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Let's Talk About Specs

Glasses on or glasses off? How do you like your HOT SPEX?

Ahead of their show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London this Thursday, Harry Clayton-Wright and David Morgan explore HOT SPEX sex and the age old question for bespectacled bum boys everywhere: Glasses on? Glasses off?

Harry Clayton-Wright has been wearing glasses since he was eight years old.

The only time I feel truly naked is when I'm not wearing my glasses. That's when I'm at my most vulnerable. Not necessarily emotionally but physically. Anything could happen! Surprise attacks, car accidents, world hunger. It's always the worst when you're in a club and a person drunkenly snatches the spectacles from your face to try them on. Rule of thumb? I would never want you to try them on in a club! Don't even ask me. EVER. You're drunk and you'll probably break them. I don't try and take off someone's bra without permission, however much I want to try that on (which is usually a lot - I have a certain penchant for women's clothing). Maybe it isn't the same principle and exposing a lady's breasts in public isn't the same as not being able to see, but I'm from Blackpool and it's happened a lot on nights out. Glasses snatching and breast exposure, come to think of it.

I'm very poorly sighted without my glasses on. I can hardly see a thing. When I'm with a boy I like, and yes I'm afraid I haven't waited until I was married to copulate, there's always this weird unspoken tension when we're kissing and things are about to go further. "Do you leave your glasses on?" Well, here's the thing: If I take them off, I can't see the boy very well. Everything is blurry. This, in effect, could come in handy if I needed it to, but more often that not I want to see who, and what, it is I'm doing (and doing very well, for the record). And even though it can actually make things more intense and intimate, if I'm inches from your face, it might not be that I'm about to passionately kiss you or that I want to stare longingly into your eyes, I could have just briefly forgotten what you look like!

Admission: I once lost my glasses at a club night in Vauxhall during Whip My Hair by Willow Smith. Yes, I was whipping my hair too hard and yes, my glasses did indeed fly off into the crowd. I actually had to stop everyone in the vicinity and make them search the floor until we found them. And thank God we did!

David Morgan has been wearing glasses since the age of thirteen.

I really, really wanted to wear glasses ever since I was tiny, so when it got to the point my eyes weren't good enough to see like a normal boy (my mother is almost totally blind, it's genetics) I couldn't wait to get myself some sexy frames. I refused to wear pretend glasses as it annoyed me when people wore fakes, even then. I hadn't thought ahead however. As much as I love being a glasses wearing nerd, it did give people another way to bully me. My boyfriend enjoys smudging my lenses when I say something dickish, which is very often. I would never swap my glasses for contacts, though. The thick dark frames mean I have a constant tan-line on the bridge of my nose that will not go away and that is always an aphrodisiac.

My love of wearing glasses does mean I have to be cautious when in bed with someone, that's if I've gotten past the 'Geek Clink' when two boys in spectacles kiss (it's a lot less sexy than a champagne toast). I'm not as blind as Harry so taking my glasses off isn't too bad. But in the throws of passion, I often forget where I have thrown them and have, on more than one occasion, rolled over and smashed or bent my frames in bed. Sad face.

Admission: A girl tried on my glasses without asking so I tried on her weave. All's fair in love and spex!

HOT SPEX returns to the RVT this Thursday with Harry Clayton-Wright and David Morgan. Special guests: Ben Hart and Brydie Lee-Kennedy. Doors open 19:30, show starts at 20:30.

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