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Celia Imrie: Laughing Matters

"Camp? What are you talking about?"

If you’re one of the people that managed to get a ticket for Celia Imrie’s now sold-out cabaret show, Laughing Matters, you’re in for a treat.

From the moment she bursts into the venue – the delightful Crazy Coqs – in a straightjacket, trying to escape two burly men, to the finale with everyone singing along in sailor hats with her name on (no, really), Laughing Matters is an absolute joy.

It’s rather wonderful how Celia plays to her audience, rather than interacting with or acknowledging them. She does this via a series of sketches and musical numbers, and even dance routines with shirtless hunks. Now there’s a woman who knows her crowd. And all this with multiple costume changes – well how could we not love it?

It’s also refreshing to see her steer away from the somewhat expected ‘tales of the career’ type show – there’s her (also rather wonderful) book for that, after all.

It’s quite staggering that Celia can retain all this information – especially given that some of the sketches are quite heavy on wordplay – but then that’s probably why she’s one of Britain’s best loved actresses. See if you can lay your hands on returns…


Celia Imrie plays The Crazy Coqs until 21 September. Details here.

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