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Dandy Licks: Thursday 12th Sep

Get your new music lovin' earoles round this lot!

James Arthur - You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You
Yes, James! We have to admit, we were a little worried by the title of this song, as it first comes across a little like a Celine Dion album track circa 1995. But as soon as we turned the track on? Awesomeness! How dare we question the man who singlehandedly made X Factor credible and carried last year’s lacklustre season on his talented shoulders. This is a top drawer, crunchy slice of funk rock. Chock full of big, bluesy guitars, which sit perfectly with modern production touches that makes it sound ridiculously fresh. It’s also nice to hear something a bit more upbeat from the new king of angsty pop. Epic!

Chela - Romanticise
Gaining momentum on the blogging scene as Australia’s new indie scene queen, Melbourne lass Chela could well be the next best thing since sliced bread. ‘Romanticise’ is a perfect induction into the singer’s capability as a credible pop artiste. A refreshing combination of clumsy synths and sunny beach guitars that’ll have you dancing off those post summer blues until your feet turn a disgusting shade of purple. The track pays homage to elements of disco with a sing-a-long chorus so groovin’ it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re reaching for the flared trousers and wide-collar shirts. The rad 80s-tinged video also adds to Chela’s effortless charisma with an artful display of choreography against a colourful effect-driven background. We’re pretty certain the latter is the result of a quick Paint job, but it works all the same!

Goldfrapp - Annabel
Goldfrapp have done it all! Constantly reinventing during their sizeable gaps between albums, Alison and Will have gone from scintillating electropop, long before it was cool, twisted glam rock and folk to get to their latest track. Annabel is a downbeat, heartfelt lament that’s so avant-garde, you have to wait until almost three minutes in on the accompanying video before the song kicks in. Dark, moody and beautifully minimalist, you’re hardly likely to be shaking your batty to it down your local homo watering hole, but it almost brought forth water from our dead, dried up tear ducts. Who says music can’t make miracles happen! Alison Goldfrapp could whistle the alphabet and still make it work.

Years & Years - Traps
After a quick acting stint in the latest series of Skins, Year & Years frontman Olly Alexander has re-joined his fellow band mates in aid of this new corker, which serves as a continuation on from their charming debut EP ‘I Wish I Knew.’ ‘Traps’ begins with a captivating intro of oceanic proportions, delicately guided by Olly’s soft vocal as he gets serious with some pretty poetic lyricism. Veiled by a fusion of electronic blips, the song exhibits an infectious duet of drums and guitars to fully cement the quintet’s euphoric, festival-friendly sound. We love the use of prisms in the video too, made ten times better by a range of coordinating t-shirts and a virtual rabbit head for kicks. Music doesn’t get much more iconic than this, peeps.

Kitchen Party – Lights
Just like MKS and the newly formed Neon Jungle, we believe you can never have too many angsty, urban-tinged girl groups in the charts – and Kitchen Party ‘aint no exception! Debut single Lights manages to harness that underground, commercial-crossover appeal exceptionally well whilst cleverly distancing itself from everything else presently being hammered on radio. With the old school garage vibe mastered down to a tee, the stunning three-piece are certainly poised for a successful stint in the biz. The song is taken from their EP of the same name, due to drop in October this year. Anything that brings back the soulful garage love is all good by us! When the crowd say “bo”...

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin) and Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)

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