the way to go!

Fact: A wet shave is better for your skin and gives a closer shave than an electric shaver.

For the best possible, closest, most comfortable shave we recommend the following essentials:

• Safety Razor
• Shaving Brush
• Shaving Cream
• After Shave Soother

How to Shave:

There are 7 ‘Golden Rules’ you simply must follow if you are going to get a perfect shave.

1. Good preparation is vital, this means washing the face with warm water before you shave.
2. Don’t hurry a shave; leave sufficient time to enjoy this most manly of rituals.
3. Use a sharp blade, as soon as you feel a blade starting to tug when you are shaving, replace it.
4. Use a light touch. A sharp blade does not need additional pressure other than the weight of the razor head to shave closely.
5. Shave with the grain twice and against the grain once for the closest shave.
6. Wash the face in warm water to remove any cream remnants and then splash the face with cold water to close the pores.
7. Moisturise your face after shaving with an after shave soother.

Why We Recommend A Safety Razor

A Safety Razor uses a double edge blade which is much better for your face than a multi blade cartridge razor that tends to pull and tug the bristles leading to shaving irritation and razor burn.

A Safety Razor on the other hand deals easily with even the toughest stubble, efficiently shaving the bristles cleanly with no pressure other than the weight of the razors head required.

Sensitive Skin and or Shaving problems?

Razor burn and ingrown hairs are generally caused by poor shaving technique such as shaving against the grain on a first pass, applying too much pressure when shaving, using blades that are blunt, using chemical laden shaving gels and foams. Get yourself the right shaving gear from Executive Shaving and banish these problems forever.

Executive Shaving Ltd has been around for 10 years now, there’s not a lot we don’t know about shaving and grooming. We’ve grown to become the largest independent online shaving and grooming supplier in the UK and one of the largest in the world.

Our in-house Shaving Expert Brian Mulreany will answer your questions by telephone (0141 880 3040) or by email:

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