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Nick Clegg celebrates equal marriage

GT joined the Deputy PM and stars to celebrate #EqualMarriage

Last night in a stately hidden room just by Trafalgar Square, stars of stage, screen and politics met with those from LGBT charities and campaign groups, to mark the passing of equal marriage through parliament.

UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told a crowded room: "After a long and bumpy journey down the aisle, you'll soon be able to set a date, invite your guests and order the cake - equal marriage is now a reality in this country." There were cheers aplenty, including the likes of Hugh Grant and Stephen Fry, who had both turned up to show their support. Stephen Fry with his dashingly handsome younger boyfriend. And Hugh Grant, obviously straight, but just as soon as he wants a boyfriend we'd only be too happy to help. We might even offer him a free membership of GT Date.

The reception wasn't without a tone of caution, though, as the Deputy PM talked of the ongoing battles: "It's important we continue to raise our voices in solidarity with those people around the world for whom this struggle remains an ongoing fight," he said. "This is why our Government will continue to promote these rights abroad and to confront those authorities in Russia and other countries would seek to deny them".

A sentiment all in the room shared. Not least April Ashley, the woman John Prescott credited for convincing his government to introduce the Gender Recognition Act in 2004, who attended the event and spoke of being delighted the law continued to be improved.

The first same sex marriages in the UK are set to take place in the new year, though the exact date the law is implemented is as yet unclear. GT is just glad that it's now a case of when, and not if we can get married.

Words: Benjamin Butterworth / @benjaminbutter
Photo: Nick Clegg and Stephen Fry with the Gay Men's Chorus; Crown Copyright

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