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Calling all meat lovers!

Do you spend hours in the gym but don’t quite get the body you want?

You can try all the workouts in the world and train as hard as possible, but if you don’t have the right diet, the body you desire will never be attained. It’s no secret that high protein foods are the fastest way to strip fat and get visible results, but it’s difficult to maintain a diet that is as good for the body as it is for the pocket.

Fortunately, offers GT readers a solution where award winning, great tasting foods are also designed to offer maximum health benefits. For example, did you know that Grass fed beef contains more amino acids (promote muscle growth) and omega 3 oils (good fats), so why not make your next steak dinner a Musclefood one?

It’s common knowledge that supermarket chicken is pumped full of water and has added salt, so why compromise? Musclefood’s poultry farmers go over and above EU quality standards in terms of animal welfare and this is reflected in the taste and quality. You would expect it to be more expensive but at £25 for 5kg, it’s almost half the price of your local high street offering.

But Musclefood is not just about meat; bread is firmly back on the body builder’s menu thanks to a low carb, high protein (30g per 2 slices) option that has been scientifically engineered by multiple international bodybuilding champion and Doctor in Bio Technology and Bio Chemistry, Dr Zak Palikaros. If you worry about controlling snack cravings there are even protein crisps, muffins and flapjacks which provide between 15 - 25g per serving.

Convenience is of utmost importance and everything is delivered fresh – never frozen. We use Hydrated gel ice sheets and Triple strength layered boxes to ensure food is kept cool, fresh and unspoiled. The specially designed temperature controlled boxes mean all our meat delivered stays chilled for up to 72 hours, guaranteeing you fresh produce every time. You don’t need to stay in at home to wait for your delivery either, get it delivered to work and witness the envy!

Gay Times readers can try any of the following completely free with their next order: 4 x chicken breasts or 4 x Protein Crisps packs or a protein bread loaf or a high protein ready meal.

Just enter GT4 at the checkout or head to Musclefood GT4

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