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Ibiza closing parties: La Troya at Amnesia

That's one way to spend Wednesday night!

I’m talking about last Wednesday, by the way. Not yesterday. It’s taken me that long to regain my powers of language. Such is the overwhelming nature of La Troya – Ibiza’s wildest spectacle, hottest dance floor and fiercest display of drag queens.

Most people head to Ibiza during the summer but there’s still life in the old girl come late September. Our party flew out just for the closing parties, but it was more than hot enough to get your bits out on the beach. Bonus. It can be bewildering, though, working out just where to go clubbing – there’s just so much choice. Ibiza’s a buffet, but you can only swallow so much at a time. Well take a tip from GT and don’t go to the island without making at least one trip to La Troya (and the sunset at Café del Mar, obvs).

The night is held at Amnesia, which seems like it is voted Best Global Club by the prestigious IDMA’s almost every year. Indeed, this is a world-class venue with an immense sound system, spacious loos and that oh-so important flattering lighting. Repeat: flattering lighting. Everybody be beautiful. You be beautiful.

Our party ended up dancing the night away in the second room, just because that’s the vibe we were on. The music is usually a little more commercial than the main hall and perfect if you need that pure clubbing experience. La Troya is always full of surprises and we were treated to live saxophone and violins, classic Ibiza, and, of course, the obligatory dancing girls – wearing little more than smiles on their faces. Good for them. It was fun, in a word.

You may want to get a few San Miguel’s down you before you arrive though, as a Redbull and Vodka Redbull cost us €37 – roughly £30. It’s not cheap if you want to get drunk. We didn’t tip. You can grab a few drinks in the gay district - located in the pretty, hilly streets of the old town, which is far busier in August but pleasant nonetheless at this time of year.

Read some online reviews of La Troya you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a mass orgy. And yes, like the rest of the island, the night is undeniably sexy – especially when you have to push past hoards of bright-eyed sweaty boys just to get to the bar. We’ve been twice, though, and didn’t see any sexual activity. Perhaps we weren’t looking hard enough.

If it were to turn into a mass orgy, it would most likely happen in the main room, where La Troya comes into its own and the bacchanalia really takes off. The bacchanals, for the uninitiated, was a Roman festival in celebration of the Roman god Bacchus (Greek: Dionysus), who looked after wine, sex, partying and general lasciviousness. In the 21st Century, Bacchus takes human form in the night’s namesake, La Troya, which means ‘The Trojan’ in Spanish. After her dancers warm the room up – think Leigh Bowery and Kazaky on crack – La Troya herself enters and basically goes nuts on stage. As the room joins her. In mass hysteria. Not the sort whipped up by the Daily Mail, mind. Far from it. Think thousands of hedonists transcending reality, losing themselves in deep, tribal house, Balearic beats, Eurythmics and ABBA. Just one day out of life.

One of our fave things about La Troya is the variety of its devotees. There’s gays-a-plenty if you’re on the pull – we chatted to hairy Italian daddies and pretty boys from the Midlands alike – but there’s a wealth of open minded straight boys to ogle and beautiful girls, transgender stunners and people who just looked slutty. No one gives a fuck at La Troya, partying is the preference. You talk to everyone. You dance with everyone. And release yourself.

Ibiza is turned down a notch in September but the weather is still beautiful and, if you want to find the beautiful, sophisticated people, La Troya’s your best bet. We’ll be going back next summer to see Boy George play, as he does most years. See you there?

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